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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ahhhhh, Spring!

I got the errands done. Whew!! On the way home I was enjoying the scenery, as I always, but it was extra special today. There is green in the trees!!! Not the evergreens, but the "leafing" trees! Yes, there are little teeny-tiny green leaves in those trees!!! WoooooHooooo!! It is really, honestly, fer sher, absolutely ....... SPRING!!!

And today is a pretty day. It's not extremely warm, it's 60 out there now and it is fairly windy, but it is bright, sunny and warm enough that I didn't need a coat or even a sweater. I really enjoyed being out and didn't even mind having to do the errands, for a change. I love spring!

We've had pretty skies lately. I took some pictures yesterday and the day before. In these first two, there was a little cloud out there that looked like a halo hanging over the Sierra Blancas Mountains.

Then heading the opposite direction the next day I saw these clouds, and I thought they were just awesome. No particular special thing, just lovely clouds, hanging over the Capitan Mountains.

Yep, I love spring!

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. Me too, I love spring...and I love the sky when it's this colour -- it's that particular, beautiful shade of spring blue!!

  2. I would never admit this on my blog, but I think I am kind of excited about spring as well. I love seeing all the fresh green colors come back. BUT, I will miss the snow.

    Hey...guess where I had dinner tonight??????

  3. Sherry, yes, all those signs are SO welcome!

    Caroline, shhhhh! I won't tell!

    Oh, I know! KKP, right???? Rat!

  4. I wish Spring would show up and stay put already! We had snow...yes, I said SNOW here last weekend!

  5. Traci, we are in for some storms this weekend. they haven't said the "S" word, but they're talking about much colder temps, wind, and "wintery conditions." We'll see where it goes. I'd actually be OK with another good snow, but then, let's be done with it!!!

  6. As always, I LOVE your pictures. I LOVE spring and all the pretty colors. Just wish it were a tad bit warmer here.

  7. Daisy, did you notice that there is snow still on the mountains, even with the wonderful weather? :D


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