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Saturday, May 10, 2008


I spent part of today getting out some of my summer clothes. Nights are still cool, in the low 40s and high 30s, but days are warm, and I want some short sleeves to wear. And lighter weight pants. I'm only about half done, but the summer things are washed and folded or hung, ready to go. I'll finish it up tomorrow.

Tonight was a reception for the kick off of a new exhibit at the Gallery. It was, as usual fun, but we had fewer people there than is usual. That is actually OK, because it was quieter and gave us more time than usual to talk to everyone. I think there have been so many events around the county in the past few weeks that people are kinda partied out. I know we are!

It was fun, though. The theme of the exhibit is flowers, tying into another local event, and without our discussing it, all of us wore something floral! The Gallery is covered with floral pictures and paintings, ceramics and jewelry, metal and wood pieces. It's very bright and fun!

I got home about 9:00 and went straight to bed. I've been sitting and reading for about an hour. Then a few minutes ago I hear a strange noise. I thought at first that China was having trouble breathing and was wheezing. I stopped reading and watcher her for a bit, and I could see it was not her. I muted the stereo and listened again. It was coming from outside. So I listened very carefully until I realized it was a coyote! I've known there was at least one around here because I've seen the droppings, but this is the first time I've heard it.

I expect there may be more predators around and closer these days. With the dry season, many of the watering holes have dried up. That is why I put the water tubs out for the deer. And, of course, if the deer are around, the predators will follow. I will need to be more careful with the pups when they go outside. The wildfires have forced relocation of some animals, and while none of the fires have been very close to me, I would assume there is a ripple effect, causing some of the animals to invade others' territories and as the area becomes crowded, some will move into another area consequently causing overcrowding and movement there. A friend said a wild cat ran across the road in front of him a few days ago. It was about three to four crow's-miles from me. Not far at all. So any small animal is at risk, and even large animals may be, too.

Here is an interesting thing in the local newspaper. As you can suppose, following the recent outbreak of wildfires across the state, all outside fires are banned. We can use gas grills, but all other fires are outlawed. Even smoking out of doors is verboten. In New Mexico, as it is in many other states, it is illegal to smoke inside any public building. Well, the article talks about several people who were arrested outside a bar for smoking. To be honest, I wouldn't shed a tear if smoking were completely banned, everywhere, anytime. (Before you start lashing me, remember that my hub died with lung cancer .... I think I have the right to feel that way, and I'm a former smoker, so I do know what it is like. I'm not speaking out of ignorance.) However, here is the interesting dilemma .... where do smokers go now?? I suppose they would have to get into their cars and dispose of the butts in the ashtray?? That is OK with me .... let them stink up their cars and avoid creating the cloud of nastiness that I have to walk through at the entrances of many buildings!!

And tomorrow is Mother's Day. Happy Mom's Day, everyone! I tried to buy cards for my daughters, and I couldn't find any! There were cards for everyone, sisters, step-mothers, best friends .... and none for daughters! What's with that? I waited too late to make my own, so they're just getting a phone call from me.

OK, back to my book! And I think it's time for a "fix," don't you? So here it is .....

.... Life is beautiful!!!!


  1. As i sit here and read this, a coyote just sauntered by on the sidewalk. They are really just trying to survive but it's all so odd to see them, isn't it?

  2. It's funny- my son was just asking me yesterday if I thought smoking would ever be illegal (everywhere- indoors, outdoors- totally illegal). I said no.

    But after reading this post, I wonder....


  3. Julie, yes, and sad that they are being forced into inhabited areas in the attempt to survive. They really don't want to be around us other than to eat and drink, so when it is not available in their territory, they find ours.

    Daisy, thank you, and you, too!

    Betty, we can hope, can't we? It is such a devastating act, for smoker and those around him/her.

  4. Yes be careful with those babies. I feel sorry for the animals who are displaced though. Poor things.

  5. MQ, I do, too. There was an article in the paper about not feeding them and why. Stores announced that they will no longer carry the corn people buy for deer, but you know there will be people who will still do it. It is becoming a serious problem in Ruidoso, as heards of deer are moving into town and staying! Not the fault of the deer nor the predators who follow them.


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