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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Auction, et al

Saturday, Auction Day. I was really dreading the day. I just wasn't sure what would occur. Nerves were on edge, everything was essentially done or ready to go, but you just wait for that jack-in-the-box to pop up, waving his inanimate hands mockingly, and hollering, "Na-na-na-nanner! You forgot (fill in the blank) or didn't arrange (fill in the blank) or b.l.e.w it!!"

My first challenge had nothing to do with the Gallery or the auction. In the night I had wakened to find China panting, obviously uncomfortable. I turned on the light and found that the tumor had again abscessed and was bleeding, not really bad, but somewhat more than it did the last time. I had no medication for her, but I located the baby Tylenol and gave her some of that. After a while, she seemed to be more comfortable and dozed off, but I slept restlessly, shedding a few tears off and on for the rest of the night. At 8:00 I called the vet, who is fortunately very kind and caring. He doesn't usually work Saturdays, AND that was the county-wide rabies clinics day, to boot. But he went to the office to get his instruments for the clinics, prepared the antibiotic for China and left it for me outside the door to pick up. Yeah, you can do that here! People don't mess with such things! I drove to Ruidoso and picked it up.

I ran back home and gave China a dose of the antibiotic and another one of Tylenol. then I finished getting ready and left to go the other direction to Capitan for the day.

I worked in the Gallery while A went to the auction site a couple doors away to put the finishing touches on the displays. I had printed the bid sheets for the last minute donations on Friday night, and she matched them up with the items, putting pencils at each sheet, making sure everything was where it should have been. Meanwhile, Da Boss and a couple other men were setting up the bar and arranging the yard/patio for guests to walk around and have some fresh air.

Then A went home to change clothes and Da Boss did also. One of our artists, L, who is also a wonderful support in many ways in the Gallery came in to allow me to do likewise, while she watched the store. A came back and relieved L to run home and change, too.

It took me a while to do my turn around. I live the farthest from the Gallery, and I also had to take time to care for the babies, feeding them again and giving China more medication. She seemed to be feeling really well at this time, to my relief. Back to town, I minded the Gallery while A went to the auction site to instruct ten grown women on how to serve hors d'oerves. Yeah, you read that right. They couldn't figure out to put food on trays, walk around, go back to the kitchen, get more food, etc. who would serve and who would stay in the kitchen? Should they carry napkins? Duh! Do they need gloves to serve? NO! You're not touching the food, you're just carrying a tray and the guests can pick up their own!! On and on! BTW, the chick who asked about wearing gloves was chewing gum with her mouth open!!! ARGHHH!

Then we closed up shop and kicked off the auction.

It started out very slowly. Da Boss, A, L, and myself were available to explain about the art or artists, etc., just mingling and chatting for the most part. We began worrying because after the first hour, only about a fourth of the items had bids, and most had only one. We decided to go ahead and start putting our bids on things we wanted, hoping it would help. It did. During the second hour many more items had bids; unfortunately, a lot of them had only the minimum, but it was a start.

In the last half-hour before we closed down, there was an absolute flurry as people moved from item to item, making sure they had the top bid, and often bidding again when they weren't in the lead. It was fun to watch! Many people who I've never seen in any state but calm were flushed and trying not to look excited as they moved from table to table! It was a hoot!

All said and done, we didn't get as much as we'd hoped, but it wasn't bad at all. We have a decent start on the legal fees for the fight against the mines. Everyone on the committee was happy, feeling good about how everything went. There will clearly have to be more fund raisers, maybe even another auction or perhaps going to something completely different.

I scored on two items. Yeah! One is a silk scarf, painted by my friend, the artist L. She is an artist with many talents, this one extra nice because it is wearable art! She buys beautiful scarves, then paints on top of the designs, giving texture and depth to the designs. I've admired her work, but didn't feel I could really justify spending the money on one. However ..... this is for a good cause, right??? :D

The second item is a ruana, made by a rather new artist to the gallery. She weaves her own fabric, often from yarn she spins herself and often hand dyed by her, as well. I can't wear wool, so I love that she is doing some of these in other fabrics. This one is rayon, so soft and feels wonderful when I wrap it around me. In fact I was wearing it when I left the auction, and Da Boss give me a hug, and he said, "Oh, that is nice!" and he kinda snuggled in close. So I took one end and threw it across his shoulders, and he repeated, "Yeah, really warm and nice!"

The colors, as you see, are soft pastels and greys and tans. It is really pretty and will go with many colors. Here is a little close up of it.

