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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I woke this morning to .......R.A.I.N !!!!

Yep, a solid downpour was coming down, and there was some light thunder off and on. It sounded SO good!! It has showered off and on over the last hour and a half. There hasn't been a lot of rain, but it was enough to soak the top soil. I don't think it got much below the top layer, but we'll take what we can get. It has stopped right now, and there is some sun slipping in and out of the clouds. We are supposed to have this off and all throughout the day. Ahhhh. Nice!

A second storm is going to be following this one, so rain will be with us through tomorrow. I hope it continues to fall lightly enough to soak the ground without running off.

Oh, boy, is this an appreciated gift!


  1. Now the words, "I love a rainy night" are going to be playing in my head all day. Actually, I thank you- I like that song.

    Enjoy the rain, I've always slept so well on rainy nights.

    Be Safe,


  2. Well, Reach, I hadn't thought of that song, and now that you mentioned it, I'm going to have it on my mind for a while now, too! :D

    I like rain, too. I don't like when it is cloudy for many days on end, but rain or snow falling is peaceful and nice, for sure.

  3. We had a Nor'Easter come through here on Monday. It poured rain most of the day with VERY windy conditions. Up to 45 MPH at times.

  4. Ahhhhh! Love, love, love the sound of rain....especially when its been a long time coming.


  5. I need to appreciate rain more. I complain when it doesn't rain, complain when it does...but it needs to rain. Next time it does I'll try to be more thankful!

  6. Daisy, wind, rain, cold .... terrible combo. blech. Hope you didn't have to go out that day!

    Casey, I do, too. I especially like this kind of rain, slow and gentle. It sounds nice and you know it isn't just running off. So nice!

    Sandra, I love rain, but I'll admit that I couldn't live where it rains a lot. I miss the sun too much if I don't see it every couple days.

  7. SO glad to hear that you've got rain!!!! Enjoy it!

    (it's pouring down right now here too!)

  8. Cheryl, it is a blessed relief! We haven't had much, but anything is welcome!!

  9. It is supposed to rain today here too, bring it on.

  10. MQ. I was just watching weather, and it is raining over a large portion of the country! And so many of us need it, don't we??


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