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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Look What I Brought Home!!

It started out with Gail and me going to the Fabric Festival in Lincoln (the historic town where Billy the Kid hung out). The Festival, unfortunately, was a bust. Of all the fabulous fabric artists in the county, just three showed up!! What's with that? They have had several events in the last few weeks, and I'm guessing folks are just worn out. We toured the Lincoln County Museum which was very interesting, but I want to go back and take even more time to digest the details. BTW, I knew this before, but did you know that Billy the Kid really wasn't as bad as the general impression is? He was mostly just a teenager trying to find his way in the world who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Look it up!

So Gail and I had lunch in a lovely historic home, very quaint and interesting. The food was good, too, always a bonus. And we visited several shops in town, watching one man spin wool for a while, talking with town people, and having a casual afternoon.

I took the dogs with us today. They did well, and we met another shih tzu, a little 8 month old boy who was cute as the dickens! Ali explained to him about alpha dogs and beta dogs, and "Buddy" understood it right away, so there was no further discussion! China sniffed noses with him at length, however, and he loved it! After walking and resting off and on for about an hour, China was really dragging. I picked her up and took them back to the truck for a drink and a rest. The truck was in the shade and with the windows 2/3 down, it was comfortable, so they rested while we ate our lunch.

After some more strolling and visiting, we headed back to Capitan. Just as I got to Gail's home, my cell rang. I'd had two messages (no cell reception in Lincoln). I checked them, both from the lady who was giving me these .............

Aren't they cute? Very different from the wild finches in coloring, etc. They seem to be fairly calm being here at home. It will be an adjustment for us all, but I think not a tough one. The dogs sniffed at the cage and watched them hoop around, then wandered off.

In these next pictures, look how fast these little buggers move!!

I love their friendly little chirp-chirp! Sitting on the swing seems especially nice for them. I've noticed they make happy little chirps as they swing gently! So cute!

One more look in which they seem to be saying, "Enough, already!!!" I don't think they mean to be rude, but excuse them anyway!

It was a good day. A good day, indeed!!

Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. i love birds.
    i want birds.
    but i have so many things to take care of right now, birds are the last thing on my list.
    but, i'm jealous nonetheless.

  2. Sounds like you and Gail had a fun day. I actually did know that piece of trivia about Billy the Kid.

  3. Birds can be very entertaining. I used to have a ring-neck dove named Skippy. Enjoy your birds!

  4. Cameo, When my kids were the ages of yours, I would have passed them up, too. We had some when they were a bit older, my youngest about the age of your boys.

    I'm sitting here listening to them chirp and watching them bounce around the cage. They seem to be making a good adjustment to our home. :)

    Daisy, we did! A casual day and we didn't push to do more than seemed to fit in a lazy schedule!

    Good for you! I actually think historians are beginning to correct a lot of the history about Billy, but most people still think "bad guy." And anyone who thinks he looked like Emilio Estevez .... think again! He was one sadly homely kid!

    MQ, thank, I am enjoying them already. I'm thinking of names, and a lot of funny ones have crossed my mind .... Desi & Lucy, Fred & Ethel; Ralph & Alice, Ed & Trixie; Fred & Wilma, Barney & Betty. But I probably won't be that obvious.

    And, Caroline, before you even start in on me, there WILL NOT be a naming contest!!!!

  5. Those birds are BEAUTIFUL! I don't think I've ever seen any quite like those!

  6. Never been a bird fan, though I feed them ALL the time, just not in my home. Had one get stuck in my hair as a child, guess it scarred me a tad.

    Sounds like a wonderful afternoon, what a great day.

  7. Cheryl, they are neat little chirpers. They are very small, about 4" from beak to tail, I would guess. The dogs are enjoying watching them hop and fly around the cage today, but don't seem at all inclined to try to get too close. Thank goodness!

    Kathi, I guess that would be a frightening experience for a kiddo! I guess I like just about any animal, mammal, bird, fish, whatever!

    I had a good time yesterday, indeed!

  8. I love visiting friends with birds. Although I've never dared get any myself. Maybe someday when my nest is empty I'll fill it with birds. And dogs. And oh how I'd love a horse or two. :)

  9. Catherine, the finches aren't much trouble at all. I recommend them if you're a novice. And their happy little chips are wonderful to listen to!

    Horses .... I'd love them, but they are a LOT of upkeep commitment. I'd also have a cat, except that when I travel, it is more difficult to take a cat. This is one of the few times in my life I've been catless. And no, I won't travel with the birds, but I have at least 4 people who would "birdie sit" with them.


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