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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just an Easy Day at Home

Tomorrow I'm going to be at work. All day long. Aaaaaalllllllll day lllllooooonnnnnngggg. It's one of my "fill-in" days. So I decided I'd do a short post tonight. I have no big news, but I thought I'd just touch base before I go to bed.

I'm tired tonight. I got quite a lot of my yard work done today, and I'm really glad about that. I got out the soaker hose and laid it out where it will water most of the newly-planted flora at once. It can just stay in place and all I have to do is attach the hose. That's going to save me a lot of time dragging the hose all over the yard and watering each one separately, because what I've planted last fall and this spring are scattered all over the half acre. Now I will hand-water just five plants. Much easier.

I also moved some big rocks out of the way in preparation of setting some concrete stepping stones to make a path with steps from my lower driveway to the upper one. That is going to be a huge job, but one that I want to get done soon. I have bought the steps. Now I need to level the ground before putting them down. That's going to mean moving a lot of little rocks, leveling the ground, and possibly filling holes with dirt or sand. I may have to resort to sand if I can't get the ground well enough prepared by itself. We'll see. I'd rather not use sand, because that will mean putting some sort of retainer in place to keep it from drifting away when it rains, and that's just another difficult step.

I shifted some railroad ties around a little, but I'm going to need help to move most of them. They line my driveway (or are supposed to) on the side next to the slope, to hopefully keep people from falling or sliding down the hill. When my driveway was leveled last year, the road grader knocked them off the edge of the driveway. I'm going to have some help with it, using a tow rope to pull them back up to the driveway. I've asked a friend with a jeep to do that. I could use my truck, but I think it is so long that I can't maneuver the RR ties as well as the jeep. But that's a job for later on.

All my planting is done. Whew!! that doesn't mean my work is donek of course, but it is the hardest part of having new plants. Damn this rocky terrain, anyway!! I still have a lot of scrub oak to clear and tree limbs to cut and dispose of, but if necessary that can take me the next year. Or two. It'll get done when it gets done!!

Gee, after that, tomorrow sounds pretty good. Sitting in the Gallery, reading or waiting on customers, filing my fingernails..... oh, wait, no, I don't do that at work. But whatever I do, it's going to be an easier day than today was!!!


  1. Sit in there and soak up the ambience! You do have your work cut out for you lady. I wish we lived closer, Stacy lives for that kind of stuff. Seriously!

  2. What a lot of stuff you got accomplished yesterday! I hope to get a few flowers planted today. While you're working alllllll dayyyyyyyy. :o)

  3. Galleries can be so calming; is it not funny when work is more relaxing than rest (at home)?

  4. Glad you are having an easy day....about time. Rocks arent easy to need a helper for some of those jobs.

    Enjoy the slower and relaxing pace today.


  5. I always feel like such a slacker when I've read about a full day you've had -- if I did even half of what you do think of the shape I'd be in!! You make me feel like getting out there and getting busy!!!

    After your hard day of work outside, a full day inside the gallery with some of those gorgeous beverages might be like going to the spa!! ;)

  6. What are you using for the steps, those concrete stepping stones? Ugh, those are heavy. Well I hope you will take before and after pics!!

  7. OH*WOW!!! You had a busy day! Aren't those soaker hoses the best??? Enjoy your long day at work.

  8. MQ, oh, it is lucky for Stacy that y'all are where you are! You can't believe how hard it is to do anything under the surface of this soil!!! But how I would love to have him here to help! My yard is, uhmmm, a work in progress! LOL!!

    Jenster, I figure if I do a little at a time, I can't possibly ever die, because there is too much left to do!! LOL!! But I love the end result, don't you?

    Reach, our Gallery is both relaxing and exciting. I love that it is so eclectic! And, uh, yeah! home should be the place to rest, right? LOL! My life tends to be back-asswards, anyway!!

    Ruth, I do, indeed, need some help. I've already made up my mind that if/when I find a man to share a significant part of my life with, he needs to be at least 8-10 years younger!! LOL!!


    Sherry, never fear, I'm not all that strong to be able to put anyone to shame! I'm just persistent! LOL!

    A day at the Gallery is good, but at the moment, the "gorgeous beverage" lady is on vacation!! NOOOOOooooooo!!! :D Sigh, no, it's just a work day, period. Poor, poor me!

    Sandra, yes, that is what I'm using. And yes, they are heavy suckers!! But I want sturdy, so there aren't a bunch of choices. I didn't even think of before and after pix. I've already moved some of the big rocks, but I'll do some "before's" before I do anything else. Thanks for the reminder!

    Daisy-doodle-doo, absolutely yes!!!! Without it, I would have a ton more work to do. And luckily, this one is an extra long one, so it covers a lot of ground! Thanks!

  9. are the busiest retired person I know.

  10. Caroline, who said I was retired???? LOL!! I guess if I were still employed full time I'd be a workaholic, wouldn't I? Heaven help me!!!


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