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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Flowers at the Gallery

Just for fun I took a bunch of photos of the current show at the Gallery. This is in one room at the Gallery called the Featured Artist Room. It is a long, narrow room with skylights. Usually we feature one artist or perhaps two or three whose works fit together well. In this particular show we invited all of our artists to create something with flowers for celebrating spring and summer.

I've made the pix small to fit them in, but if you click on them, they should enlarge for closer view. You'll be surprised at some of the details!

First are miscellaneous shots around the room.

This chair/stool doesn't have flowers, but it has some leaves. I put it in because it is made by the wood artist I mentioned who made most of the wooden features in the house I visited a few days ago. This chair, like the doors of that house, is completely wood. No metal, i.e., nails, etc.

Ceramic pottery


Some absolutely exquisite earrings

Silk painted scarves by the artist whose scarf I bought at the auction

A felted hat

More scarves

More jewelry


Metal art

Wall hanging of linen and dried flowers

Wooden furniture. Look at the interesting little "feet" on this table.

Wooden bench Same artists as the above table.

Sculpted clay doll

Photography (no, not mine)

Multi-medium wall art. This piece has carved wood (the "rocks" and "bamboo sticks" on oil painted canvas.

This in one of the most bright, lively and diverse shows we've had. Everyone who has come in just loves it. I swear, you can not walk out after seeing this without a smile on your face!

The Gallery is full of an eclectic mix as reflected by this one room. It is absolutely NOT one of those minimalist galleries. Our inventory has a little of everything imaginable. There are wind chimes made of horse shoes, tortilla warming bowls made of lariats, ceramics that are functional or just beautiful, wearable art from jewelry to hats to scarves to felted and beaded purses, part on canvas and on rocks, gourds that have been etched, carved or painted, etc. And of the nicest things about the Gallery is this .... 98% of the art is local, from artists in this county. A local showplace in every sense of the words.

Anyway, it is a really fun place to visit. So ..... come visit!! What's holding you up??


  1. that terra cotta colored wall is the EXACT same color as in my dining room.
    looks better there than here.
    painting soon.
    very soon.
    liked some of the stuff in the gallery.
    wish i could go there.
    too poor.

  2. WOW - I love that felted hat! I think the clay doll looks like she stepped right out of a Gustave Klimt painting. Such an ethereal face.

    Thanks for sharing those pics, Lynilu! I love seeing art like that. Especially when it all celebrates Spring/Summer. What a great theme!

  3. Cameo, that color really works in that room with the natural light, I think. We say there is something for everyone at the Gallery because it is so eclectic, and it's not just a saying ... it is true. Few people leave without an exclamation.

    Melissa, I agree, that is a really cool hat. I can't wear it because I'm allergic to wool. :(

    Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  4. How could you NOT love it? Beautiful. It soothes my soul just looking at all of the color.

  5. Queen Patricia, yes, it is a treat!

  6. My mom has the same allergy! Poor thing. We live in climates that get cold and she can't wear cashmere. :-(

  7. There are some beautiful pieces of art there. Wish I could come visit.

  8. I love that chair. My mother is an artist/painter. I wish I had her talents, but I would love to direct them in wood-working. I don't know, I just find so much beauty in fine wood.

    Thank you for sharing...

    Be Safe,


  9. Melissa, it is hard to dress for winter without wool. Even a coat worn over several other layers of clothes will bother me after a time.

    Daisy, I wish you could, too. It is so much fun to visit the Gallery, because of the wide variety. Some pieces are mediocre, to be honest, but there are some really, really good ones there, too.

    Reach, isn't it beautiful?? That guy is very good. If I could afford his pieces, I'd love to own a few! I have an interest in wood working, too, but have no idea if I have any vestige of skill. I plan to start playing with it one of these days. I agree, beautiful wood is without equal.

    Thanks for coming by!

  10. that ceramic art is exquisite.

    Puyallup flowers

  11. Arlene, interestingly, the artist who did those pieces is very new in ceramics. She is proving to be quite a hit!

  12. you should sell your photos . . .they are beautiful and I always enjoy looking at them . . .no matter what they are!

  13. Hey, Beans, I'm working on that. I'm having trouble finding a reliable and skilled printer who can print them for me. And I'm looking into buying a printer to do my own, but that kind of printer is pretty expensive. But stay tuned! And thanks!


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