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Friday, April 11, 2008

I have been so busy this week, and I'm glad it is over. I am tired to the bone! I'm going to get a night's rest, and tomorrow I'll clean house (I've made stabs at it this week, but nothing serious accomplished), and then fix a dinner for a few guests tomorrow night. Life will be normal again, soon. I think.

What I've been doing is research on line, trying to find lists of endangered species, plants, animals, insects, reptiles, etc. to determine if any of them are lin residence in the area where the mine is proposed. Another of the ploys to delay/derail the plans of the Big Bad Mining Company. If we have enough obstacles in their course, we hope they will capitulate, or, even better, if it is proven to be an area of reserve potential, it will take it off the scopes of BBMC and all others.

The research is interesting. I have learned so much about several animals, insects and a salamander that lives only in the Capitans and the Sacramento Mountains. And there is a butterfly that uses these mountains as a stopping off place in their migration. The Mexican Spotted Owl, the Bald Eagle, the Peregrine Falcon are all in this area, and are Threatened or Endangered. Fascinating stuff! But it is also very tiring. Reading document after document, one website after another, trying to digest the information while avoiding getting lost in interesting information that didn't apply to my search, just wears me out. And there are so many terms that I don't know, and frankly even dictionaries on line and IRL don't have them because they are technical to certain scientific disciplines. So it was a definitely laborious task. I'm glad it is done, at least for now. The documents are now passed on to the next person on the line to see what she can figure out.

I ran some errands this morning, and along the way, I saw an interesting tree. It is either dead or hasn't begun to leaf yet, and I was fascinated. I had already passed it by, so I turned around so I could get some pictures of it. I'm always drawn into interesting shapes, especially in trees. What do you think?

OK, gonna hit the sack for tonight. Talk with you tomorrow!

Life is beautiful!!!!
And so it that tree!


  1. I think the tree is still living...the bark does not appear to be falling off.

    Of your research, had you previously checked for American Indian Holy Grounds? Any time there is Hollowed Ground- the construction immediately stops!

    Just a thought-

    Be Safe and sleep well,


  2. Those are beautiful! I like the shapes of the trees as well, but they're harder to take picture on the run.

  3. I'm wiped out too but wanted to stop by and say hi before heading to bed. Was thinking of you today.

  4. Reach, yes, that is being researched, as well as remnants of the Spanish explorers, we know that the Capitans were a common landmark used by the Spanish as they traveled from Mexico to Santa Fe and beyond. Thanks for the thoughts! And yes, I think the tree is alive also.

    Midas, they are harder to photograph, but usually well worth the time. I have learned in the last few years to slow down and enjoy life. I rushed for most of my life, and now, retirement allows me the luxury of, well, trees!!!!

    Traci, thank you for taking time. Always good to have you here, even briefly!

  5. I love gnarly old trees - that one is beautiful!

  6. Sandra, I do, too ... obviously!

  7. Trees remind me of.... spirits.

  8. Patti, Hmmmm. Interesting thought! Yes, I think they speak to us ... or at least to me ... through their shapes.

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