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Friday, February 29, 2008

A Fine Friday

The weather has be absolutely gorgeous recently. I'm afraid to say much, but the wind has not been blowing the top of the mountain down on us all. Shhhhhh. And this morning was no exception, so I took my coffee and a couple biscuits out on the deck and took a seat in the swing. I sat there in my jammies and robe and just drank in the splendor of the morning. Oh, gosh, it was nice! Ali chose to stay inside, but China followed me and stretched out on the deck in the sunshine. I noticed some beautiful clouds, and I was considering whether to go get the camera, when I noticed my friend, The Cat, sitting on the deck watching us. Needless to say, I stayed put and didn't disturb him. No pictures of the feline friend today! After a couple minutes, he climbed up onto the bench where the food is, and had his breakfast.

About then China sat up and looked at me. I picked her up and put her on the swing beside me and she nestled down, and we glided back and forth gently for another ten minutes or so. It was so peaceful! I waited until Mr. Kitty was finished with his meal, and after he we
nt down onto one of the sunlit steps and stretched out. I was once again pleasantly surprised at how confident he seems to be coming around us. He seems to be accepting that we are here to stay and are not a threat to him. Very nice!

After he seemed to be out of our path, China and I came in
the house, and I showered to get ready for work. When I began dressing and them moved to the kitchen/dining room getting things together to leave for work, Ali began to "blend into the woodwork." It was obvious to me that he did not want to go to the Gallery with me today! So I decided to let the kids stay home today. Without the winds or any other weather threats on the horizon, I figured that Ali might be alright and not destroy the house while I was away. I leave them for short trips, but didn't know how he would do for several hours. If you remember, he gets nervous and chews things up. He is especially fond of cardboard. While I was still in the process of unpacking, he had a plethora of targets for tension relief, as you can see here.

I left for a while last June and came home to this!! As you see, he neatly (??) tore/chewed up the cardboard boxes around the books, but left the books neatly stacked.....thank goodness!!! I'm glad the books didn't topple over on him!

Such a good job he did!!

Now however, I have no card board boxes sitting around for his personal use, and if he gets stressed without cardboard around, he looks for something similar. Like the books themselves!! Yes, he has chewed up the hard covers and ripped out pages of books! So I didn't know what to expect today.

I came home to ..... nothing! The kids had a nice quiet day and when I arrived, they were both delighted to see me! Whew!

Life is beautiful!!!
And here's proof .........


  1. I love that Wilson is seeing that you are his friend. I imagine with a few months he will be coming up to you and letting you pet him. And before we know it....he will be a indoor cat. :)

    Oh my gosh....I am laughing so hard at those pictures. Ali is sooo funny..although I imagine you didn't think it was funny at the time. At least he didn't destroy any books. Glad he was OK today. Maybe he is realizing that this is home and he knows you will come back.

  2. You've named him now? It's Wilson? Befriending a homeless animal...there are very few things so satisfying.

  3. Caroline, I hope is is moving in that direction. I really think he is too old and too feral to be an inside cat, but who knows?

    I think he is comfortable enough now and realizes it is home, so that he isn't so scared all the time. I hope so. I hope it's not just a plateau in the dementia. :( He has calmed down in many ways recently, so I'm hopeful.

  4. Well, Sandra, I think *Caroline* has named him! "Wilson" is a good name, but I'm still not convinced it is *his* name. With his newly found bravery and having him closer, I think it, the name, will come!

  5. HaHa!! Apparently Sandra thinks his name is Wilson also.

    (not too sure what I am doing blogging when the movers will be here in 2 hours. BTW, Ben is PISSED!!!!!!!)

  6. Ahhhhh, Grasshopper, but you have not weighed all the facets of this complex puzzle. You have not accounted for the balance of the scales with Daisy and Patti believing him to be "Jack"! Only time will tell when "The Great Namer of Furry, Grey, One-eyed Cats" is ready to speak!

    (I originally had "The Great Decider of Furry, Grey, One-eyed Cat Names" in there but I don't want to "The Decider" even for that!! ewuuie!)

    And BTW, I believe Sherry was also leaning toward Jack. Just sayin'.


  7. Sandra~ The kitty's name is Jack. Just sayin.

  8. Daisy, LMAO, ROTF!!!! You go, girl! But look out! Caroline might come after you!! LOL!!

    :'D Oh, lawdy, I'm crying over that one!!

  9. I'd name him Cyclops myself.

  10. BWAAAA HA HA ha ha ha ha!

    OMG! This is funny!!

  11. The pictures are so funny. Cardboard is his stress reliever, if I was you I would never be without it.

    The best companion is the one who choses you, you now have a cat.

  12. Pepper, it used to drive me crazy, but I adapted after I realized that he never tears up anything but cardboard if it is available. It is easy enough to clean up!

    Yes, I've always let the pets choose me. Even the pets that I bring home from somewhere else have chosen me. If I'm looking for a puppy, for instance, I go and sit on the floor and watch the littler play a while and let them interact with me, and they *always* tell me who I should take home. And yes, Now I have a cat!


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