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Thursday, February 21, 2008


A few nights ago I turned around and found........

China was just sitting in the door of the bedroom looking at me. I was cleaning the kitchen and loading the dishwasher, and every time I turned around, there she was! I finally figured out that she was telling me "Time for bed, Mom!! Hello, Mom?? I'm ready for bed!!" What's funny, though, is how she is sitting over to the side rather than in the center of the doorway so she can watch me without losing sight of me!! She stayed there for several minutes.

I stuck my head in the bedroom, and here was Ali.....

Yep, he was already on the bed, ready to sleep! You see, I have doggie-steps that allow them to get onto the cedar chest and then onto the bed. Ali has figured it out, but China doesn't like to go to bed before I give them the good-night treat and lift her onto the bed! So I gave them treats, and China said, "OK, now I'm ready!"

Yesterday I went to the post office in Nogal. On the hill overlooking the village I noticed what a beautiful view it was, so I stopped and took a couple shots. This is facing North. The Village is right in the center beyond the shadow of the cloud. Beyond the Village is a stretch of desert and then the Carizzo mountains. Isn't it amazing how quickly the terrain goes from mountains (where I'm standing) to desert, and back to mountains? To the left the desert stretches through a valley before reaching another mountain range.

Here is a closer view of the Village, the desert and the mountains.

On the way home, I couldn't resist a shot of Nogal Peak. This shot is to the West of the highway.

And there were some clouds in the South that took my breath away.

A closer shot of the clouds.....

To the Southwest, a cloud hovered over Sierra Blanca, Independence Day style.

And to the Northeast, was a beautiful bank of clouds....

It was a trip worth the time in many ways!!

Life is beautiful!!!
And so are the skies around me!!


  1. I just love that China Doll. What a sweetie. Why am I not surprised that she didn't want to go to bed until she got her treat? :)

    I love those pictures of the clouds. The second one looks like a dove with it's wings spread.

    P.S. how do you get some of the words to be in bold? I see the html codes, but it kept saying the code was not

  2. Loved the pictures! Those clouds, too...amazing!

  3. Caroline, you know my girl, don't you?? She's addicted to those little treats!

    Aren't they beautiful? I was spellbound!

    I'll send you an email re: the html codes.

    Kathi, thanks, I thought they were just wonderful!

  4. Loved the pictures, especially the ones of the clouds. I saw a beautiful cloud yesterday that looked like an angel.

    Have a good weekend.

  5. Gorgeous scenery in your neck of the woods without a doubt. And that one group of clouds -- so much like fluffy mashed potatoes but so thick!!!

    Your puppy babies are so cute, especially China -- and so into routine!!

  6. It's good to be loved like that!

    That scenery is so beautiful and is making me itch to get back to the Southwest for a visit!! That cloud is almost eerie in it's beauty!

  7. First, I hope y'all clicked on those pix of the clouds, because when you enlarge them, the details are breathtaking!

    Daisy, I tried to figure out if that cloud reminded me of anything, but it was just too awesome to limit it to something earthly.

    You have a good one, too!

    Sherry, indeed, it is beautiful here! the clouds are frequently amazing, but these were just ... indescrible!

    These little guys are such wonderful companions. And yes, as we age we all (ahem!) appreciate routine!! LOL!!

    Jenster, if there is one being in this world that I have no reason to doubt, it is my China. I realize that she becomes more dependent as she ages, losing hearing and sight, but she has always been "my girl."

    Well, Jen, let me know when and I'll have a room ready for you!!! I agree about the cloud; I was so drawn to it that I had to stop and take the pictures or I might have wrecked trying to look while I drove!

  8. Stunning photos...hope you don't mind but the first cloud one is now my desktop background!

  9. Those doggies are just so darling - i'm so glad I met them - and you!

  10. Patti, they are sweethearts. And I'm glad we all got to meet, too! Next time ... Stacy and Madison!

  11. I've never seen clouds like that. I love your photos, Lyni!

  12. I love the cloud pictures. Absolutely breath taking!

    Love China. What a cutie.

  13. Sandra, the clouds in the Southwest are just different. I don't know why, but I don't complain! Thanks!

    Pepper, thanks, I was enraptured myself. And China ... yes, she is such a sweet baby doll!

  14. Ok, where have I been? I have totally missed ALL of these posts!

    Oh My GOSH!!! What gorgeous photos!


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