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Thursday, March 06, 2008


A couple days ago I took these two pictures. It was a day or two after the previous snowfall, and the snow on the Capitans looked very neat. I'm afraid it doesn't show up really well in the pictures (unless you click to enlarge them), but they're still pretty.

I took these next two just a few minutes ago. A lot of the current accumulation has already melted, but I thought it was an interesting compare/contrast to the first pix. As you notice, you can't even see the Capitans because of the weather. It is beginning to clear a little, so perhaps later I can get another picture later if the snow is worthy.

You can certainly see the remaining snow on the ground between my house and the horizon in this first one. That area is a fenced part of a property that has horses, so there are no trees to hide the snow.

I can't believe how much is already melted, even though it is only about 25 degrees. Amazing what the sun can do.

~ ~ ~ ~

This part is updated approximately 2 hours after the rest of it was written. I took some more pictures to show the dramatic change from the last pictures above. Look in this first one ... the horse corrals are almost completely devoid of snow!

Pretty mountains, and the sky is turning blue again! I really do live in an amazing place!!

~ ~ ~ ~

And I have to show you how my guys love the snow. They went out earlier and stayed for almost half an hour. When I opened the door China came in, and I realized how "snowy" she was, but she shook it off before I could get her picture. Ali, however, is another story!

They love to "root around" in the snow as you can see!

Inside the house I tried to get a picture of the snowballs on his feet, but he wouldn't hold still. I think you can still see the clinging snow on his fur.

He was perfectly happy! They used to do this in KC all the time and come in just covered with little clumps of snow. More than once I had to put them in the tub and rinse the snow off their fur!

Like all kids, they love it when we have a good snow storm!!


  1. The mountains are beautiful (*sigh*) and Ali is adorable!

  2. Jen, yes and yes. And would you believe that now, 5 hours later than those cloud-filled snaps (the second group) the sky is bright blue and 97% cloud-free again! Amazing territory!

  3. I was just sitting here thinking, "I hope Lynilu will show pictures of the snow she stole from me!!"

    That first picture of Ali is so precious. I used to love watching them play in the snow. It was always really funny when we would get at least 4 inches. They would literally disappear in the snow.

  4. Caroline, I remember how cute they were, bouncing through the snow like little furry deer! I wish I had video of it!

  5. Loved the pictures. In my previous life, I had a black lab. He used to put his nose in the snow and go all over the place like a snow plow. He was such fun to watch. I miss my dog.

  6. So very cute! I have had to live my snow life vicariously through my blog friends this winter!

  7. Daisy, labs are wonderful dogs, aren't they? My son has one, a yellow, and she is the best. But their lives are so short. I don't think I could stand to have my heart broken that often. The life expectancy of my little guys is over 2X that of a lab.

    Patti, now, let's be honest ... you like a *little* snow, but you're truly a warm weather/beach gal!! You can "vicare" at my blog site any time you want!!


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