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Friday, May 30, 2008

Police Report

I found this note in the newspaper police report:

Dumpster diving

Police found David *******, 38, of Ruidoso, digging in a trash receptacle, May 18, in a parking lot on the 500 block of Sudderth Drive, stating he was taking things to keep them from going to the landfill.

He was unable to provide identification and police followed him to his residence for any type of document that could verify his I.D. As police followed him into his house, they found marijuana and paraphernalia. He was finally identified and cited into Magistrate Court for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Oh, goodness! Make a note ... When you're going dumpster diving, always take your identification with you!!



  1. Because that would have made a difference? LOL

  2. Well no ID and picking trash?! Who does the trash belong to once it's trash? Does it belong to the owner, the garbage collector, the landfill?!? Do the police have nothing better to do with their time?! -- rhetorical question!!

  3. Yeah...what Sherry said.

  4. Jen, ya got me!! Let's just say it's a small town (think Mayberry!!!!). LOL!

    Sherry, my best guess (and that's all it is!!) is if he is a vagrant, he'd be given a meal and a roof for the night! Something better? Again, reference Mayberry RFD!

    Daisy, yeah!!

    BTW, everyone, they may actually be checking to see that the person isn't pulling out papers = ID theft, a good thing. But probably still has a factor of M-RFD!!

  5. Otis always got a bed and a meal -- it's the least one can do for the town vagrant...the police found drug paraphenelia when they decided to take him to get his ID -- but he was digging in the trash -- now if he was hiding a body, or a crack pipe.....

  6. He has got to make it on Morons in the News on the Bob And Sheri Show LOL

  7. Sherry, I doesn't 'splain dem, I jes' 'ports dem!!

    MQ, I'm not familiar with that show. ????????

  8. Wow, glad you shared. I do this often --you know I DID get a rug from the trash! I will be sure to pack id next time.

  9. Beans, you never know what is risky activity these days, do you??? :D


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