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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Visions of Things to Come ... Rather Scary Visions!

A short post, then I gotta get busy, 'cause I haven't cleaned house all week, and I'm having dinner guests tomorrow!

I talked to Caroline a few nights ago. I'm planning a trip to Wichita in a couple weeks to see my DIL at her Citizenship Ceremony, and while I'm there, I will be going another three hours northwest to KC and see Caroline. I'll spend the night at her "cozy gingerbread" apartment. The apartment is approximately 500 square feet in size. Pretty cozy, considering there will be two humans, two cats, four dogs(!!!) and a fish. Luckily, the fish has his own space, but depending on how all the dogs and cats get along, that may not be true for long, either!!

My Ali thinks he is an Alpha Dog. HA! But he has to strut his stuff for a short time to be sure that other dogs get it. He and Sophie will have to get through this, as they did when Sophie came to visit last year. Usually, it would be fairly simple and he would find a spot to call his and/or a room to go to and pretend he is tuff stuff. LOL! He won't have that space at Caroline's house.

And to make matters worse ... Caroline is going to be babysitting Sadie again. Now, (1) Sadie ain't no small dog! (2) Ali doesn't know her, so he will have two dogs bigger than him to convince of how tough he is, and (3) Ali has not been around Caroline's cats!! IEEEE Yieeee Yieee! This could be a noisy slumber party!!

Caroline mentioned that it could be hard to explain this to the apartment management, and I said no problem, if they say something, we'll just say that Sadie is mine and I'm visiting. When she signed the lease, she said that a friend was coming with "her three dogs," and guess what? They said no problem, but I just have to some to the office and introduce my darlings!! OH, Lawd! What has Caroline gotten me into??

I'm glad China is a sweetie who doesn't think she is tough and that the fish doesn't bark.


  1. I once had a place that small but honestly the way it was layed out, it felt MUCH bigger. It's all in the layout! I can't wait to see what Caroline's new space is like. Four dogs in that space will be pretty comical.

  2. Sandra, my son had a house that size. Yes, I said a HOUSE! You're right, the layout is the key. All I can say is ... this will be one interesting adventure on my journey!! LOL!!

  3. First of all....I can't wait to see you. It will be nice to visit with you without crying.

    Yea, it's going to be tight with everyone here, but the more the merrier, right?

    I am sure Ali will be OK. Sadie is very sweet and will not do anything if another dog growls. When she was here last time Sophie growled a couple times and Sadie just walked away.

  4. Caroline, LOL, it has been a while since we've seen each other without you crying, hasn't it?

    I'm fine with the more the merrier, but Ali can sometimes have SUCH an attitude!! I'm not worried about Sadie, it's my li'l doofus!!

  5. Jen, define fun, please!! LOL!!

  6. I define "fun" as the visiting part. And I love a good road trip. Are you driving or flying?

  7. This sounds like a GREAT road trip. Chaos, laughter, and fun. Drive careful and hang on.

  8. Pepper, it will be fun. Caroline and I manage to have a lot of fun together. Sometimes I am surprised by the fact that we get along to famously, especially given the 30+ difference in our ages. That's a non issue for us!

  9. You all will get through it one way or another :) She's lucky her management is so agreeable!


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