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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday Special

It's raining again! I love this! But I'm also inclined to stay in bed and just snuggle under the covers. And I think I will.

Until later, because I'm going to "an event" this evening. One of my friends is going to a reception tonight and has invited me to tag along. She is a participant in the Fiber Fest, a show featuring art using all kinds of fiber, woven, painted, etc. I missed this show last year, so I'm happy to be going to the opening. I'll be able to see some of the artists from the Gallery, have some good food and wine, and hopefully meet some new people, too.

But for now, I'm tucked under the covers with the laptop on my knees and the two dogs curled up on the foot of the bed. They are showing no interest of getting up. That's not unusual for them, and for once, I'm going to let them just be lazy with me. Hopefully, there will be a lull in the rain, and I'll run them outside then. And maybe crawl back in bed!!

And I thought I'd share with you some cartoons that jumped out at me in the last week. This first one is ME!! OK, it's a lot of you, too!

Yesterday I worked most of the day (actually I worked most of this week!) and I took the dogs with me. They were both in rare form, greeting people at the door and following them around until they got petted. I think they were proud of how cute and fluffy they were after the bath. Any way, this is them!

This just struck me hilarious and rather sad in its truth!

No message on this one. It's just a good giggle, especially if you've been a bridesmaid.

I've been looking forward to spring and summer. This week I've worked on getting my summer clothes out and washed, and now I'm packing away the winter ones. As I was getting dressed the other day, looking through the lighter weight clothes, I picked a pair of pants, capri length, and as I selected a shirt, I suddenly realized I was facing the bad part of summer........

When I take the dogs anywhere with me, they get SO excited! Once I put the harnesses on them, the run from me to the door and back again until I finally open it. Then on the deck they do the same thing, rush to the gate at the top of the stairs, chase each other a minute, back to me, then back to the gate. So when I saw this, I just laughed out loud!

Finally, this was in the comics all week, and it is so sweet and tender. But I hate that some people actually leave dogs like this. It's just not right.

I'm rooting for this little girl to unhook him and take him home with her!!

Have a Super Saturday!!


  1. I hope she unchains him too!!!! I hate seeing dogs chained.

  2. Daisy, as long as I live I will never, never understand how that can be justified. :'(

  3. I"m rooting for the little girl too! Pets tug at my heartstrings.

  4. MQ, fer sher! Poor l'il doggie.


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