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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finding My Energy Balance

I have to show you something cute. The other night I was in bed reading, and I noticed Ali was stretched out in the cutest pose. He had his chin rested on the bed and both paws stretched out on either side of his face. So I took a picture of him, and neither dog moved.

You can see China behind him.

Before I could get back into bed, China seemed to think she was being left out! She moved to the foot of the bed and assumed his pose!!

And look how grumpy Ali looks!! I could almost hear him saying, "Damn, I can't get any spotlight without her copying me!"

Wow, that trip was a doozy! I am still recuperating today. The aftereffects didn't hit me until yesterday.

BTW, I've thought about why I see so few Shih Tzus for adoption from shelters. They are not outrageously expensive (speaking of purebreds with papers) but enough so that I think people consider twice before investing in one. Most ST owners I've known have been around them and know what they are like, know it is what they want in a 4-legger companion. Another reason is that their personalities are superb. I know, I'm prejudiced. But it is true. They retain a lively personae through their lifetimes. Look at China .... she is carrying a tumor that weighs probably 1/4 of her weight now, but she is always prancing and perky, she still chases with Ali. Well, she chases as much as comfortable at their ages and physical conditions. Ali is becoming just a tad grumpy, but it is only in the morning when he is forced out of bed, and for goodness sake, I'm grumpy then, too!! They are some of the sweetest temperaments in the canine world. Unless people want a bigger dog or are the kind who should not own a dog of any breed, they are an ideal pet. Once you get one, few people let them go. That's my story and I'm stick' to it!

I took Ali and China for grooming early in the morning, and rather than drive the 25 miles home to wait, I took time to do some errands in town, ate lunch and then brought us all three home about 1:30.

I got some plants for my iron kettles in my front yard, some of them half-price because they were a little droopy. Good buy, because when I got them home, I dropped the pots in a pan of water, and about 2 hours later they looked perfect! Just needed water, for goodness sake! I put a few in some of my inside pots, and I will plant the outside ones today. It was blowing so badly yesterday that I didn't want to battle it.

Later in the afternoon, I organized and stored the buys from Hobby Lobby. It is now all neat and tidy, integrated with the rest of my craft and art supplies. Now I just have to make myself take time to use some of them!! I actually think I will be able to start working on some of those things rather soon.

I also transfered the finches into the new birdcage. Geez, those little buggers are hard to catch! I lined the two cages up with doors open and abutted, placed a perch stick in the doorway, and when I began "shooing" them, three actually transfered themselves via the perch. But that fourth one! What a stinker he was! I had to toss a light cloth over him and manually move him, and it was a 20 minute chase!! Once they were in the new cage, they all chirped and seemed to really like it. It is bigger than the old one so they have more room to fly, important for finches.

The white "cloud" you see around the cage is some tulle netting. The lady who gave me the birds uses that around the bottom of the cage to keep seed and other stuff .... yeah, OK, the bird poop .... from flying out of the cage and making a mess on the floor and surrounding furniture. I used to do that, but I used a light cotton cage cover. This is nice because you can see them through it, and it is more breathable, too.

What do you think of the design of the cage? Really unique, isn't it? They really seem to like it.

Then, at about 6:00 or 7:00, I sort of crashed! I think the previous 60 hours simply caught up with me. The adrenaline which began pumping on Monday when I saw the puppies on the website didn't stop pumping until then. It (the elevated energy) was never overwhelming, but I had been moving since Monday with one task or another, and didn't let myself slow down or feel the tension. And when I did, I pretty much bottomed out. I was watching Jeopardy with the laptop in my knees, and I began dropping off into a twilight zone. I forced myself to eat a little, and I was in bed at 7:30. I didn't sleep until later, around 9:30, but still early. I didn't wake until almost 8:00 this morning!

I was really, really tired. All the emotional rush, 100° temperatures, shopping, being in the care for the greater part of 12 hours all piled on each other to create a huge energy sponge that began sucking me dry by last night. And today, I feel like a zombie, I'm having trouble finding my alert-on button! I'm going to spend today low key, doing little things like planting those outside plants in the kettles, straightening a bit in the house and get started on some fun craft project which doesn't take much energy or deep thought!

Wow, they just flashed a weather advisory message that amazes me! It is supposed to reach about 70° here today, yet we are under a snow advisory for today! Not only that, but a high wind warning in and around this area, and there are winter storm warnings for the northwest corner of the state. AND .... we continue to be under a fire weather warning and fire weather watch. O....K.... What do you think is going to happen here today??? I have no clue, but I AM WARNED!!!!

I'm going to go take my winter clothes back out of storage!

I have some pretty sunset pix for later. Stay tuned!!


  1. Lol, 70 with a chance of snow and fire...too funny.
    Love the pics. Animal people, it's a great tribe of people.

  2. Matthew wants a shih tzu so badly! He loves them. He thinks a ST would be the perfect companion doggie for Duke. Too funny. A big and a little.

  3. I love the yin yang design of the bird cage. It seems perfect for the place that you live. Earth and heaven.

  4. A yin and yang birdcage! Wow I don't think the birds can have better feng shui than that!

  5. Kathi, I know! How does all that come in one forecast??

    Melissa, Mathew's a smart guy!! Really, they make wonderful pets, and they get along with other animals very well. I'd bet Duek would love having his own pet!! LOL!

    Daisy, I was ready to buy another cage that was great and about the same size, but Linda found another bunch on the next aisle, and there it was!! Meant to be mine, for sure!

    Sandra, my thoughts exactly! And it doesn't hurt the rest of us, either. The birds have been chirping like crazy since I moved them over. Yeah, I'd say they like it!

  6. I'm not surprised that day caught up with you -- very emotionally charged, never mind all the driving and waiting!!

    You've been warned for just about everything weather wise -- now I just hope it all blows over and you have some decent, hot, sunny perfect days!!

    That bird cage is incredibly appealing -- there's something in the design that makes it look less like a bird cage and more like a piece of art.

    As for your babies, they are adorable as always -- and I think your rationale on why it's so hard to get ST's makes a great deal of sense.

    Rest and've earned it!!

  7. Sherry, I'm still "coming down" for it all. It just takes a while, I guess.

    We had some rain this afternoon, but probably less than 1/8". And wind. Of course, always the wind!

    I think you're right about the bird cage. It really does look good in the room, I'm really glad Linda saw the shelves where it was.

    Yes, I've noticed that there are fewer STs and Yorkies than any other small dog. Poor Chihuahuas. There are thousands of them. Everyone went crazy over the Paris & Nicole pictures with their dogs, and I think people bought them without knowing that many of them have difficult personalities. Then they dump the poor babies. Research, research, research before bringing a dog home!!!

  8. I know what you mean about breeds, I had never really wanted a small dog as I thought of them as "yappy and snippy" but Reilly couldn't be any further from that and what he puts up with from Madison - Oy!
    Darling darling pics of your babies. Ali cracks me up with his little ornerly personality! China is one little ball of sugar.

  9. MQ, isn't it odd how we humans often make decisions based on one small bit of information, i.e., we encounter a yappy small dog, and instantly all small dogs are yappy.


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