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Tuesday, April 01, 2008



No, it really does! I'm sitting on my back step in the sunshine because it is the only place outside that is comfortable, and I can't stay in the house. You see, I am "self-cleaning" my oven for the first time. The instructions said to open windows or turn on the vent fan when operating the self-clean for the first time as there will be odor. GAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!! I had windows open, but I opened a couple more, especially those windows in the part of the house near the kitchen. AND I turned on the fan over the range. After thrity minutes, the dogs kept walking in the living room, looking at me, and I swear if their noses weren't so short, they would have been wrinkled up!! I kept saying, "I know, it stinks, but it will go away later."

Another thirty minutes have passed, and I couldn't stand it any longer!! We tried the deck, but it is shady and too cool to stay out there. The temp is 62, but it is breezy enough that it is not comfortable in the shade, so here I sit, on a single step with feet on the second one, laptop balanced on my knees. The dogs are both "sunning" soaking up some nice sunshine, and so am I. However, the sun is moving so that my feet are already in the shade, and I can feel the difference. I'm going to have to go sit in the dry grasses with Ali and China to stay in the sun! Crikey!!

I guess when I go back in, I'll close the bedroom door and keep us there until the next hour is over. Thank goodness I set the cleaning cycle for only 2 hours! I've been wanting to do this, but avoided it during cooler weather, knowing I would want ventillation. I'm guessing it will be another year before I self-clean that oven again!! Peeeeeeee-yewwwwww!

I am considering getting the leashes and going for a walk, but I just don't want to go back in there for a while, even long enough to get the leashes.

Am I pathetic, OR WHAT???????????????


  1. Sorry about the stink coming from your house. But hopefully you will have a beeeee-utiful oven shortly. :)

  2. Hmmm, guess you'll have to pee in the grass like the doggies too.

  3. I KNEW there was a reason I don't cook.....LOL!! But boy, do I remember those oven cleaning days. UGH!

  4. Casey, the smell finally lessened, and we were able to come back in. It beeped about 20 minutes ago to let me know it is finished. Thank goodness!!!!

    Seven, YOU'RE BACK! Yes, and isn't it good that I don't have close neighbors??? :D

    Froggi, LOL! I hear that! I love self-cleaning ovens, but I'd forgotten how bad they smell the first time. yuck!

  5. Hey!! I was self-cleaning my oven on the same day -- and OMG -- it stinks to high heaven!! It's not the first time, but the first time is the WORST time -- it still stinks though -- I had to get outside to clear my head a few tiems. Does do a really nice job though....

  6. You're right, Sherry, it always smells bad, but thankfully, not like that first one!! And yes, I love the job it does; my oven is gorgeous today! I remember those days of taking an hour or more on my knees, scrubbing, scrapping and gagging over the fumes of the cleaners. At least this way, I can sit outside and get away from the smell!!


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