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Monday, March 03, 2008

Wintery Update and Warning to Some!!

And a good Monday morning to everyone!!

Updating on my storm .... which I will be passing along to many of you in the next day or two. Yes, yes, you're welcome!!! I love to share!!

It snowed all night long, apparently. This morning is a wintery wonderland. In the night it blew hard lots of times. Hard enough to wake me, and that is unusual. So I know the snow has been blown hither and thither! (LOL! Don't you love those two words?) Some of the drifts are as much as 12 and 14 inches deep, but the flat ground is measuring between 3 and 4 inches. Not bad, at all, but it continues to come down. As I write this it is coming down relatively hard and with medium flakes, but it waxes and wanes. (Two more great words! I'm just full of it this morning!) The good thing is that we really need the moisture. This winter has been relatively dry thus far, so every bit of snow/rain we get is highly welcomed!

It is completely overcast and visibility seems to be less than a half mile as it continues to snow. The weather gurus are saying I'll have an accumulation of 1 to 3 inches by noon then letting up and beginning to clear. Of course, that is in Nogal which is around 6400 feet and I'm at 7200. Regardless of the elevation, the overcast is so heavy that I have no satellite reception. No TV, no Sirius radio.

Here is a video clip I took a while ago:

At the end I said it was a stay at home day. Buuuuuuuttttt...... I have to go into Ruidoso today to sign papers to settle the land/boundary dispute. I'm sure it could be put off until tomorrow if necessary, but I'm guessing that the highways will be clear by the time I need to leave. And I want that settled. I'll play it by ear and check the conditions before I venture out.

Have a good week ahead, everyone!!

Life is (cold and white, but) beautiful!!!


  1. Wow! It's beautiful!!

    It's always so strange when the temps drop that quickly. Kind of eerie...

  2. Jen, yeah, I find myself wondering just how far it will go!

  3. I think you stole my snow!! We didn't get anything overnight. Boohoo!!!! You know I am upset about this.

    I would say you need to stay in today. And if you do go out....please be careful (and take your camera)!!!!

  4. Well, although the video is beautiful, I'm still glad to be living where spring is here (temporarily)!



  5. >Caroline
    , I'm sorry! I only meant to steal enough to feed the tress a little and pass it on, but I discovered that the storm got caught on the corner of my satellite dish! I shook it free, so maybe...... :\

    After scooping about 18 inches of snow from my dish ... IT WORKS!!!

    Betty, we had a lovely run of early spring, over a week of (almost) shirtsleeve weather, so I'm not minding this. Besides, here in NM, it melts rapidly. In fact, it is already melting rapidly where the sun is hitting it. It is only 22 degrees, but the sky is 99% clear, sunny, and the snow is gone on top of fence posts, etc. Ahhhh. The trees are happy and so am I!!

  6. Be safe Lynilu (which I know you always are).

    I won't even mention we are in the 70's here today cos' i'm actually jealous of your winter storm!

  7. Patti, I will. I've checked with the road dept., and the highways are clear. I'll watch for ice as I go over the moutain, but there should be no problem.

    Tomorrow our forecast high is.... are you ready for this? .... 61 degrees! Crazy weather!!

  8. I would want to have that land issue just settled as well. Be safe.

  9. Daisy, it is and I was!! Thank you.


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