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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Earth Day, One Mo' Time!!!

I have one more thing regarding Earth Day. I got an email from a friend that lead to a website for an artist, Chris Jordan, and his way of expressing/depicting the glutinous use/abuse of many items. Please go here, and simply scroll down, seeing the various works or art. It will make your toes curl (not in the good way!!!) and will make your seriously think about the issues of keeping our Earth green we've been considering recently. We are a self-indulging society.

OK, I'm done on this topic.

I think.



  1. i've seen this before - but there are some additions in this version.
    aren't we just incredibly stupid? we're not ignorant anymore.
    we know better.
    but we're too lazy to change.
    that makes us stupid.

    yea, you better stop posting this stuff.
    makes me depressed.
    (it is cool though)

  2. Cameo, I know what you mean, it is certainly very cool stuff, but it can be depressing. I find myself getting defensive *with myself* when I stray from my good habits occasionally. Pretty bad to be scared of yourself!!

  3. Any kind of awareness is good!

  4. Patti, yep. I was astounded by the magnitude of all that!


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