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Friday, March 21, 2008

Driving with Miss Lynilu

While I drove back from Wichita I listened to a book on CD, The Other Boleyn Girl. If you enjoy history, especially historical novels, I recommend this. I haven't seen the movie (is it out yet? I don't even know). I haven't read much about that era, and I was quite surprised at many things. I won't go into it in case you are interested in reading or listening to the book. But I'll say that now I want to go research other books about that time, those people, and see if it bears out.

After finishing that I started a Nicholas Sparks book and I'm about half way through it. It is in the car and I'm blanking about the title (I'm such a goober on memory sometimes!!) but I was enjoying it. Of course, I like just about anything by Sparks, so it was an easy choice. And I wanted something light after TOBG. I also bought John Adams and Truman by David McCullough. I've already listened to 1776 by him, and thoroughly enjoyed it. See, I really do like the history category!

I love to travel with a book in the player. The miles fly by! Time goes so much faster than with music, even though I love my music. There is just something about having someone read a book to me that is extra special and allows me to think about the content and context, even better, I think, than when I read. I always thought I was a visual person with learning, but I've found that if it is something I need to study and retain, a combo of visual and audio is best, and for ease of enjoyment I'm very decidedly aural! I learned this in the last three years, so ... drum roll ... you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!! Bah dah boom!!!

Everyone has their own methods to pass the time while they travel. I know some couples who turn off the radio and talk, saying it is their best time for sharing and catching up.We used to play trivia sometimes on the road. I had a deck of cards that was trivia about US History (there I go again!!!), and the passenger(s) would ask the questions from the cards. When I was a kid we often played games like the license plate game or spotting cards of certain colors, or a version of "I Spy" where someone would pick a landscape object for the rest of us to spot, etc. I don't think anyone does that any more. If you have kids, I'm betting you listen to their DVDs from the back seat. ugh. Yes, I know, it keeps them quiet, but I hate thinking about what they miss in the world outside the car.

So, how do you travel? What do you do to make the time pass?


  1. We set up the trip-only DVD player for the kids, pop in something to help them pass the hours and then we try to talk about stuff going on in our lives.

  2. When I was a kid, we used to play this game when traveling in the car, "Zip, Snap, Marble Orchard". Zip = A horse. Snap = A dog. Marble Orchard = A cemetary. I forget how many points each thing was. If you saw any of these things, you yelled out the name. It was pretty fun. The ex never let me play this game with my own kids.

  3. I love driving with music. I have never been able to get into listening to books while driving. I think part of it is because I enjoy looking around at all the things around me.

  4. It depends on if I'm traveling alone or with someone. If I'm alone, I turn my favorite music up really loud and sing along. If I'm not alone, that definitely doesn't happen. Heh

  5. I have a Sudoku puzzle book that I only do on plane trips - I write the name of the place I'm going to on the page, with the date, and then I start doing the puzzles. As I'm working my way through the book it's become a little log book of my flights too. I also listen to my iPod, having headphones on seems to keep neighboring people from talking to you. :)

  6. Loved "The Other Boleyn Girl" (it is in theatres now) -- great read and now I am reading all of Philippa Gregory's books! I love the historical too!

    On car trips -- we'd play "I spy with my little eye" and we'd play games about cars and for the boys, when they were little I had "the magic bag" which was dollar store toys and every hour they could choose one thing from the magic bag. Helped to pass the time!

  7. My best friend and I had this conversation this week:

    So we went to this movie, oh you've got to see know the one with oh what's his name the Irish guy who was know that movie about the plane that went down in the sand? yeah with what's her name from oh you know, that British woman...was that movie with the guy who got caught with the hooker in LA?

    See, it's not just you.

  8. Oh, I'm terrible. I eat. Constantly. And I'm not talking about carrot sticks and lettuce. Fortunately, I don't drive much, lest I fail to fit behind the wheel.


  9. If I'm alone I listen to the radio or CD's. I cannot do a book on tape. Must read paper LOL
    If someone is with me I like to play "punch bug" or "license plates" or sing songs.


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