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Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Plan is Disrupted

It's snowing again. The last snow, which finally reached about six inches, had all melted except in the shadows, and yesterday I was running around in a sweater without a jacket. And now it is snowing again! The weather forecast says we will get an inch or less accumulation, but there is already a two inch blanket .... and this is supposed to continue until 6:00 PM. Yeah, I think they got this one wrong and are still getting it wrong. However, one of the TV stations from Albuquerque said we can expect six to ten inches. Probably more correct than the internet weather sites of < 1". I had planned to do about eight errands today from Alamogordo to Ruidoso to Carrizozo, but I guess NOT!!

So ... I can't run all over the countryside today. The other things on my list are :
  • clean out the truck to be ready for the trip next week.
    Yeah, like that's going to get done today in the snow!! NOT!!
  • the beginning of a list of "what to remember to take with me on the trip".
    Yeah, well, it is just a bit early for that. I don't want to walk around a half-packed suitcase for over a week.
  • a few phone calls to set up some appointments.
    Ah! That I can do! Of course, it will take me all of about thirty minutes, and what am I to do with the rest of my day? Play? PLAY??? HUH????
Well, it will be very difficult for me [hand on forehead, Southern belle style], but I'll do my best to struggle trough the day[eyes roll and lids flutter slightly]. sigh. [no, that's not a hint of a smile you see.]

Actually, I think I will do some house cleaning and file away the papers and folders that I had out for tax prep. Honestly, that is something that might not have gotten done before I left otherwise, so perhaps this is my clue to get my house in order!! Ya think??? LOL!

Apparently, this is one of those times when I need to slow down and realize that there is a power greater then I in charge! Ooooookaaaaaaaay. Iiiiiii'mmmmmm sssssllllooowwwwiiiinnnnggg ddddooowwwwnnn.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Oops! Too slow. I'm gonna get on the phone and I'll get back with you later on! :D


  1. Boy I could use an inclement weather day here.
    Enjoy your "down time" Lynilu!

    P.S. I could TOTALLY see you as a southern belle, hoop skirt, parasol and all. Batting your eyelashes. Hehe.......

  2. Enjoy your day of the snow. I am so upset because everyone seems to be getting snow except me. I WANT SOME SNOW!!!!!!!!!! St. Louis got something like 10 inches of snow the other day. It's just not fair. Waaaaaaaaaaa!

  3. Patti, I grant you an inclement day off. Tell your boss!

    LOL! I just sent you an email that will crack you up!!

    Caroline, honey, you're just not living right!! LOL!! Remember Glenn talking about the Tonganoxie Split? Every time the weather wasn't what it is "supposed" to be!! LOL! Blame it on the TS!


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