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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Homeostasis Restored

Ahhhhhh. A new day. A weekend. Life is good.

First, an update on the land ... the proposal to split the difference was accepted and the paperwork is being completed now. Within a couple weeks, she will have signed a quitclaim to my piece of earth and I for hers. The new property line will be set and recorded. Then I will drag my lawn chair, beach umbrella and wading pool onto the road** to enjoy that piece of property that the county thinks they own!!! It is OK. I'm less property-endowed, but that isn't important in the scheme of life. And on a positive note ... it will be less land to keep cleared!! SEE??? Good news, for sure!

**Speaking of the road, I thought this cartoon was pretty funny:

And related to the above, but without the road:

The guy who is drawing up the papers and recording it for us is even going to put it in the correct name for me. I will still have to go down and make the legal change, but that's a formality and $18.

We had a reception at the Gallery last night ... the reason I was so absent from this blog yesterday ... and it was really nice. We had fewer people than we usually do. At first we were a bit bummed by that, but it turned out to be a good thing ... 1. more food for those of us who were there!! 2. it gave us, the host group, more time to circulate and talk with people. I spent significant time with several artists with whom I've had telephone conversations, but never met or talked face to face. I was able to relax and really enjoy it greatly.

The snow ... well! 6-10 inches turned out to be almost enough to cover the ground! And once the sun hit it, even at 31 degrees I had earlier, it melted. Earlier this AM they were still forecasting a couple inches for today, but as of just moments ago when I checked again, it has dropped out of the forecast. I guess we may still get some showers, either rain or snow today, but that's all. As a matter of fact one weather site says this: "Forecast Details: Intermittent snow showers, especially early. High 46F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 80%. Snow accumulations less than one inch." LOL!! 80% chance, but accumulation less an an inch!! Too funny!!

Speaking of weather, I have been able to denote my exact location on the NOAA weather website, so I can get specific information. Since I am in a rural area, it is always a crap-shoot of looking at the forecasts for Nogal, Capitan and Ruidoso, (even their forecasts are "iffy") and trying to decide what lies ahead! With the NOAA website I was able to play with it until I got the logitudinal and latitudinal coordinates to match, within .05, my own here at the house. Now, it may not be any more exact than the estimated I've done before, but I feel like it is!! LOL! Geez, how we can trick our minds!! that's what matters, isn't it? What we think is right in our heads is what makes us happy! I'm happy!!

In case you're trying to figure out a theme here with the cartoons... quit straining the brain! It is just a bunch of unrelated things that I found humorous. Well, except for the "highway to hell" and "going to hell in a hand-basket," but those were just happy happenstance.

Main message here is ........ I'm ba-a-a-a-ack!!!!!!

Yeah, you're stuck with the old me now that my head has quit exploding! And whether you like it or not ....

Life is beautiful, once again!!!

~ ~ ~ ~


  1. Welcome back...I think :-).

    The cartoons, as usual, are pretty darn cute. Where do you find those?

    Glad things are working out with regards to your land. Too bad you couldn't just say, "No, all of this is mine!" The new people respond with, "Oh, ok. Thanks!" And then be done with it. Wishful thinking on my part.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. You have the absolute best attitude! I'm glad the land thing is satisfactory and that you're BACK!!

  3. I second what Jenster do have a wonderful attitude. Knowing all that you have been through in the last couple of years and how you have handled it is an inspiration to me.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. You think, Dawn? YOU THINK???? Hrumph! Well, I swan!

    I get the cartoons from several on-line resources, as well as from some of the emails I get.

    If wishes were fishes.... Yeah, I really do wish that, but the sill woman felt like she owned that property, too! Nervy, indeed!!

    I will and you do so,m as well!!

    Jen, sometime I have to work at it! Yep, I'm glad it is resolved, too. Whew! Now that I'm "back," look out!!! :D

    Caroline, well, thanks, and the inspiration goes both directions! One of the things I've learned and love about my blog friends is that we all have our trials and our combined support is inspiration in itself!

    Back atcha!!

  5. Glad to have YOU back!!! :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Daisy, it's good to be home and put my feet up for a spell!!

  7. I am so glad life is beautiful once again and I always enjoy the cartoons. It's just the videos I can't see :)

  8. Oh, Patti, try to remember to look at the video from home. It is wonderful. Madison with enjoy it, too!


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