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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

OK, What's With This Schedule???

Today is another busy one. In fact, this week will be very busy, but fortunately, most of it promises to be fun.

First, let me update on China. Patti asked in that last post, and several other have asked off-blog. My girl seems to be comfortable and happy. She still prances around and romps with Ali on occasions. Her attitude is still very happy. She loves to go in the car. Or for a walk (although she can't go as far as she used to). Or out on the big deck where she stretches out and "watches the world go by." Her quality of life certainly seems to be good, and her sweet personality still shines.

The tumor(s) swell and then decline. The mass is as big as my fist, huge on such a small dog. It is red and usually rather hot, so it is hard to imagine that she isn't miserable, yet she doesn't seem to be. She doesn't like going down the steps. I think the tumor might drag as she goes down, but coming up seems to be no problem, as she just bounds up! I have to give her antibiotics often to keep the abscesses around the tumors at bay, but that and a little Tylenol at bedtime seems to be all she needs for now. She is having a little trouble with her back legs sometimes, as she has to work to get up or as she is walking the first few steps when they seem to be a little bit weak. But it doesn't exactly slow her down. She seems to not notice it as much as I do. I guess I'm painfully vigilant on these things.

So all in all, China is well. I know the time is shortening, but I concentrate on having as much quality time with her ... and with Ali ... as I can. I know her death will be hard for Ali as it is for me. He is a very sensitive dog, and his losses in the past 2 years have been huge ... my hub, our house in KC, Mai Lin, and soon China. He is showing his age terribly of late, and I hope that losing her doesn't push him over the edge. I'm going to have a lot of cuddling, lap time, whatever it takes with him. And I have to say it one more time ... they should live exactly as long as we do, not a moment less. :(

Now .... I was supposed to work today for A, but a schedule change occurred for her. She is buying a new truck and it was supposed to be ready today, but it looks like a day or so delay. That is kinda good because I just found out that today is the last day to change voter registration. I have to do that so I can vote in the June 6 primary. In Missouri you can pick the party ballot to vote with each primary, so I was registered as independent. I didn't know that New Mexico has a different system. It has a name, but I don't remember it. Anyway, you have to register under one of the two major parties in order to vote in the primary, and then vote in that party. So I need to run to Carrizozo today to change that independent category to Democrat.

The plumber is supposed to come out today. I don't have to be home, so I can run the above errand. I'm excited about the prospect of having a convenient water source for my plants on the deck and around the house.

Then this evening I am going to get my finches! Yay! The lady who has raised them is providing a cage and a considerable starter of birdseed! How is that for generosity? I'm going to bring home four little songsters tonight.

I may work tomorrow. Not sure, but A will let me know as soon as she has a schedule on her major purchase. Some time this week a guy from the county is supposed to come out and tell me where to pile my branches for pickup. Just watch .... he will decide to come tomorrow or whatever day I work!! The pick up is in about three weeks, and I want to do as much cutting as I can and get it stacked. I want to trim out the property as quickly as I can manage, because of the fire threats. Did I mention that the national forests in the State are all closed now because of it? I think I did. I'm surrounded by the Lincoln National Forest, so all the underbrush I can possibly get out of here and the sooner, the better.

A year ago my hair stylist moved away. I was heartbroken. I've tried several others, and one was OK, but not great. When I was in Florida, I went to my gorgeous Italian stallion hairdresser and got a really good cut, but I can't drive there every few weeks. Then about a months ago I learned that the one who moved away is returning!! I'm thrilled! I stopped by last week, and she is going to give me a good cut on Thursday. I'm so happy she is back!

Thursday night I'm going to dinner at the home of a friend. He has arranged for a "food tasting" with an Italian theme, including dipping oils which I absolutely love. I've not been to his home, and I'm looking forward to it. I hear it is one of the most spectacular homes in the county, right in the area where the infernal mine is supposed to go. When I look out in the morning at the Capitans, his home is at the foot of the beautiful scene, and from his home he sees the White Mountain range, whose foothills are my home. Looking either way is a wonderful treat! I have no idea who else is invited, but I'm guessing it will be a number of my favorite people here in the county. Anyway, I think it will be a fun evening!

All week at the Gallery we will be taking down the present exhibit and putting up a new one. During the day Saturday will be a "planting day" in Capitan. Da Boss has started a campaign to try to have everyone in Capitan and hopefully the whole county, plant some flowers on their property, whether in the ground or in flower pots, as a way of beautifying the area and making our high country valley a surprising little oasis. Then on Saturday night the opening of the new show which has a theme of flowers (we asked our artists to create floral pieces for this show), complete with reception and followed by a movie with his outdoor theater and giant screen (20' x 30', I think). This, along with all of that stuff above, will probably leave me exhausted, so that by Sunday, I will just want to sleep all day long.

All this to say ...... I may be absent a lot this week. I'll update you when I can, but be patient if I miss a day or two. As McArthur would say ..... I shall return!!!


  1. Thanks for the China update. I know she's getting a lot of love and affection right now. Is that for her or for you??

    I'm totally exhausted from just reading what all you've got going on!

  2. Jen, you're welcome. Yes, she is, and the answer is Yes and Yes. It's certainly for us both. :')

    Me, too! I like being busy, though, as opposed to too much "down time." I get bored and depressed when it is too slow.

  3. I second Jen's sentiments. I am tired just reading.

    I am glad to hear that China is being a trooper. I know it can be hard, but it sounds like you are both doing ok right now with it.

    I am also glad she has you to take care of her and love all over her in these times.

  4. Beans, ya oughtta be here!!

    I must say, I'm glad China and I have each other, too. We've both needed a lot and we are good for each other. :')

  5. You are a wonderful Mother to China and Ali, Lynilu - nobody could be more loving and attentive to their pets.

    And your friend's home sounds wonderful - hope that you can take lots of pictures !

  6. I am glad to hear an update on China I know you will know when it is time for the sweet girl to leave us. I dread it for you and Ali, oh you know I do. I am so happy I got to meet her.
    You are the busiest woman I know!

  7. annie, this time of my journey with them is difficult, but I do know and accept that I am what they have needed for their lives. It's bittersweet. :')

    We'll see about pictures. It will be my first visit at his home, and I don't want to be presumptuous.

    Patti, yes, unfortunately, I will recognize the time to let go. :( Been there, done that, still sucks. But it is part of life, and letting go is good and necessary. I'm glad, too, that you met her. I wish there had been time to see her personality more fully. She is unassuming and retiring, so when people are around a while, they tend to be surprised at how really sweet and cute she is. She is easy to overlook, I'm afraid, at the loss of the "looker."

    Busy? Yes, but the good thing is that the busy is 98% fun busy!

  8. Maybe it's because I'm home sick with the flu today, but I felt like I just had a workout reading this post!

    Gosh, there's nothing like a good hairdresser. So happy for you that they're coming back!

  9. Catherine, a good hair dresser, a good doctor, a good dentist .... irreplaceable.

    I hope your flu has flew!


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