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Friday, April 04, 2008

Six Word Memoir

Have you seen the Six Word Memoirs on blogs around the Internet? I've seen this at many blogs, most recently at Traci's, and hers, BTW, absolutely kicks booty. She said "So tell me, how would you sum up your life in six words? When I read (another blogger's) post, I thought wtf? How on earth do you define your self, your life, in six freaking words? I’m surprised to say that once I stopped with the wtf, I did it pretty quickly." Please go over there and see her memoir. It really is amazing, the best one I've seen.

So I've been thinking about this for a long time. I've actually had this in my drafts for a couple months, but I couldn't seem to find the right words. To paraphrase what Traci said, how does one sum up a whole life in just six words? I'll be 64 years old in a few days, and that's a lot to stuff into so few words. I mulled it over and over and over, wrote a dozen or more phrases, and I just couldn't put it into something that was me. All the sudden this morning, I woke, got a cup of coffee, crawled back into bed with the lap top, and when I opened that draft, it went bing!! And there it was! So without further ado, here is my six word memoir:

Lived, loved, laughed, learned, looked, danced.

Anyone else care to take the challenge? Please let me know by leaving a comment on this blog so I can go read it if you do!


  1. I happen to think yours is freaking fabulous!!!

    Yea, your comment showed up just before I logged off to go to work so I had to stop by!

  2. and when, exactly, is your birthday dearie??? hmmm?

  3. Traci, well, thank you. I had so many different thoughts, and I liked the list of L's, but I couldn't find a sixth that suited me. I kept playing with other phrases, and then this morning, "danced" struck me, and I loved the contrast! It's a process!

    My BD is 4/14, just ten days! And in ten days and one year, I am eligible for Medicare! LOL!!

  4. Intriguing concept. I don't think I could be as profound as you or Tracy though. Been there, done that, had fun--something like that. I'm just an average guy, ya know.

    I hope your birthday is fun. I been there, done that too many times for my liking.

  5. I love this challenge! I don't consider myself up to it, not now with all that's going on at work, etc., but I'll be thinking about it.

    Your 6 words are very telling. You've lived life well, Lynilu!


  6. Big Dave T, I actually thought about "been there, done that, blank blank," because "been there, done that" says a LOT!! But the last two words just never came together. so I kept playing with other ideas until it fell into place. And being an average guy is not a bad thing, or boring, or unimportant! Those are the people that make the world work!

    Thanks, I hope it will be fun, too! Birthdays never get too many for me! I enjoy every one!!

    Betty, take the challenge! You don't have to do it right now; as I said, i have been sitting on it myself for a couple months. It really did make me think about my life and be very concise in my words!

    I think it is interesting to think that I have also existed, despised, cried, made the same mistakes over and over, worn blinders, and been a wallflower. It all depends on what you chose to walk away from the experience with, you know? :)

  7. I may have to take you up on this challenge.

  8. 4/14 will be the 3rd anniversary of my dad's nice to have something more pleasant to remember.

  9. Daisy, alright!!! I'll be over to check it out!

    Traci, ouch, I'm sorry it had that memory for you, but you're right ... sometimes it helps to create a new, happier memory. Happy to be here for you!


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