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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rain Again!

I woke again today to R.A.I.N !!! According to my rain gauge I've had a little less than a half inch of rain yesterday and today, but that is a half inch more than we've had in a long time! The moisture that has come has been slow, allowing it to actually soak in. Ahhh. Nice!

The northern part of the state is getting more rain than we are. In fact, there is enough in the area of the Trigo fire, near Albuquerque, flash flood warnings are out because there is no ground cover left to hold the water, so it is running down the hills in torrents. Isn't it amazing how we can go from one extreme to the other is such a short time? And to think that if the order of fire/water were reversed, there might not have been such significant damage! Wild.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with a friend who was having a procedure at the hospital. She wasn't allowed to drive afterward, of course. So while she was "under," I ran to the store for a few things I needed, picked up a couple for her also. Then as we started home, she said she was famished after having nothing to eat for over 36 hours. If I'd stop for a late lunch, she would buy mine. Well, that's not an offer to pass up! We stopped at the Chinese restaurant and had a great meal. Their food is really very good. I had mu shu pork, something I haven't had in a long time, and it was delish!!

By the time I took her home and drove to my own place, it was after 5:00. I felt as tired as my friend looked! Have you noticed how tired you get when you're hanging out at a hospital, waiting for someone else? It just drains me! I had so much of that waiting during the last three years of my hub's life that I'd be afraid to add it up. I hadn't had that experience again until this, and it really brought it back to me.

I gotta hit the shower and go to the Gallery for a while. Later, y'all!!

Life is beautiful!!!!

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