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Friday, March 07, 2008

What a Day!!


The new cord came today while I was away. And may I tell you about today?? What a mess!

My schedule for the day:
  1. Vet's to buy dog food.
  2. Big O Tires in Ruidoso to check the tire with a slow leak.
  3. Motor company in Alamogordo to get replacement for the car key I lost on my trip last fall.
  4. Staples in Alamogordo while I was there for some things for the Gallery and a couple for me.
  5. Back to Ruidoso to the printer to discuss having some photos enlarged and printed for framing.
  6. Home between 1:00 and 3:00.
Simple plan, right? Yeah, right!!

Step 1 was no problem, and I was off to Big O, step 2. They got me right in, less than ten minutes wait. Cool! I walked the dogs, then sat with the dogs in the waiting area and about five minutes later, they asked me about the key for the locking lug nuts. Was it not in the Glove compartment? No, they had looked. The only other place I could think of was the big tool box in the bed where I keep a few tools, the tow rope, extra washer fluid, a tarp and bungees, and the net to cover it all. So I climbed in the bed and one of the guys joined me to help. We found two keys, but neither one fit the locks.

Next we took almost everything out of the truck with no luck. About this time, my head began to work (!!) and I realized that when I had a tire replaced at the dealership a few months ago, they did not give it back to me. I assumed it was in the glove box, where it was before they got it out. The locks are a kind that Big O didn't have any way of cutting off like they can some. I didn't think it was a huge deal because I'm headed to the dealership anyway, so I'll have them take care of it.

The very nice guys who were helping me filled the tire and sent me off to Alamogordo, about 50 miles away.

At the dealership I explained the problem, and the (new) service manager said that they had been having problems with this and other small details, and that he was cracking down to bet it under control. They had a little box of such keys that had been left behind. They would try them and find mine. I also requested that they make the new electronic key as I had already discussed with the parts guy a week or so ago. I took the dogs for a walk and then we settled down in the lounge.

About 25 minutes later, I was told that (A) none of the keys were mine, so they locks would have to be cut off. OK. Not a big deal. My rims are nice, but the probability of them being stolen is slim, and if I am concerned, I have the second set that I can put on. And ... AND ... (B) they do not have the blank key for my ignition. Their last one was sold this morning!! What? I explained, politely, but letting my frustration be known, that I had called last week and was told that for having a new key made (i) did not need to make an appointment and (ii) I did not need to reserve the key because they "always have them in stock."

While my tire was being checked, they made a call to another motor company back in (!!!) Ruidoso to see if they had any blank ignition keys. Yes, they did and would hold one for me. Meanwhile, they found no leak in my tire, but they don't have a "dunk tank" to check for pin hole leaks. Again my tire has been aired so I can return to Ruidoso.

Good news at this point. To make up for the inconvenience, they made an agreement with the motor company in Ruidoso to give me the key at the discount they were going to give me, $140 rather than the $175 I was quoted. OK, that does help my frustration.

Next I stop at Staples and get everything for myself and the Gallery, drive to Lowe's and buy a replacement globe for my porch light, and hit the road ... 50 miles back to R.

At the motor company in R, they are very helpful and have my key made fairly quickly. It takes a few minutes because it is computerized so have to have more work than sticking it in the machine like a house key. The dogs have another walk while we wait, then we sit for just ten minutes or so before the key is ready. When I go to pay for it, I was prepared for having to talk with them about the discount, but I didn't. In fact, to my delight, I was charged just $100!! Very cool! And they made me a "door only" key to put in a magnetic key box, "just in case." Next they explained to me that I can come to them if I wish instead of driving to Alamogordo, if I want. Frankly, I didn't know they sold Dodge there or I would have a couple other times.

By this time it is almost 4:30. I decided to skip the tire check and repair for today. I was tired and the dogs ... well, actually, just Ali was getting very antsy. We headed home. And we were damned glad to be here!!

Next week I'll have the tire check out before I leave town, and I'll get into the printer, too. I certainly didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted, but given the almost 50% savings on the key, I'll live with it!

Have a good weekend, everyone! And below is a cut video that was sent to me today. Enjoy!!

Life is beautiful!!!
Even on the days that I have to keep telling myself so!!


  1. OH*WOW!! I have had days like this. At least you got the key for a LOT less and found out you could deal with a more local dealership.

  2. Daisy, the savings in the price of the key almost makes the rest of the aggravation worth it!! And yes, driving 17 miles beats driving 65 or so!

  3. This reminds me of the year I lived in the Montana wilderness. In a way, I was eager to move back to the big city because of the type of challenges you described in this post. Of course, these aggravations can happen anywhere, but what I'm remembering is all the driving.......


  4. For some reason I love the name Alamogordo. It's just fun to say...Al-a-mo-gor-doooooo.

    Are they serious, you're supposed to know where the key to your locking lug nuts is? Who knows this?! Ok, I'm sure some people do know this.

  5. dear Betty, this is nothing like the Montana wilderness! I've not lived there, but have friends/family who have, and this driving is minor in comparison. However, yes, you must learn to cover all possible errands with each trip, for sure. But I actually like that I'm not running to the store for every little thing like I did in the city.

    Sandra, hee hee, it is a roll-off-the-tongue name, isn't it?

    I usually do know those things. And if it were where I put it in the first place ... in the glove box ... the whole day might have gone differently!But I trusted someone else to put it back in the proper place. HA!! My mistake, for sure!


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