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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Nerve...........

It is 8:35. I'm still in bed for a few minutes more. I slept with windows open and the heat off, so the house is chilly, just 57°. I turned on the heat a few minutes ago , and until it heats up enough that I can get out of bed and in the shower, I'm staying put!

That, however, is not the topic of my post. My cell phone just rang (forgot to turn the dang thing off last night) and I didn't get there in time to get the call. No problem. The ensuing message is notable. I erased it in a huff of 'how dare you', but I'll do my best to recreate it .....

"Hello, this is a message for Shalayah *****. If this is not Shalayah *****, you will not be listening to the rest of this message. Shalayah ******, this is ***** ***** of (either a collection company or a credit reclaiming company) and I need to speak with you at once. Please call 555.555.5555, ext. 1191991."

OK, now. I mean .... really!!! You call my phone with a message for some chick with credit problems, listen to my message that says my name is Lyn, and proceed to tell me if I'm not the wayward chick, who apparently lied about her phone number, BTW, that I'm not listening to the message???? Helllllooooo? Where did you leave your brain today??? You invaded my life. You left a message that pretty much breaks all the regulations about privacy. Do not tell me what I will or will not listen to!!!! On my phone!!!! In my home!!!!!

I know some of you work in financial institutions, so you know how seriously this breaks the rules. I worked in that field about 100 years ago, and there were precious few regulations on what we could or couldn't say in collection calls, but with even our worst customers, we would never have left such a message! Now days it is more regulated, and while I've not done anything close to a collection call in at least 20 years, I am aware that what this dude did is beyond breaking rules. Can you imagine?

OK, I'm done. And I just realized with a start that this is eerily like Patti's PSAs. OHHH, NOOOO!!!! :D :D :D Now I've done it! I gotta go take a shower and get to work! What is my life becoming????


  1. I Loved your rant!!! Doesn't it feel good to write out your feelings? I would be tempted to call the number and ask for a supervisor.

  2. When I get those I always call back and in NO uncertain terms let them know they have the WRONG number and if they continue to call it and eat up my cell phone minutes, I WILL be contacting my attorney. ROFLOL!! But it works....

  3. I've actually gotten a couple of wrong number calls like this on my cell phone, only mine were automated with the person's name put in. I, too, thought it would be breaking some rules. The world is breaking all the rules lately.

  4. Daisy, if I'd been thinking I wouldn't have deleted the message, and of course, it was listed as "unavailable" on the caller ID. grrrr.

    Froggi, I wish I hadn't erased the message in disgust (See above). Trust me, if they call again, they are getting an earful!!

    Kathi, regardless of the way it comes in, it is irritating as hell! Rules? what rules??

  5. The other Verizon number still gets calls from some credit agency for the person that had the number before me. It's been 2+ years since the number became mine.

  6. Caroline, I know that can happen, but it seems insane to me that this happens as the first of such when I've had the number for almost 1.5 yrs. I guess for Shalayah might have given this number every 2,3,5,7 years ago and just now is getting to the collection stage. Geez, I hope I don't have to put up with this repeatedly for 2-3 years!! Lawdy!!

  7. Saw a comment by you over at Big Dave's Blog and thought to myself, i need to read this woman. She's good!

    I hope you don't get my comment twice but the first time it just went off into space.

    I promise to come back and read more.

  8. Well, HI, Maria! I took a quick peek at your blog just now, and I'll be back to read more later on. Welcome, and do come back! :)

  9. I think it is so funny when I've gotten those messages that tell you to hang up if you aren't so and so. Like I am really going to hang up now--what if they won like a trillion dollars or something else juicy . . .I am so going to listen to find out the dirt on this so and so.

    I agree, though, that with all the not so privacy laws that they can call and give so much info out.

  10. Beans, yep, you call MY phone, you're in MY home!! Don't tell me to hang up!!! TMI, right?? Just plain TMI!!!


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