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Friday, May 02, 2008

Shelter Adoptions

Are you thinking about a new pet? Think about a shelter adoption.

For those who wonder, I haven't seen the one-eyed kitty, Lucky/Jack/Wilson, etc., for about a month now, I'm sad to say. So this next one is in honor of him. :')

This one is for my own two babies who are getting close to this....

Think about it, OK? :)


  1. Before we got our one and only dog Doogie, we did visit a shelter to see what they had to offer. We had two problems there. One is that the dogs tended to be big. Small dogs are adopted out pretty quickly. Our home and yard was too small for a big dog in the house.

    My other problem with shelter dogs is that they were older and some seemed to have temperament issues. With young kids, we couldn't afford to take a chance on a dog who might not take kindly to a child's hug.

    I've known many who have adopted strays from shelters and have had wonderful experiences with them though. It's always a good idea to check if you think you want to adopt a pet.

  2. Good Saturday morning to you, Lynilu. How are you doing ?

    The wildfires sound just devastating. They have burned so many acres. I hope they will die down soon, and good rains and reseeding will begin the long regrowth process.

    Adopting an animal from a shelter is a very sweet thing to do, Lynilu.

    Posted from your 'pay-it-forward' award today :) and left blessings and a link for you :)

    Hope that you have a good weekend !

    Loving Annie

  3. Well, I am amazed at how prolific you are, Lynilu! It's quite an undertaking for me to try to catch up....Those wildfires are terribly frightening, I must say.

    Some of the most desirable pets I've ever seen have been from shelters. Your cartoons are perfect advertisements! I do wish everyone would shop at the shelters first....


  4. HEY!!! Remember me? ;)

    Ya know, I'd love to adopt another doggie. But I know Mister M will NOT have it. Not to mention, Trae is already asking to be added to the mortgage and if we can build him an addition onto the house...says he need a bigger pad! :-)

    Hope you're doing well. Looks like I've got A LOT of catching up to do on your blog. Now where are my glasses???


  5. Dave, I can see that those could be problems, especially "back then." These days, most shelters have a program to evaluate animals and denote their strengths and weakensess, allowing for a good adoption.

    Annie, I'm good, thanks. Wildfires are very bad, regardless of where they are. We have no rain in the forecast, but I'm dancin' and prayin'!!

    I'll be over to read you in a while!

    Betty, LOL!! I have been very prolific lately, haven't I? I think most of it has to do with my recent social/ecological/economic senses being so heightened. Maybe it will settle down when the fires are under control. Who knows??

    I agree about the shelter animals. I am watching the registries for another Shih Tzu. I'm not in a rush, and I don't care about "papers," but I want a ST because I love their personalities. We'll see what happens.

    DAWN!!! Is that really you??? OMG, I hardly recognize you!!! LOL!!

    Now, wait .... does *that* dog rule your household??? Goodnesss sake! I'm SO glad it's not like that here! tsk, tsk.

    :D Glad you're back!!

  6. I usually end up with other peoples pets like the one ihave now.
    Frick was my Exs cat.
    She got my furniture

  7. Walker, aw, how nice! You both got something to remember the other by!! LOL! Some deals are just better than others, aren't they?

  8. We have had many rescues and will continue to do so. So worthwhile. I wish more people would do it instead of spending hundreds of dollar on a "purebred" "designer" dog.

  9. My little shelter rescue is sleeping at my feet right now. PHEW! Sure beats her bursts of energy. :o)

  10. grr. my shelter animal has been UP since 5 AM . . .I am NOT a morning person, especially on days I feel like CRAP! the OTHER shelter animal slept with her paw on my face last night . . .

    I like the message though . . .and wouldn't give up my shelter critters for anything!

  11. Beautiful...all from YOUR heart..and I hope one eyed lucky jack is okay wherever he is.

  12. Patti, I agree, but I'm finding some of the shelter dogs are as expensive as purebreds. I know the shelters have expenses, but a lot of people look at an adoptee at $225, age 4, and compare with a rolly-polly puppy at $350, and they think, Why not? It's SO cute!! They don't realize the pleasures of an older dog. I think fewer former "cute puppies" would be in the shelter if people knew more, thought through it. I go to the Humane Society website, and I just want to bring them all home with me, even the "senior dogs." :')

    Jenster, awww. Isn't it great having her, especially knowing you gave her the second chance?

    Beans, LOL! The price we pay, huh!

    They are especially precious when we feel good about saving a life, aren't they? And shall we talk about how they "save" ours?? :)

    Oh, Sherry, so do I. He is such a beautiful animal. Miss Kitty is a sweetheart and I'm glad to have her, but I hope the sweet boy is safe. :')

  13. Thank you for posting about shelter dogs. Bless you Lyni!

  14. Of course. And no thanks necessary, but most certainly appreciated. :)


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