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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On a Roll, Here!

OK, I'm on one of those several-posts-a-day binges, so pay attention!

I picked this up at Cheryl's blog. Her daughter just got her drivers license, and this was part of the tribute to her success. I thought it was a fun little thing to do, and if you wanna take it to your blog (or answer it here if you wish) gopher it!

(1)When did you get your license and what was the first car you drove?
On my 16th BD, longer ago than I care to remember!! I drove my parent's 1955 Buick for a year or so, then the Ford Econoline van they had, and in my senior year I got a brand new VW of my own!

(2) Ever had a wreck?
Yes, several. Let’s see ... four real ones (only one was my fault) (HONEST!!), and three scratch-n-dent types. Not bad for 48 years of driving!

(3) Honest now... how many speeding tickets?
One! Really!! OK, OK, and one warning.

(4) How much are you paying for gas right now?
I paid .... sit down, now ... $3.27 a few days ago.

(5) What would be your Dream Car now?
Hmmm. I don’t think I could be happier than I am with my electric blue Dodge Ram Hemi!

(6) Favorite road trip you've gone on?
I really had fun when I took both my loooong road trips, one in 2006 and 2006 (Left WA, through OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, then after a few weeks there, GA, TN, KY, IL, to KCMO) , and one last fall when I went from NM to TX, OK, KS, back to OK, then AR, TN, MS, AL, GA, SC, back to GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, TX, and home again.

(7) Road trip you'd love to make?
I hope to make a trip to the New England area this fall. This is the only part of the US I have not seen. I also want to return to make a slower trip with time to do sight-seeing across the Dakotas, Montana and Wyoming. Beautiful country, but I was there just before my hub died, and I was hurrying to get to WA to be with him.

(8) Ever gone "parking"?
Well, duh, yes! Has anyone NOT??

(9) Ever done the Chinese fire drill?
Of course! I think it is against the laws of nature to grow up without this!!

(10) Any other "crazy" car-themed activity you want to share?
Uhmmm. Well. I used to drive in my 1962 VW bug with the sunroof open (the old kind that opened up to about 2.5-3 feet square) with my head out. Actually four of us could squeeze in that space if we tried! Huh. Do you ‘spose that is why the sunroofs aren’t that big anymore? Oops!! And I used to drag race in that VW, too. Beat every other VW in town!!

(11) What is your favorite car-themed song?
There were lots of car themed songs from my young days (late 1950s and 1960s...gasp!), but a favorite? None in particular. I kinda liked "409" by the Beach Boys, because a friend with a 409 spotted me in my VW half the distance of the drag strip for a race. I almost beat him, but he overtook me in the last few feet! LOL!!

So steal it away if you wish! But if you don't answer here, leave a comment so we know where to find your answers.



  1. Lynilu your car answers were hilarious, but I have one dumb question.......what the heck is a Chinese Fire Drill lol ? maybe we call is by another name here north of the border.


  2. WOW, Lyn. Never pictured you as a "dragger!" ;)

    Hey, speaking of driving and cars, you let me know when you're heading into Colorado. I'd love to finally meet you someday!

  3. And yeah, I don't know what a Chinese Fire Drill is, either. Hmmmm.....

  4. Ruthie, a Chinese Fire Drill consists of stopping at a stop sign or stop light, throwing the car into park, everyone jumps out, runs around the car *at least* once, jumping back in and leaving when the light changes ... or before the cops catch you!! In some places it is also necessary for the driver to change in each "drill," more or less like musical chairs! It's also important not to run into each other, because people run in both directions; if you do, OMG, does it hurt, and it usually causes the car to be late leaving the light ... or you get left behind!! It is completely crazy!

    Catherine, I was such an envelope-pusher!! Never a "bad kid" and was never in trouble, but I did so many almost-in-trouble things!

    I most certainly will let you know!!Probably late May or early June, OK?

  5. Oh my that sounds like fun. Maybe its not too late for Catherine and myself to learn it. LOL


  6. Hey, Ruth, come on down and visit, and we'll all go out and do a Chinese fire drill!! LOL!!!

  7. I didn't realize there were cars when you were 16. JK...of course. :)

    I love hearing your stories about you drag racing. Just like Catherine, I would have never imagined you as a dragger.

  8. HEY! HEY! HEY, Caroline!!! I was ... adventuresome, and I had trouble turning down a dare!


  9. I LOVE your answers!!!! So glad you took my questions and ran with them!!!! They're GREAT!!!

    And I'm thrilled that you've taught some Chinese Fire Drill Virgins all about how to do it right!!

  10. Cheryl, thanks for the inspiration! and tell us ... do your rules include changing drivers or just the crazy run? :D


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