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Thursday, February 14, 2008


It's Valetine's Day and I hope everyone has a pleasant day, regardless of how you spend it. I've been collecting some cartoons for today. Love the day or hate it, you can chuckle over these, I think. So without further ado, here they are!

If you're a dyed-in-the-wool romantic, you'll not like this one, but I think it's right on!!! :D

Ahhh. something good about smoking!
(Not really!!!)

Ain't this one the truth???

And finally, my favorite ... Tiger is one smart little kid!!

And a final, very cool ending, sent to me from Daisy recently. I absolutely love these artists. I can't imagine having the talent to let art flow like this!! Enjoy!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!


  1. Heh, I like the "I love you Sarge" one. Happy Valentine's Day Lyni!!

  2. They are all cute, I think I like #1 best. Happy Valentines Day Lynilu! Hug your little four legged Valentines for me!

  3. My favorite is "I think I love you, Sarge." Fun!!!

    Happy Valentine's DAy to you !!!

  4. They were great but the five bucks one was right on.
    Happy Valentines day

  5. Sandra,Yep, that's a good one~ Thanks!!

    Patti, I like that one, too. I hugged the 4-leggers and they slurped back to you!! LOL!! :D

    Cheryl, yes, it's a good one! LOL!! And thanks!

    Walker, uh-huh, that one cracked me up!! LOL! Thanks!!

  6. Yes, the five bucks one...perfect. Hey, glad you're feeling better!

  7. that is the coolest thing i've seen!!!!!!! the sand art video is amazing - the boys are with me right now and they loved it! super cool!!!! super super cool.

  8. Moanna, I agree! Thanks!

    Cameo, I know, I'm fascinated with those sand artists. Can you believe how quick and "liquid" they are??

  9. Hey there lady...I feel like I haven't "spoken to you" in so long. :-)

    Love the cartoons! Especially the one of the couple looking at cards. That ALMOST sounds like me and Marque. Well, more like Marque, because he didn't buy me a card (don't get me started on that)...but I'm sure it wasn't because he wanted US to look at a movie together, LOL.

    Hope you had a nice V-day!

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend.


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