I had bought another thing from this artist. It is of the same kind of fabric. It is a long (mid thigh) vest and it has different colors, more brilliant and vibrant, rather than the subtle pastels of the one above. This one has purple, emerald, rich blue and rosy reds, along with some tan and lighter hues of those colors which really accent the more brilliant ones. this picture doesn't really do it justice, but maybe you can get the idea.

And here is a close up of this one.

Having nothing to do with the auction, but another goody that I brought home from the Gallery. I've been drooling over these for months. There is a little man that comes from Mexico with a trailer load of wooden furniture every couple months. We have bought these to sit outside the Gallery so people can sit and rest while they are walking around town. They are just rough pieces that he paints sloppily with bright colors and sells for a small fortune. But A does a good job of talking him down on the prices, making them affordable. So Da Boss and some teenagers were moving a few of them to the patio and yard for the auction, and he came in and asked me which one I wanted to take home! I pointed to this one.....

The kids loaded it in the truck, and I was able to unload it here at home. I'll have to get some help to get it up to the deck, but it's here!!

I worked today in the Gallery while A finished up the auction details, putting tags on those items that were not picked up Saturday night. I'm tired. I'm not used to this kind of schedule. It was a great deal of work, but I enjoyed it, too. People were frustrating, but they were wonderful, as well. Would I do it again? Yeah, I would.


  1. We are saying lots of prayers at my home for China. I can only imagine what you are going through. Hugs to you as well.

    Sounds like the auction was a success. Hope you are able to get some rest of the next couple of days. You need to remember that you are try not working so hard. :)

  2. Caroline, thanks, we both appreciate it.

    I'm .... what? Retired? Like my old tires wore out? What is retired? Now I'm confused!


  3. That ruana is simply fabulous. I have a feeling the pictures don't really do it justice either. So is your home kind of a personal gallery too? It must be awesome to have artist connections like that.

    Sorry to hear about your pet.

    The auction bidding sounds like what happens on E-Bay sometimes.

  4. The scarf and the ruana are BEAUTIFUL, Lynilu !!!

    It sounds like the auction was fun, and like you said, even if it didn't bring in as much money as you had hoped, it did give you a start on fighting the mines !

    How is China doing today ?

    The bench is great, so colorful. Just says 'come sit on me, and tell a story.'

    And the ladies who couldn't figure out how to serve the appetizers - oy.

  5. Dave, I probably should have waited to take the pictures in the daylight. I think it would have worked better. But I didn't. :D

    Thanks. It's not easy to accept a "baby's" illness and approaching end. Never.

    I've never done the ebay auction thing, but it can't be as much fun as actually watching people trying to look cool in a frenzied state! Although some of us didn't worry about the appearance: we just had fun and laughed relentlessly!

    Annie, thanks, they truly are!

    It really was fun, and as I said, yes, I'd do it again, headaches and all! Yes, at least the first installment of the bill can be paid now! EEEE-hawww!

    China is better. she is acting like herself again, the inflammation in the tumor is less, and she is obviously more comfortable. Her joi de vivre remains in tact and a source of delight for me!

    And the ladies .... oy, is right. I really hate to say this, but what a bunch of twits! There is something that happens in some groups of women in which it seems they are trying to "out-dumb" each other, and this group seems to have been in that place on Saturday night.

  6. Glad to hear your auction is over and it was a success.

    I LOVE your new things, particularly the bench. I REALLY like that bench!!!!

    Hope the little doggie is doing better.

  7. Daisy, ME, TOO!!

    I can't wait to get the bench up on the deck! Of course, I'm going to have to get serious about resurfacing the deck soon, or it will all just look awful regardless! The fool that owned this place before painted the deck, steps and ramp with .... are you ready for this??? .... indoor latex so it looked good just long enough to sell it! It is all peeling and I have to get it properly sanded and refinished before the wood dries out. grrr. Once that is done, the bench will look fabulous, along with the two porch swings, the other bench and all the other stuff! It is a magnificent deck!

    Baby Girl, China Doll, is better. It's a day by day process, and as long as she is comfortable and happy, so am I. :') Thanks for the thoughts.

  8. Sending lots and lots of healing vibes to darling China. My heart is breaking for you honey.

    Those items you got... look JUST like you!

  9. Patti, thank you so much. She's doing well for now. I see some signs of decline, but she still has spunk! She is not losing weight, so I know the cancer doesn't have hold of her yet. :)

    I am most happy with my prizes!!!


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