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Saturday, February 16, 2008

L, L, & E

I have been doing some research over several weeks, a little at a time. Through it all I finally managed to identify the longitude and latitude of my house. Then my next task was trying to figure out what is the elevation of my home. Why? Because I want to know, that's why!

Finding the sites to figure out the information was was tedious. I had to go through lots of places that told me all about L & L, but without the ability to find my own. Several sites could do it if you live in a city with a hard, fast address, it is easy. But mine is rural, and in the map-finder type things, it isn't listed even though I have a street address. For one thing, my street was renamed within the last eighteen months or so, and the new name isn't in the directories yet. So I had to try out various ways to eventually get the L & L. At this moment I don't even remember where it was that I finally was able to narrow it down and get the coordinates, but I got them, exact at my address.

Next I read dozens of texts about determining elevations, but all of them had to do with boiling a pot of water outside and measuring the temperature when it boils (???), or measuring this ridge and that ridge and determining the incline and subtracting the..... well, you get it. And suddenly, about the fifth or sixth time I googled the elevation stuff, I stumbled, at last, across the USGS (US Geological Service) site, and it had the necessary tools to reach my goal. I entered the L & L, and voilá!

I live at ........ Elevation: 7444.71 FEET.


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  1. Over a mile high, you are up there. Hope your weather is fine because it is blowing like crazy here in Las Cruces.

  2. Hey, Pepper! Yep, it is almost 1/5 miles! I figured it was 7000 or 7200, but it surprised me a little.

    It was blowing here earlier. It's settled down now, but tomorrow is suppose to have gusts up to 40 again. Gack. Hey, if you stay in LC much longer, you're gonna have to pay taxes there!! LOL!

  3. holy crap! you live even higher than i did when i lived in nevada! did it make your head hurt when you moved there?

  4. OH*WOW!! You are WAY up there. I probably live real close to sea level.

  5. Traci, yep, it's high! No, no headache. I moved from KC where my house was just below 1000 ft to Allan's, where the elev is about 6500. I was there for about 6 months before coming here. At his house, the first couple months were an adjustment!! I don't recall headaches, but lots of lethargy and shortness of breath. I was pretty well adjusted to that when I moved here. Not much readjustment, but some further shortness of breath. I've been her now for 11 months and I'm OK.

    Daisy, I used to be not far from that .... see above. BIG change!!

  6. You are one persistent woman Lynilu!


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