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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aging, Spam, and Texting

Last week, on March 11, my baby TL had a birthday. She turned 38. My baby?? 38??? NO!!! She can't be!!! While I was on my trip I realized that's how old I was when Scott graduated from high school!!! (I was a tender 20 when he was born!!) OMG!!! She CAN'T be that, uh, mature!! Where does the time go?? I know she read this (BUR RARELY COMMENTS!!!!!) so, Baby Girl, now I really feel old!!! :D

Are any of you being spammed to death? In the approximately 22 hours between my last post before coming home (11:00 PM Tuesday) and when I posted that I was home safe (9:00 PM Wednesday), I had 144 spam hits! I'm black and blue from so many hits! Talk about being beat up!!! I'm guessing that it is somehow related to having the blog, because my other email addy which I use for personal correspondence, gets just one or two a day, sometimes not even that.
Fortunately Yahoo's spam filter seems to work well, as only one or two a week slip through. But I have to check the spam (all 144 of them!!!) to be sure something I was to receive didn't get thrown in there. Occasionally something from one of you gets tossed in there, so I do scan them and save what I do want. Ridiculous!

In the 37 spam message I got overnight last night, I find I can cleanse my colon (actually it appears that I need to cleanse my colon about 10 times today)while having a smoke and waiting for the Cialis/Viagra to work on my partner. Then I can fix my credit with debt relief, get a new line of credit and then go away for a Mexican Getaway, taking my Dell computer AND my Macbook Air along with me to stay in touch with you. When I return, I can use airline promos to fly off and take a cruise before coming home and starting an online business while working on my IT degree or opting to get a different kind of degree, using my non-repayable grants to fund it. By this time, I will be bored so I'll try out and keep a Nintendo Wii, become an online educator selling hotel promotions, and buying my insurance through BCBS. I'll need it because apparently I will develop diabetes and Liberty will supply me with what I need to treat this. NUTZ!!!

While I was in Wichita I got some text messages. I don't text. Just haven't found a reason to, for the most part. I have sent perhaps 5-6 text messages in my life. I know it is a mainstay for many, but not me. So the first message said....

"Im single now and living alone srry i havent talked to u n a while"

I ignored this, thinking whoever would realize that they had the wrong #. Then a few minutes later I got...

"U mad at me?"

Connie and I laughed, and I texted (is that a new buzz word?) back, "wrong #". then in another few minutes I got....

"wil u talk to me?"

I texted back, "NO. U hv wrng #"

Then I got....

"is this lindasy"

At this point I got irritated. Since I don't have text messaging in my cellphone plan, every message is costing me!! Connie had unlimited texting, so she sent a message from her phone saying, "pls dont send text msg to XXX.XXX.XXXX. that is my moms phone. it costs her for every message."

About 5 minutes later, my phone rang. You guessed it!! A call from the same #!! I answered, and A man's voice which sounded like he was about 25-30 said (are you ready for this???) ...

"Is this Lindsay?"

Un-freakin'-believable!!! I said, "No, did you not get messages saying that this number was not who you wanted?" He said, "No." HUH??? I said, "Well, I sent you two saying it was the wrong number and my daughter sent one saying not to text this number again." He apologized and hung up.

Do you think I should call him back and say that if he doesn't mind a mildly wrinkled, slightly overweight, almost 64 year old, WE'RE ON!?!?!?! LOL!!!! Maybe he was so horney, now that he is single again, that he won't care!! I'll bet he wouldn't call or text again, for sure!!!! :D Oh, my.


  1. hmmm, so you feel old, do you? Weren't you a g-ma around 38???? Now don't you really feel old? I can't believe I'm 38 either, but I don't feel it. I think I am really just 30!!! After all you are only as old as you think you are and act right? I love you and miss you and I am glad you made it back safely. TTYS! TL

  2. Sounds like Lindsay changed her number to get away from him!

  3. Oh my gosh...after reading the text message part of your post...I can't even remember what the rest of it said.LOL That is TOO funny!!! I can just see you now, with that "what the...?!?" look on your face. ESPECIALLY when it appeared that he didn't believe you.


    And about the rest of your was...uh, GREAT!!! LOL (however, I do remember something about you feeling old) Oh're only as old as you feel. And I think you FEEL about 30something. And you wear it WELL, my friend.

    Love ya!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday TL!

    LMAO at Lindsay and her stalker!

  5. Oh my! The text-crazed guy needs to get a life...and a clue. Pretty funny to read about though.

    And you are NOT old! Old people don't blog. I'm just saying..... :)

  6. TL, I was!! But, like you, I still feel 30 most days, and yes, that as old as I am!! I love you, too, sweet girl!! :)

    Sandra, I figure he was a number or two off either because he was a married idiot that was hiding it or because she gave it to him wrong! I've had that number for about 1-1/2 year!

    Dawn, I'm betting that I had that look on my face, too! The guy had to be a few brain cells short to keep sending it after all that! :D

    You're right, I don't feel my age. And thanks!! Love you, too!

    Patti, I wonder how far the guy will go to find her? yuck!! Maybe Lindsay was smart to shake him!!

  7. What a great story; although I imagine it wasn't too funny at the time.

    And a Happy belated b-day to TL. Hope she had a great day. And BTW, it was great that she commented.

  8. ROFLMAO!!! Now you know why I have text messaging blocked on my phone.

  9. Casey, really!! Connie and I had a good laugh after that.

    OK, I blog but I don't text ... am I straddling a line here? LOL!! Thanks!

    Caroline, no, I thought it was funny. I think it upset Connie more than it did me, but I did want it stopped because those little .10 charges can really add up!

    I'm glad she commented, too, but you notice I had to tease her into it!! tee hee!

    Froggi, I was considering blocking it, but I use it occasionally. I figure if I start using it more than I do now, I'll add it to my service, but for now I'm leaving it. It was funny!!!

  10. Yes, you had to tease me into it! But I keep tabs and you know it and that is all that is important. I get my momma fix every day. If I can't have you in person at least I get you virtually a little bit each day. And, yes, I also keep tabs on Caroline. I don't know her very well, but it keeps my heart close to home!! ILY! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I had a good one!

  11. TL, tee hee! A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!! But you keeping tabs on me is not all that is important ... unless you comment or send an email, I don't get my baby fix!!! Jus' sayin'!! I love you, sweetheart. :)


    What a freak trying to get ahold of Lindsay. If I were Lindsay, I woul run for my life!

  13. Daisy,I agree. I think Lindsay escaped that one!!!

  14. You crack me up -- loved the cell phone story!!

    Spam is everywhere and you nailed some of the worst offenders -- I keep getting porn -- how I can be happier and I can get more and I'm often offered deals to make my male anatomy (I didn't use the "real" word Lynilu -- we don't want a repeat of ladyyouknowwhats!!!) bigger and longer. Wouldn't I just be the luckiest woman on my block to have that!!! I could find work in the circus too!

  15. It's true- old people don't blog. We're forever young.

    Youthfully yours,

  16. Sherry, thanks for not using the anatomical word. I don't think I could stand more, uh, publicity!! LOL!! And I forgot to mention that I'm being pursued for parts in movies, too. HA!! That would beat your circus side-show anyday!! BWAA ha ha ha!!

    Betty, absotively, posilutely!!! :D


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