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Thursday, May 29, 2008


I forgot to tell everyone yesterday that during the storm and later into the evening we were under a tornado warning. That may not seem odd to you, but where I live, yes it can happen, but it is unusual. And it did look ominous and nasty out there. I felt like I was back in KC for a while there! Strange!

I worked today for a few hours, because I started a task yesterday and really wanted to keep going. It's actually something I started a long time ago, but I got side-tracked on several other more urgent things. So I'm going to try to do a few hours a day or a full day maybe three days a week until I get it done. I set up a database to track inventory, and I'm taking pictures of all the artwork in the Gallery so there is an identifier for each to help us in the tracking process. It is really confusing if the tag of identification gets lost or separated from the item, so this should help us a lot. The trouble is that it's a dull, time consuming process. One of those that will be really, really good when it is up-to-date.

I woke up some time around 3:00 this morning with the thought that I left the "sandwich board" sign out at the gallery last night. It's actually not a big deal because you can leave all kinds of things out without worrying about theft. We leave wooden furniture outside, people leave garden/lawn furniture out. Bicycles rarely are stolen, and if you forget to lock the front door at night, not to worry. It just bugged me that I did so. Then, wouldn't you know it, I couldn't go back to sleep until about 5:30, and I was draggin' my booty all day long. I'm going to go to bed early tonight.

We haven't had any wildfires recently, thank goodness, but the forests are still closed. It is still very, very dry and dangerous out there. There is an interesting twist to this, and it is humorous in a sense. New Mexico allows no inside smoking in public places. So when people go to bars, they can't smoke inside. Well, now, they can't smoke outside, either!! Because of the extreme risk of fire, no grills can be used except for gas grills, no open flames of any kind, including any form of smoking are allowed. When smokers go outside and light up, they are arrested! And every week in the paper for several weeks now, there are six or eight who are arrested. Don't you think people would get it?? There are signs in all the stores and businesses in the area stating this policy, marquees beside the road make it very clear, citing smoking as an open flame. It's hard to go anywhere and not see it! And yet, every week, more people are arrested. All I can say is ... duh.

It's rerun season. All together, now ...... hisssssssssssss! Booooooooooooo! I don't watch a lot of TV, but that makes it no easier for me than for the couch potato! In fact, perhaps it's a little harder for me because since I like only a few shows, I see most episodes the first time around, so I literally have nothing to watch. I don't like "reality" shows, either, and there are so many of them on the air. Guess I'll be watching lotsa movies for the next few months! What are y'all going to do this summer while reruns are filling the air time? give me some good ideas!

I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open, so I'm gonna hit the sack. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something exciting and keep you on the edge of your seats, but for tonight ... I'm cooked!

Night, all!! Yawnnnnnn.


  1. and you thought you might be gettting away from those pesky tornados? ha!
    we passed the no smoking ordinance too, and honestly, i think it's totally ridiculous NOT to be able to smoke in bars.
    i don't smoke, but i used to. i hate it personally. but i think this era is a little over the top.
    i mean, come on, it's a bar. only adults can go there, and they choose their fate. what happened to the option of a business choosing to go smoke free. there would be a market for that as well.
    there will be a backlash. businesses will go under. it will ruin people's livelyhood, and then they might re-think it.
    i'm stepping down now.

  2. This is a real potpourri (I'll take that for $200 Alex...)....I always think of Jeopardy when I see the word potpourri!!

    Anyway...glad you are safe and no tornado took you away!! Mother nature is having "way too much fun" with you these days!!!! ♥

  3. Hope ya got some good shut-eye lady! Zzzzzz............

  4. Cameo, OK, my turn to step up on the soapbox!

    I'm a former smoker, too, and I've been vocal about smoking and its effects in the past. I've watched too many go down because of smoking to not care about what it does to people I love. I regret that I unknowingly exposed my children to it when they were small, and I’m thrilled that my grandchildren have been spared from that because I quit early on, their parents have never smoked, and they have been blessed to be in smoke-free environments almost 100% in their lives.

    Bars are about the only place an adult can go out dancing. I LOVE dancing, but I haven’t gone out dancing in years because, in part, of that environment. My hope is that my grandchildren will have more freedom to do so, thanks to these ordinances.

