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Friday, May 30, 2008

Julie, Are You Paying Attention?

This if for Julie who .... gasp .... admits that she likes reality shows!! LOL!!


  1. I'm with Julie--I'm a total reality TV junkie...something I hate to admit, unless I'm in the presence of Caroline--who watches several herself.

  2. Well, now, MJ, if you're gonna talk about Caroline and reality TV, you're talking about someone who has lost their soul to the dark side!!!

    Isn't it funny how we say things like, "I hate to admit ...." even though we know putting it on a blog is like sky writing it all over the world!! LOL! I've done the same thing, so I'm laughing with you, for sure!!


  3. LOL! I love it. The other day, I was talking with a coworker and she admitted to watching two new ones that I had not even seen and I was actually proud of myself for not Tivo'ing them. I'm hoping this means I'm weaning off of them.

  4. oh this one says it all...don't watch these at all...especially given the fact that they are so far from reality...(keeping in mind that I'm not a tv person anyway...too many other things to do, ways to amuse....)

  5. I am a total tv person, my excuse being that I grew up without a tv so I'm making up for lost cultural activities (HA), so this posting made me laugh out loud. For real, not the LOL kind. The kind of laugh that wakes up the dog.

  6. Yes I am addicted to reality shows and I am so proud of this fact. In the past year I have often times thought that my life would be a very good (and probably well watched) reality show.

  7. JULIE!!! You ARE paying attention!!! :D

    Hey, I'm proud of you, too!!

    Sherry, I'm with you. They bore me, and are so not-real!!

    Mary Ann, TV can be so addictive! If I'm not careful, I find myself watching things that are aesthetically scary!! (My hub used to watch Jerry Springer, and if I walked in the room, it was like ... ZAP!! ....glued to the blasted screen. And I hated that show, but it was as if I couldn't pull away because I couldn't believe it!!) But not reality shows .... for real!!! LOL!

  8. Caroline, I worry about you!!

    Your life would make a good TV show, but somehow daytime soap opera comes to mind!!! Improbable, insane, inconceivable, inconsistent .... OK, it could be either one!!


  9. I am not a TV watcher, I did watch Sixteen Candles at o'dark o'clock last night/morning but I just get fidgety watching TV usually. However I can curl up with a book. I just don't get me sometimes!

  10. Sorry but you have to kinda count me too as a reality show fan. I read somewhere recently that a lot of women are addicted to reality shows. My wife and I watch Amazing Race, Top Chef and have been Survivor fans right back to season one. My wife watches American Idol though I'm not sure that classifies as reality TV.

    I honestly don't watch much else on TV besides news and movies. I just find regular TV shows with scripts so contrived.

    BTW, my blogiversary is right around nowl. I think I've just completed my third year of blogging.

  11. MQ, if I watch TV I have to have something else going on, too. I'll play solitaire or work a crossword puzzle, anything to keep my mind moving!

    Big Dave, Sooooooo. If women are addicted, and you are a fan..... I guess you are expressing your feminine side???? LOL!!!

    I avoid most TV, too, even the news. I watch just enough to know what to expect in the weather, then I go back to music.

    Well, Happy Blogoversary, Big Dave!! Everyone go give him a shout out!


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