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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Update Updated!

Hey, y'all!!! I updated the update a couple posts ago, but I don't think anyone has noticed it!! Just check it out below.

Today on her blog Patti said that her hub is going to fix her dinner tomorrow night, cube steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. That sounded very good, and it was on my mind all day long. I took out a piece of round steak, since I didn't have cube steak, and beat it up, then chicken fried it with gravy, potatoes, spinach and corn for dinner. I haven't had that in several years, and it was w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l!! I haven't lost my touch, thank goodness!

Then after dinner when I fed the babies, I took the little bit of gravy left in the pan, about a tablespoon, and put it in their food, and you would have thought they hadn't eaten in several days!! They really gobbled it up! I rarely give them any table food, so it is a major treat when they get something like that. After eating, both immediately went into the bedroom and wanted on the bed!! LOL! I guess they want to have sweet dreams of gravy before they forget the taste!! Now, about a half-hour later, both are sacked out. China is even snoring a little bit!! Happy babies, for sure!

Depending on the weather tomorrow, I may drive to Alamogordo. The wife of a cousin passed away and the funeral is tomorrow. But we are due for another snow storm tomorrow night, and just a couple hours ago, the weather turned around from the nice balmy day we had, very gusty winds, and I'm wondering if the storm is arriving early. I'll see what it looks like in the AM. I would like to go for the cousin, but I have a lot scheduled for tomorrow, too, and I'm torn. I mean, who really likes to do funerals anyway?

I'm gonna go read a while, and I think I'll try to get to sleep early tonight. The dogs are making me sleepy!! LOL!

PS - I just got this in an email. Everyone should look at it. It is not easy to watch or hear about, but it will make you think carefully when staying in a hotel/motel next time. Gack.


  1. That video circulated around my office back around Christmas time, I think. Yeah, I always wondered about how they wash those glasses! Or IF they wash those glasses.

    Oh, and I'm so sorry about the death of your cousin's wife.

  2. Man and I saw that video and nearly heaved. GROSS!

    Sorry it looks like you're going to lose something you thought was yours. I would be upset too. I hope the new homeowner is as willing as you are to accept this.

    Sorry to hear of the loss ofyour cousin's wife.

  3. Catherine, isn't that just gross? Interestingly, I always have an adult sippy cup in the car, and/or my bottled water, so I most often use those. I've consumed just a few e-coli. shudder. and I noticed on my trip in the fall that all the motels used plastic disposable, too. Didn't think much about it, other than 'that's good' until now!

    Daisy, it's awful, isn't it? But I thought it needed to be seen by as many as possible, so I apologize for the gag-effect.

    The land ... it will work out. I just want to be "un-clouded" in my domicile. Peace in my heart and my home is worth more than the land. :)

    Thanks, both of you for the condolences. The wise was a strange lady, but the cuz is a nice guy.

  4. I can't watch the video, i'm going to a hotel this week-end! LOL

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin's wife.

  5. Patti, YOU'D BETTER WATCH IT!!!!!!


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