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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rainy Days, Wet Dogs, and Misty Mountains

It has rained all day long. The good thing ..... my rain gauge now holds just barely less than 1" of rain!! The better thing ..... it has been a very slow rain which is soaking in and doing lots of good for the land! Oh, this is just wonderful!!! As of now, 8:20 P, it has stopped, or rather it is just a misty downfall now. The bestest part is that we are still in line for a few more showers tomorrow!

I celebrated tonight with a mojito. I'd never had a mojito before this! Honest!! And I love it! I have always been a "rummy," and now I have a new drink in my r'epertoie!!!

I gave the dogs a bath tonight, and they have been racing from one end of the house to the other for about 30 minutes! They'll sit down and rest occasionally, but then one of them, usually Ali will rip through the house again with the other on his/her heels!! I get tickled at them because the whine all the way through the bath, but when we are done and they are partially dry, they become freakin' giddy little idiots!! You can tell they feel so good! Bathing them during a rain storm doesn't make much sense, but I've tried to do it several times in the last ten days, always to have something happen to interrupt the plan, so I decided it was better than nothing.

I took some pictures of my view across the valley this evening, the mist and clouds around the mountains. But Blogger is acting jerky tonight, and I can't upload them. I guess I'll post them tomorrow. :(

HA!!! I just tried to upload the pix again, and violá!!

Yes, Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. Wow so glad you are getting a good soaking rain!

    I need to bathe Reilly. He does the same thing, acts like it kills him then runs around like a little nut! LOL

  2. MQ, aren't dogs just the funniest? Most of them that I know do the same thing! Ali also runs up to me, screeches to a halt, and looks at me with an expression that is a cross between surprise and a big grin, then whirls around and races through the house again! I love to wat their little show!

  3. I'm so glad you're getting the rain you need out there! I'd ship you some of ours, if I could!

  4. You know I'm a rain girl, love the rain. So jealous! First the Iris and now the rain...send it on to Dallas!!

  5. We're getting rain too. It's a jammie day.

    Like the pictures.

  6. Melissa, are you getting deluged now, after your own water issues/shortage? There should be a perfect balance everywhere, shouldn't there?

    Kathi, I think it is raining everywhere but Dallas!! What's with that??? Well, that does it ... you just need to come visit me! :D

    Daisy, Ohh, I wish I'd had jammie days! I've had to work *all week*!!! Boo hoo, poor me!!

    Thanks! I'll have a couple more soon!!

  7. I think it's the way they dry themselves. My dog ues to boimb around knocking everything over in sight and if you stood in his way he just plowed right threw you.

    I love the rain and thunder especially if its at night.
    My mother used to think i was nuts and used to scream on me to get in the house and get dressed.

  8. Walker, probably so. But they are hilarious when they do that, aren't they?

    Me, too! I really enjoy it.

    Uhhhh, Walker, were you standing out in the rain .... nekkid???? OMG!!!


  9. YAY for rain! I've really been hoping some came your way since reading about the fires.
    I think I must now try a mojito this weekend. No idea how to make them but I'm certain the internets will help me learn.

  10. Julie, I cheated. I bought a bottled one!After reading recipes on the Internet, there were so many different ones that I didn't have the least idea which was best. This one had a little mango in it. Very yum!

    The rain ... wunnerful, wunnerful!!!


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