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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Food, Good Company

Last night was a good one. A casual dinner with friends just can't be beat, can it? I don't stand on formalities when I entertain. I try to provide an atmosphere for fun and relaxation, and the rest of the rules are pretty much folded away in the back of the "Dinner Party Rules" drawer, out of sight, out of mind. You will never come to my house and hear me worry about seating "boy, girl, boy, girl," because, among other reasons, there may not be an even number to make that work! I like having a group of people I enjoy getting together for eats and drinks. Last night it turned out to be five women and one man. That's simply who was in town and available, and no one cared!

Now that I think of it, I'm not sure I know enough men in this area to made the table "balance," anyway! And doesn't that seem contrived, as if you're matching people up? I know people who just won't have a dinner party unless they can have an even number of men and women, and always seat them alternated. Silly. And what if some of your guests are gay couples? How does that work? Just silly. I don't stand on formality, and I know a couple people who just go nuts over that! Oh, well!!

OK, enough of that.

I had a plate with Asian pears and brie, with wild mountain berry preserves sitting out to accompany the wine while I finished up the last minute details of dinner. I made cabbage rolls for the main course. I haven't made them in quite a while, and I love them. We had parsley potatoes with a little chopped green onion, and for my carb-conscious friend, some baked sweet potatoes. A tossed salad, and a couple plates of assorted complements ... dilled green beans, dilled garlic, olives stuffed with garlic or blue or feta cheese, pickled okra, candied jalapenos, and herbed baby carrots.

After dinner, some had more of the brie/pears/preserves, but I also served mini-tart shells and each person filled her/his shells with a choice of lemon, key-lime, or vanilla tart filling. These are definitely not home made. I got the shells and fillings from my favorite "goodies store," the same place where I get my wine. They have wonderful gourmet foods that I'm enjoying exploring.

We just sat at the table talking and laughing after dinner. It was a nice, relaxing time. One of my guests had arrived with a near-migraine level headache, and by the time dinner was over she seemed to be feeling fine. She got a little neck massage from another guest while I was getting dinner on the table, and that helped some, but I think the enjoyment of good friends was the final touch. By dessert we were all telling stories of our escapades over the years, and laughing about our silliness or wondering how we got by without getting caught at this or that. I loved that our age variance (from me, almost 64, to the youngest who is just a bit past 30) gave us lots to talk about in way of comparing how we grew up, as well as our differences in where we lived our younger years (from tiny towns to cities). The mixture of life experiences makes for good conversation, for sure.

I do like evening such as that. I tend to be bored when I hang out with people who are all about my age. OK, there is an exception ... I enjoy my class reunions, but that is a different kind of event ... catching up with old friends on a short term basis is tolerable. Generally speaking, I really like to mix it up with ages, genders, life experiences, whatever walks of life imaginable. I thrive on conversation with a younger person, hearing about how their lives are different from mine or with an octogenarian about his/her views. My own life is fuller for it.

So ... tell me about your preferences for socializing. What kind of event is most fun for you?


  1. Well, right now I think I wish I could experience one of your get-togethers, because I have a whopping headache. My son has been ill (103 degree fever) and I'm hoping that's not what this is....maybe I wouldn't be a good guest in this state- not good for the other people, anyway!

    I like very casual gatherings. The more I plan, the more I stress. My current house is so small that entertaining is no good unless it's outdoors, but if I move that may change.


  2. Hey, Whirlybird!! I hope you're not getting sick. A headache is often a sign for me that I'm getting sick, too. Ugh.

    I agree that casual is good. It's not fun if you get so worked up that you can't enjoy the guests. I'm waiting for warmer weather so I can do some deck parties. I like either indoor or outdoor entertaining, just as long good people are around!

    Again, I hope you are healthy and well. :)

  3. I like casual get togethers. I am looking forward to warmer days so I can light my tiki lights and have people out on the patio.

    As far as younger people go, most of the people I work with are in their twenties (young enough to be my children). They keep me young. Every once in a while they'll include Man and me in their festivities.

  4. Sounds wonderful, I don't stress about small stuff like that either. I feel sorry for people who do!

    I want to try to make some baked brie!

  5. Pears and brie! Now that's all I want to eat for lunch.

    I love casual dinner parties at our apartment. That's my favorite way to spend time with friends. I love feeding people and I love my space to be filled with people I love.

  6. I used to hate socializing because I was so shy. But now that I have come out of my shell I like small get togethers. On Friday night 5 of us from work got together with our spouses and it was the perfect size group. Anymore then 10-15 is too big for me.

  7. Your get together is my kind of get together! Casual and just plain fun!!

  8. That food you described would make it enjoyable for me! That sounded wonderful!!

  9. Daisy, yes, I'm looking forward to "the season," too!

    I enjoy hanging out with people of all ages. Everyone has something to offer ... life experiences or energy to share!

    Patti, the best of times, for sure! I've never made baked brie, but I watched, and it is actually pretty simple. And SOOOOOOO good!!

    Melissa, if you can get the Asian pears, they are my fav with brie. A perfect blend, IMO!

    I agree completely. It just can't get any better than that, can it??? :)

    Caroline, I far prefer smaller groups, too. Otherwise, there is not enough time to visit with everyone. That's important to me. :)

    Jen, yes, the way it should be! Small is fun!

    Sandra, if I do say so myself, it was delicious! I had leftovers yesterday, and it was still yummy!


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