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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Long Day .... By My Standards

Ahhh. I finally got that picture in the header the way it should be! This morning it was pretty, but it was also only half the picture showing. Adjust, adjust, adjust. Ahhhhhhh.

My day was different. I worked all day at the Gallery, something I don't do very often. One person on vacation, another had a personal obligation, so it was just me. Dayummm! It's hard working all day long!!!! Yeah, I know the reaction that statement is going to bring, but I'm gonna leave it there, anyway. I'm stupid brave that way. I'm working tomorrow, too, but not all day, thank goodness.

Yesterday I went into Ruidoso and got myself all ready for hiking. I got the trekking poles, and a bunch of things for the backpack ... a space blanket, a rain poncho, a compass, a whistle, a fire starting block, a buck knife, a snake bite kit, bug repellent, hand sanitizer. I still have to get a very small first aid kit and hiking boots. The boots will be the greatest expense, and I do not look forward to spending that, but to do this right and safely, I will. I'm sure I will find other things I've forgotten and I'll add them later on. I'm not planning to do overnighters, but you never know what you might need, even on a limited day hike. I have a really good backpack and a fanny pack that holds a ton, so I can use either, depending on the need. I was actually surprised at how little room these things take up in the fanny pack. So compact! Now I just need a person to go with me as my buddy, and I'm ready!!

Alrighty then! I'm going to go read a few of your blogs, then read a book for a while and get some rest. Hope you day has been good and less tiring than mine! Even this tired....

...Life is beautiful!!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you who was out front saying goodbye to me and the dogs when we left yesterday morning.........

He did his usual "talking" to me, and he wasn't even concerned about the dogs. Interestingly, they didn't seem to care that he was around either! Who knows, maybe he is going to be relatively easy with being buddies with us!


  1. What a cute picture of Jack!

  2. And yeah, I was first! I said it!

  3. By the way, I LOVE your new header! Beautiful!

  4. Daisy, isn't he a handsome cat?

    And, YAY!

    And, thanks!

    Have a lovely day!!!

  5. If I lived closer to you I'd go with you hiking. I also love the header picture.

    I think the reason your dogs did not react to the cat was because of the energy you put out toward the cat since you are the pack leader and say what goes... (Dog Whisperer)

  6. I love the new header too and I love that Jack talks to you! Awww...

    Yep might as well get the things you need to hike safely and comfortably.

  7. No adverse reaction from me! I only work 7.5 hours a week - remember? And it's going to be the death of me!! LOL

    Beautiful picture! And what a great area you live in to hike. I'm jealous. As usual.

  8. Wilson is so darn cute. AND...since I am giving him a little house to live in I think I should be able to name him. :) I really hope he likes it. I will be sure to clean it out before you come pick it up.

    Oh, and when I signed my lease I told them that I was having a friend visit and they said it was fine as long as you brought them into the office for them to meet them. Now also have a dog named Sadie. :)

  9. P.S. I LOVE te new look of your blog.

  10. Man, if you lived close enough, I'd be honored to have you go hiking! And thanks on the header.

    You could be right about the dogs and the cat. With their failing vision, I thought perhaps they didn't see him, but normally in the bright sunlight, they don't seem to have vision problems, so ... ???

    Patti, I'm glad I gave a new look to the blog. It was getting boring, I think. Thanks. And yes, I'm glad he is so chatty with me. He surely seems to be comfortable with me/us around.

    Jen, our lives are really tough, aren't they? LOL!! Yes, a great area for hiking, but don't be jealous. Remember that you have the rich historical surroundings that I envy!

    Caroline, I hope he sill accept the house. He will probably ignore it till next winter, but I figure that if it is there for him to get used to, it will be easier.

    LOL!! OK, when I come to visit with Ali and China and SADIE, we will go say hello! LOL!! I'll have to explain that to everyone!

    And, PS, thanks!

  11. Wow he looks like a lynx! What a handsome fellow.

  12. Sandra, isn't he? I sense that he will be a gentle buddy, too. Hope so!


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