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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh, Yeah!

Groooooaaaaaannnnn. Ugh, I'm hurting today. No biggie, nothing serious, just over doing it yesterday. I did yard work, and I thought I paced myself, stopping before I overextended my body and energy. I wasn't doing heavy work, just cutting some low limbs off trees near the driveway, then using the leaf blower to begin cleaning the area near the house, spring cleaning, if you will. I used a power saw for the tree limbs, and it was no strain at all. Yet, today, I'm aching!

And then I remembered what else I did. I emptied 500 pounds of salt into my water softener, 50 pounds at a time. That means carrying each bag from the bed of the truck, lifting them each to the top of the big barrel which is above waist high, approximately half way between my waist and shoulder. Then cutting the bag and dumping the contents into the tank. Oh, yeah, that was a bit of strain.

Oh, yeah, and then there were the things I carried under the house for storage. And the totes that I rearranged while I was there. Oh, yeah.

I'm not really too bad. I'm just at the nuisance-achy stage, not the strained-muscles stage. I took some Tylenol when I ate, and I'm kicking back till they kick in! LOL! I guess that means the Tylenol and I are kickin' it together!!

I slept in until about 9:00 this morning, unusual for me. The dogs wanted out at 7:00, then I fell back into bed and slept for another two hours. When I woke, I saw some snow flurries which surprised me. Between then and now, 11:00 my time, it has snowed most of the time, sometimes fairly hard, but it isn't sticking because the temp at 9:00 was 41. It has fallen to the current 37, but that still isn't cold enough to stick other than a few balls of sleet right at the door step. It rained last night a little while, then flurried for a while, but I wasn't worried, because it was warm. Strange weather. Up in the Northern part of the state it is snowing, raining and sticking. We need moisture here, but I'm glad we don't have the icky mess they do right now!

OK, I'm easing up, so I'm going to get dressed and move around to loosen up further. Before I go, here is a cartoon that made me laugh this morning. No theme that relates to anything in my life right now, but it just tickled me. Hope it does you, too!

Life is beautiful!!!


  1. I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this. That's a lot of stuff you accomplished, though!

  2. OH*WOW!!! No wonder you were a little sore. Hope you're feeling better today. We're supposed to get snow tonight. Winter warning into effect 1:00AM tonight til 1:00AM tomorrow night.

  3. Jen, I'm much better. I've kept busy today, and worked it out, I suppose. And I got a lot done today, but on a much more body-friendly scale!!

    Daisy, I'm alright now. It was just one of those days when everything needed done on that day, I guess! I'm almost envious that you're getting snow. I'd love to have some that sticks, but I'm not giving up ... winter ain't over yet!!!

  4. Dang woman! Take it easy on yourself. :) Hope you feel un-achy soon!

  5. Casey, I'm OK now. But thanks!

  6. Cute cartoon!!!

    Can we say "too much" Lynilu?!? That is one of the hardest things about "exercise" and doing things that need to be done...we don't feel that we are over - extending until after the fact and the more we do the more we feel we can.

    Girl, my body was aching in sympathy just reading all you did!! In being able to heft around that much weight, you are going to have awesome bones -- well done on that score!

  7. Sherry, you are so right! I always think I'm doing alright. And then the next day dawns!!! Here is the thing, though ... As long as the aches and pains don't last past the next day, I think I'm alright. We all need to push the limits a bit or we don't gain, right?

    My bones are in good shape, yes. Per my last bone density test, My bones were as solid as a 25-30 year old! And at 63 (almost 64), I still have the exact height I had in high school.

    I try to stay busy and active, exerting within reason to keep myself as strong as possible. At 28 I was a skinny little thing weighing about 125 and I could throw a 75 lb. bale of hay over my head onto a platform! I certainly wouldn't try that now, but I think I'm at the upper limit of ability for women my age.

  8. Stop overdoing it woman! I worry about you!

  9. Patti, ya see, when ya live by yourself, ya just do what ya gotta do! Well, that or pay through the nose to have it done for ya!! And that ain't gonna happen!


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