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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm tired ....

This has been a boring afternoon. I ordered a bunch of new software over the weekend, and it arrived yesterday and today. I'm still waiting for one that FedEx, according to the tracker, sent from Sacremento on Monday to Ft. Worth (huh???), arriving there this morning. It doesn't say it has left Ft. Worth. Now I ask you ... in what world does it make sense to ship something right past the destination, overshooting it by several hundred miles?? Why did they not send it to Albuquerque. Or El Paso? Or Phoenix? Or even Lubbock, the path several others were routed??? I have no idea when it will arrive here. Incredible.

Meanwhile, I got an external hard drive set up (500 gigs, har, har, har!!) and have installed an updated operating system, Quickbooks, and an updated Photoshop Elements in the laptop, and I'm almost finished doing it on the desktop. I also saved photographs and the music library to the external drive. I'll be finished in about another hour. Then, joy of joys, I get to go to the office and do this again tomorrow!!! Fortunately only one computer at the office.

Meanwhile, the silent auction preparation is nearing an end. The auction is Saturday evening, and this week has been hellish for my coworker, A, who has been trying to get the donations of artwork and services set up and ready, while dealing with all the people who are showing up at the last minute with their stuff. We asked them to have it to us the first week of the month so we could categorize, document and set it up. I've been swamped with setting up and printing the bid forms, tracking the donations so we can give people receipts for the sale amount of their donations, and doing research for things like a guitar autographed by Willie Nelson, Toby Keith, and John Kay of Steppingwolf (isn't that an interesting mix of autographs to have on one guitar?!). We are both exhausted.

The group for which it is being done has been less than supportive to us in this, and it is getting tiresome. We (the Gallery) offered the space for the auction, to contact our artists for potential donations and to set it up. We did not volunteer to take care of the refreshments (including driving to Roswell, 60 miles each way, to pick it up), the bookkeeping, the research I've done on these or on the endangered species for the cause, etc. Yet, we have done it all. And now, the volunteers which they arranged for to serve the food, are kicking up a fuss because we asked them to be at the location two hours ahead of the time for the auction because the mini quiches have to be baked. Even without the baking, they need to be there to get acquainted with the area, the set up, and decide who is doing what. grrrrrr. Yes, I understand they are volunteers, but if I were in their positions, I wouldn't be b*tching about a total of five hours rather than four, because many of them live in homes that back up to the exact area that is proposed for the mine!!!

We have done everything in regard to the auction. A & I were talking today about why we have continued. Simply put, the Gallery's name is so strongly connected to this event that we did not want it to fail. We have an excellent reputation in the community, and we want to keep it that way, so we've done what we must to make this happen. I am majorly perturbed at the core group. I'll still work for the cause, but I won't get into this position again.

OK, I'm done with the whining. I'm just tired, and I simply hope I can get rested and in a better frame of mind before Saturday evening. I've been sleeping well and long, but I feel tired all the time, and I really think it is stress.

Our weather is just gorgeous. It has been in the 70s for several days with some wind, but not "knock ya over and roll ya around" kind. I've propped the front door open several afternoons, and the dogs have just loved going in and out at will. They'll stretch out on the deck for a while, then come in, check to be sure I'm still here and lay down in here for a bit, then out again. Several times they have chased each other playfully, something that makes my heart leap! I'm glad China is still feeling good enough to romp around. I've seen some signs that the cancer is progressing, such as difficulty breathing or coughing, a weakness in her legs occasionally, and some change in appetite. But as long as she feels good enough to chase Ali around the deck and the living room, I know her life is still pretty good. I still have some time with her. :')

OK, I gotta get some dinner going. I'm hungry, and the day's work is done! Yay!!!


  1. Are the volunteers that are less than cooperative some of the customorons I deal with on a daily basis????

    The weather has been gorgeous here this week as well.

  2. Daisy, boy, I guess it is a toss-up, isn't it?

    Doncha love spring???

  3. Don't you just want to SMACK people sometimes!

    Best of luck on the auction and enjoy that wonderful weather :)

  4. Also wanted to say i'm glad to hear good things about Sweet China. Take each day as it comes.

  5. Patti, Do I EVER!! I will say that one of the leaders partially redeemed herself yesterday when she emailed all the kitchen volunteers with a cheery not that said (paraphrasing) Lyn & A have done this many times and know what they're doing, so I'll see you there at 3:00! Yay her!

    A day at a time is all I can do, and that's OK. If I did more, I'd be worrying myself to death. :')


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