    For every person who won't go to a bar because they can't smoke, there is probably one who will. I'm in that latter count. And I have a couple smoking friends who say they actually are relieved to have the ordinance because bars and restaurants were too smoky. The passive(???) second-hand smoke is terribly damaging, and for over 30 years, I've not felt I could go out for a drink or go dancing because I couldn't stand the foul air inside. I've avoided bars because I couldn't enjoy myself in the haze of smoke. Since I've been here, with that ordinance in place, I have gone out like that! I actually have a life again!!

    We now know the bad effects of smoking. We can't close our eyes. To ignore the effects of smoking on the smoker and all those close to him/her is like sitting and watching a dog fight or a cock fight and saying, "It's not my dog/chicken, so I don't care."

    I'll step down, now. Next???

  5. Sherry, I love Jeopardy. Did you see the young woman who walked away with about a quarter of a million recently? WOW!!

    There wasn't a tornado, thank goodness, just the "right conditions." And yes, weather just seems to be weird, everything going "sideways" for the last few years. What's with that? Uh-oh! I feel a global warming discussion coming on!! LOL!

    Patti, I slept *great* last night! I feel really refreshed this morning, thank you very much!! :D

  6. Boo for rerun season! I'm with you on this one!

    Don't you just hate it when you all of a sudden think of something you might have done (or not done) the previous day and it totally screws with your head? Ugh!

  7. Melissa, it is strange how thoughts like that just grabs hold and won't let go! It's especially irritating when it's not really important (like this one), yet you can't shake it off!

  8. i agree with everything you said.
    but it's not my job nor my right to dictate what others do with their life.
    that's why i said there should have been the option for business owners to choose. some would have definately chosen to go smoke free - for insurance purposes alone.
    but to mandate a ban smacks of hypocracy - what about alcohol? (prohibition didn't work, and alcohol reaches into far more areas than smoking - assult, death, disease, depression, bankruptcy).
    i think it is a nasty habit. i think people should be fined for smoking around children. the education is out there. and yet, those little packs still sell.
    as for your comparasion to the dog/cock fights. dogs and roosters are the innocent ones thrown into the ring (just as children - notice my point earlier) but adults can CHOOSE whether or not to go into a bar - just as you have chosen not to for years. you are having more fun now, but there are others out there who aren't. and as far as trying to inflict good on people who didn't ask for it, that is another area i choose not to go. (if you get the play on words)
    love ya!

  9. Unfortunately I enjoy reality tv shows, and it is NOT something I am proud of. But Victor and I are renting some HBO series shows instead. We've just made our way through Dexter, and I've heard Entourage is supposed to be good.

  10. Oh, Cameo, I knew you'd not let me get away with the last word!

    Remember smoking isn't prohibited as alcohol was. You can opt to smoke, just not in places where others are exposed to the side effects. Alcohol doesn't have the same kind of side effects... unless you consider DUI, or abuse of others related to drinking (and those stink, BTW, and I'm not condoning that). But I can sit in a building and have a drink without you becoming passively intoxicated. If I smoke, and you are in range of the smoke, you ARE smoking passively.

    Yes, I did make a choice to avoid going to smoking-allowed places. You think some business owners would choose to have no smoking? Where have they been all these years??? I was totally unaware of any establishments which provided the opportunity to go and dance, with or without alcohol. I would have been there if I'd known! I don't believe that a business owner will willingly restrict anything that might slow down business.

    You're right, children should not be around it; yes, people should be penalized for smoking in the presence of children. I believe that if something is not good for children/us (I'm talking factually proven, not an ethereal issue, ethically or spiritually arguable matter) then "innocent" people (children or adults) should have the right to be protected from it. Why should I have to avoid activities because other people are doing something that they know and I know and everyone else knows, can harm ME??? Or your children???

    I think it's interesting how I've become the vigilante ex-smoker, while you are the give-'em-a-break ex-smoker!! Have you lost a family member to after effects of smoking? Ain't pretty. That probably put me over the edge, and realizing that I have been further effected after my own conscious decision to stop doesn't make it any better!

    Smoking is not a just bad habit that effects only the person "ingesting" it.... it effects everyone within range. To me, that makes it a public issue, not one that is merely an option for me.

  11. Julie, I've thought about getting several past seasons of "Lost" and getting caught up. I wasn't able to watch it during my husband's last weeks of life, and I was so confused when I was finally able to watch it again. That way, I might be almost up to date by fall!

  12. BTW, Cameo, love you, too!!


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