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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Snivelly, Snarly, Grumpy, Grouchy, and Tired

I don't watch the news all the time, but today I have watched several of them. This morning they were talking about a wildfire burning somewhere in New Mexico (I don't remember where the first one was), and as the day has progressed, it has gotten worse. Sometime this afternoon they announced that there was one near the little town of San Antonio, just off I-25 and seven miles south of Socorro, where Gail and I were last night. It was apparently somewhere between the two towns, and some home had to be evacuated. A few minutes later they announced that the highway we used to come home last night was closed because of smoke and the danger of the fire spreading in that area. If that happened yesterday, Gail and I would have been either stopped on the way, or we couldn't have come home without traveling several hours to take another route.

Another of the fires is on the eastern slopes of the Sandia Mountains. That is just the other side of the mountain from Albuquerque. It has now burned near or to "the crest," that area where the skiing takes place, where the restaurant is. Again, homes and businesses evacuated. I don't know what this might mean for the city. It didn't sound like it would come down the other side of the mountain, but it is very near the top, so.....

Just a minute ago they said we now have five wildfires burning across the state. We are dry this year, back into the drought, despite last year's beautifully rainy weather. And of course, you've heard me complain about the winds which are horrendous this year, much worse and lasting longer than usual. That combination is deadly, especially when people are careless. They said that it appears that all five of these fires were man-caused. I don't know what, exactly, that means, but it boils down to the fact that someone was careless in each situation, thinking it wouldn't hurt to drop a cigarette and grind it out (but not doing so completely) or burning trash in their yard ("I'll be careful and it won't hurt") or perhaps a campfire was built in disregard of the signs everywhere that say clearly "NO CAMPFIRES." It doesn't take a genius to understand these issues! But for many, the sense of entitlement and privilege (as in, "Not me! It won't happen to/because of me!") overshadows the rules, the knowledge, everything!

Some of these fires are in National Forests. There are large areas that will be black the next time you want to camp there. Some of the burned or burning areas are very close to wildlife reserves, so it may impact on the animals, birds, fish, etc. that are protected there (or were) so that when we visit, if we can visit, it may be disappointing.

I'm tired and grouchy tonight, but I don't understand how people can do this. I'm working, researching, fighting to keep a mega mine company from tearing a 2000 acre open pit gash in the side of some of these precious mountains, and someone else is out there dropping a match, burning as much or more with each incident! I don't know how anyone can open their eyes, see what is out there and not want to be super cautious to protect it!

Yeah, I'm a grump. I've had a bad day regarding several other issues, and I even had a nose dive of depression this afternoon for a couple hours, during which time I ate everything in the house that I shouldn't have. Oh, wait, that's not true ... there is still some Ben and Jerry's in the freezer that I didn't finish off. The fires are just part of it. I just get angry about how casually some people are about where we live, how it is treated with disregard. I think I'll take my grumpy, grouchy, tired booty to bed. Tomorrow has to be a better day, right? Right??? Hey, RIGHT?????? Oh, sorry. Like I said ...... off to bed with my snivelly, snarly self!

Life is (still) beautiful!!!!
But keep reminding me, OK?

PS - I already heard back from the restaurant. Very nice email with offer for a gift card. I responded to the letter which was less than what I hope to hear. I appreciate that they haven't had time to fully address what happened, but I hoped to hear about a corrective measure, not "discipline"!! I explained my position and will fill you in on it later.


  1. I think I would have finished off that Ben & Jerry's before I hauled myself off to bed. Issues such as these really tick me off too!!! I hate stupidity and carelessness and most of all the sense of entitlement.

  2. PS. Glad you at least heard back from the restaurant. Hope you have a better day today. HUGS.

  3. I was looking at Ben & Jerry's last night at the Grocery store but I resisted - I resisted!
    Forest Fires make me sad. Poor animals.

    Hey Grumpy, i'm the eighth lesser-known female dwarf - Bitchy.

  4. Daisy, I suspect the only reason I didn't is that the flavor which was there is one of my "lesser-favorites"!!

    Yeah, it wasn't that the fires were THE cause of my bad mood, but it just capped off my crumby day. Fires scare me, very seriously, and the fact that people start them because they walk around with their heads tucked where the sun don't shine .... yeah, aggravating.

    The man from the restaurant is trying to set things right. It's a start. We'll see.

    Patti, awwww, what's the fun in THAT? Resisting is waaay over-rated, you know!

    One of my favorite words for my bad moods is "gritchy." Maybe we should be the bad little dwarf twins that were kept in the attic .... Bitchy and Gritchy!! And I'm thinking Grumpy dept us there so we wouldn't over-shadow him! LOL!

  5. Yuck. The bad day got you, eh? It's OK, you're allowed to be grumpy sometimes. We all have cloudy days sometimes.

    Besides, if you didn't get upset about this carelessness I think it would say a whole lot more about you... in a disturbing way. Take your outrage as a comfort.

  6. Cigarettes. Leading cause of fires. You don't know how many people drop them, drop them and grind them, flick them out of a car window.... I am a smoker. I put out my cigarettes. If I am outside, I put them out, pick up the butt and drop it in an ashtray. It boggles my mind that people are so careless with their cigarettes.

    Sorry to hear about your bad day.

  7. I am sorry that you had a bad day. I hope your Thursday has gone better. And remember that it's OK if you have an off day now and then.


  8. Melissa, I know it's OK to feel the outrage, and it's OK to be in a funk. But none of us likes to be in that kind of mood, ya know?? I'm a usually positive person, and these days when I am faced with so many little irritants just get me frustrated.

    Pepper, I've had several friends/family members that "field stripped" cigarettes when outside to be safe, or some that always return to the car or house to put the cig out in an ashtray. It's not that hard! Right now, conditions here are so bad that people who heat their homes with wood are banned from using their stoves/fireplaces, because sparks can fly out and start fires,too. And this is a day that some sort of heat is needed in NM ... It has snowed seriously up north, and we had snow here around noon, but ours didn't stick. It's only about 40 degrees out there, and a home I was is this morning was right down cold, because they have a wood burning stove.

    Yes, people who are careless with fire (NOT just cigarettes!!) ... dare I say it??? ... burn me up. They really do!!

    Caroline, thanks, but today is only minimally better. I am really having a funk here. grrr. I hate feeling like this.

  9. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH!!! I like the term Gritchy!!!! Nice! I may have to borrow that! ;-)

  10. This post reminds me of the rural setting I lived in once- there was supposed to have been a gorgeous pine forest on the property but it had burned down because of somebody's backyard trash-burning which got out of control. Unbelievable.

    I can't wait to hear how this restaurant thing turns out.


  11. Life is still beautiful, though it so freakin' hard to feel it sometimes.

  12. Daisy, feel free to use it as needed!! Just send me a quarter for each use, alright? LOL!!!

    Betty, humans can be such idiots, cant we? I'll keep you posted on the restaurant.

    Kathi, wouldn't it be nice is it weren't to difficult to remember? I keep telling myself that the bad time are to help us appreciate the good ones. The trouble is, I only remember that when things are good!!

  13. I'm feeling you on this one, sister. Compassion is NOT my strong suit and I have very little, if any, compassion for stupid people who impact nature and people because of their stupidity!

  14. Henster, clearly, I have a shortage in that area, too. grrrrrrr.


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