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Monday, May 05, 2008

Busy Day......

.....And I'm glad it's over. I'll get around to reading everyone's blogs tomorrow. I've had a busy day, and I'm going to do a little post and get to sleep.

I'm just home from the pot luck. I'm stuffed and miserable! Since it is Cinco de Mayo, we did Mexican food tonight, and it was marvelous! Damn, we have some good cooks in our
group! We had fajitas, tacos, red chili pork, guacamole, pinto beans, black beans, homemade salad, and a spicy rice salad. Da Boss made sangria, and it was awesome, and we also had margaritas. Topped it all of with watermelon, flan and tarts. Grooooooaaaan. Need sleep. And a diet starting tomorrow!

My day started with a trip to the grocery store for a couple items for the dinner, and while I was in town, I had to go to the bank with Da Boss and A. Almost a year ago when Da Boss was in Europe, he arranged for both A and myself to sign checks on the business account. It was originally meant to be a temporary measure, so they did not have us sign signature cards. When he returned, Da Boss decided that he liked us writing most of the checks, and he simply had us continue to do so. None of us thought about it after that. [I know those of you who are in the banking industry are incredulous right now, huh?? LOL!!]

So today I got a call at home from one of the artists who was at the branch of the bank in Ruidoso, trying to cash her check, and they would not cash it because I'm not signed on the account. Da Boss advised the bank to go ahead and pay the check, then when I got into town we all signed cards for the account. Small towns just run differently than the big city, don't they??

Here's another one for you ... I called a plumber today to ask about an inexpensive alternative to running a water line from the well to an area close to my house (probably about 50 or 60 feet) that would give me access for watering plants near the house without having to drag a hose up the hill and then roll it up afterward. He said that my idea wouldn't work and explained why, but he said he would come out tomorrow and see what it will take to run a line. I told him I can't really afford to do it now, to which he replied, "It's OK. Let's get it in so you can do what you need without hurting yourself, and you pay me whenever you can." Whaaa???

A week ago a friend who is an electrician sent out two of his crew to put in three outside electrical outlets on the deck for me. He didn't charge me the full rate and, also, said to just pay him when I could!! Now I ask you, when is the last time a plumber or electrician said something like that to you? I can tell you it didn't happen when I lived in KC, even at places where we had traded for 20 years! Occasionally I went in to pay the following day, but that was usually with a deposit paid ahead.

I'm telling you .... living in a small town community like this is an experience. It's a good experience!

One more short story. I stopped at the mercantile (yes, this little town still has a mercantile or general store for all those basic needs!) today to buy some bird seed for my wild friends, and just as I got out of the truck a bee stung me! I had a sharp pain under my chin, and when I brushed at it, the stinger was there, and I looked down to find the little bugger sitting on my left shoulder. Let me tell you something .... that hurts like s sunna-gun! He got me right where the double chin curves into the neck, and it kept up the sharp little twinges for about an hour after that. I stopped at the grocery and picked up some Benedryl pills and topical ointment, just in case. But it eased up by the time I got home. Now it is just a small little lump.

And BTW, I've been hit on the last two times I've gone to the mercantile. A very nice man who works there has made it clearly, obviously, unmistakably known to me that he is interested in me. The thing is, I couldn't be less interested in him. As I said, he is quite nice, but is not even vaguely who I would be interested in having a relationship with. Maybe .... maybe .... as a friend, but even that is iffy. Just not at all my type.

I gotta get to sleep. I have dozed off a couple times!!


  1. Todd's out of town so the kids and I had Taco Bell and virgin margaritas. I had the real stuff at home, but I was so tired that I knew it would knock me out! lol

    I'm sorry about the bee. That sounds horrible! But I'm glad you didn't have a bad reaction.

    Look at you go, girl! Leaving those broken hearts in your wake. :o)

  2. Small towns do have some advantages.

    Sorry about the bee sting. Ouch!

  3. Hey sometimes you gotta go "out of type". Stacy is the first of his type I ever dated - and I married him!

    Ouch on the bee sting. They are cute but the stings HURT.

    Your potluck sounds delicioso!

    Ah a small town does sound nice but I think i'm a big city kinda gal. One day. (quit laughing I know Florence is NOT a big city!)

    Hope you got the rest you needed.

    How is China Doll doing?

  4. Oh my goodness....that Cinco de Mayo meal sounds MUY DELICIOUS!!!!! Yum!!!!!

    Small towns are so cool.

    And, you go girl!! Make all those men's hearts aflutter!!! :-)

  5. Oh my goodness....that Cinco de Mayo meal sounds MUY DELICIOUS!!!!! Yum!!!!!

    Small towns are so cool.

    And, you go girl!! Make all those men's hearts aflutter!!! :-)

  6. Jenster, I had enough food to counter the alcohol, and I had not trouble driving home, but once here, I just wanted to sleep. And I *did*!!

    I'm glad I am not allergic to bees. Can you imagine being stung in the neck if you're allergic? Disasterous! But no, I'm fine.

    Oh, lawdy! I don't know about that! LOL!!

    Daisy, 'deedy they do! Those advantages keep popping up, and they are outdistancing the inconveniences, by far!

    The sting is just a little bitty lump this morning and has no irritation at all. I'm glad it didn't cause serious problems, too! Thanks!

    Patti, uh, girl, I'm sure I'm not going this far "out of type"!!! He has a full beard, collar bone length, totally white, that is relatively untamed. I don't like beards. I might tolerate one that is close and well kempt, but even that is iffy. He has longish hair, about the same length and color as the beard, also free flowing. I don't mind longer hair, but it's gotta be neat. And while he is obviously a nice person, his personality just isn't what I'm looking for. Awkward! I gotta go in there on Tues and Thur, his days off! LOL!

    I'll turn this around on you .... I thought I was a city girl, too, until I got here. So Patti, sometimes ya gotta go "out of type"!! I love the ease of this area. It has taken most of the stress out of my life being in this place! You might like it, too!

    See I *can* step out of type and be happy. But I know when it is right for me and when it isn't!

    China is doing well. I'll post about her, rather than make a long, long response here, OK? Thanks for asking. :')

  7. I love hearing about your Monday night Pot lucks. I need to make sure when I come visit there is at least one Monday night. Hey I could make my Rueben Dip. I am thinking sometime in the fall (Oct. maybe?) I will come for a visit.

    As for the not your type...before reading your response to Patti my response was similiar to hers. Look at me and M&M...we appear to be so different to others, but we really are like two peas in a pod. Anyway...but then I read your response and your description and I agree with you...doesn't sound like your type.

  8. Cheryl, you were commenting while I was responding, so I missed you. It looks like you knew that and wanted to be sure I saw your input, sol you did it twice!! LOL!!

    Oh,yeah, the food was so good! It always is, but this turned out extra good!

    And yes, small towns rock!

    LOL!! OK, just call me the pacemaker with legs!! snicker!

    Caroline, you'll have to plan it for 10 days, inclusive of 2 Mondays, to be sure you catch one. We do every other Monday. Besides, with that schedule, I get to keep you here a little longer! :D

    I know, and I'm not afraid of stepping out of the beaten path. This one is just a bit too far off the path, however. You'll understand this .... you know my friend Scottie. OK, think of him without the personality. Uh-huh! This guy seems to have a decent personality, but not good. If he had Scottie's joi de vivre and other personality pluses, I could accept it, but ...... Nope.

  9. Your post makes *me* want to live on a small town. I could use some small town friendliness. Glad you are getting to experience it.

  10. Casey, it is good. every time I forget how fortunate I am, there is a nice reminder of that. It sometimes come like a swift but sweet kick in the pants! :)


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