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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Couple More Thoughts About Fires

Another couple details, alarming to me, that I've found this morning about the wildfires:

  • "More than 175000 acres have already burned in New Mexico this fire season, and the southern and eastern parts of the state are likely to face more ...". For some reason, I can't open this article to see more than this headline, but it certainly got my attention. It was dated today or yesterday, certainly reflecting current concerns, and we are barely into the season of vulnerability.

  • One of the big problems is the lack of humidity. I returned to the Southwest because high humidity causes me physical problems, but what is going on here is extreme. This morning, they say the relative humidity in Roswell (60 miles east of me) is 3%; in El Paso (about 100 miles south) it is 2%; I believe they said Denver has just 4%. Can you imagine this? This severe lack of moisture in the air causes whatever moisture is in the soil, whatever is emitted by living plants, to be pulled into the air and immediately evaporated. Thus, things such a pine needles on the ground, which usually will help to hold moisture in the earth are now dry as old, old paper and more or less kindling to any small thing that could start a fire. Think of a carelessly discarded glass bottle lying on top of those needles. Or a piece of metal, lying in the sun on top of brittle, dry leaves, soaking up heat. Just think. Pretty scary stuff.
I don't mean to be alarming, but..... Wait, yes I do. I want everyone to be alarmed by the potential, alarmed enough to never, ever take our natural resources for granted.


  1. We certainly don't take our Great Lakes for granted here in Michigan. We guard and protect them religiously, as many would siphon them off for who knows what.

    I hope things change there soon. We've always been told here that the heat out there is not bad because it's a "dry heat" and hence not as oppressive. Now I know better.

  2. Dave, you're right, every one of our resources needs monitoring. There are a lot of people who just really don't care, and it takes several who *do* to make the balance. (shades of the open-pit mining issues)

    Well, the dry heat is physically much more comfortable, for a fact. But when dry heat becomes a wildfire alert, it is extremely oppressive. Depends on the interpretation, I guess, doesn't it?

  3. This is just amazing, isn't it? Not living out West all I see is what's on tv and in the news. But, it is so alarming!!! We need to really treasure our natural resources (been thinking about that a lot with Earth Day upon us).

  4. Cheryl, yes, it is. And yes, we do. I've been conscientious for a long time, but this is drawing me into it even more. As I drive I see litter along the roadside, and although this is a fairly clean area, I can't help but wonder how even a few can just toss things out like that. It is especially concerning because with the current conditions, wildlife is more likely to go after trash in search of nourishment or fluids, and many of the tossed items can be damaging or even deadly to them.

    OK, now I've opened another door of concern. sighhhhh.

  5. It's hard to imagine, I hate humidity and it's HIGH in the South. Be well Lynilu

  6. I remember about six years ago standing in 103° here in NM and thinking that I felt the heat, but wasn't uncomfortable. From the Midwest to the East Coast is just solid humidity, and it gets to me so badly.

    I will be well ... and careful. Thanks.

  7. Mary Ann, you and me both! "Monsoon" season isn't until around July, but we are hoping it osmes early this year.

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