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Friday, May 09, 2008

Weary Friday

Ugh, I'm tired this morning. I'm having SO much trouble waking up! I'm tired from activity, but also because I woke in the night with my nose stuffed up, and I took a Benedryl. Yeah, and this morning, my head feels like it is surrounded with pillows, like a barrier between me and the real world, and adding some heavy weight, making it hard for me to hold it up!

I actually better now (9:30) that I was at 7:00. It has taken me this long to feel I could put sentences together. I've tried reading and commenting on some of your blogs, but I'm afraid to go back and read my comments. My guess is that they may be (at best) flat or right down stupid.

Last night's dinner party was very nice. The host is a friend who is divorcing, and he decided to have another friend fix dinner for a small group of us. She sells food seasonings, etc., and while she wasn't actually selling last night, several asked about the products, so she ran home and brought some catalogues for us. It is an interesting concept. It was designed for people who aren't "cooks" and is supposed to make it easy. Most of the products are things I wouldn't use because I am a cook, and like to do my own thing. However, I may try some of the seasonings, as they were very good. But seasoned oils didn't appeal to me as I make my own, and many of the mixes were OK, but not enticing to me. For instance, she did a chocolate mousse which was so-so, but simply a flavoring mixed with Cool Whip. I'm not a fan of CW, and it frankly tasted like chocolate CW!! If you're wondering, the company is Wildtree.

I enjoyed the company a great deal. I met two couples, then as we talked we realized the two women and I had met before .... two of the volunteer food servers from the auction!!! And yes, one of them was the lady I was so frustrated with who was questioning everything!! But I enjoyed them in this setting. Another guest was one of the artists from the Gallery, one I like, and it was nice to have her there. Yet one other woman came a bit later, just to drop in and say hello. All nice people and pleasant company.

Our host showed me around his place. It's an interesting place, actually made up of three different buildings and lots of lovely patios. The main residence is relatively small, just a kitchen, dining room/living room space, a bedroom, a tremendous bathroom with a huge free-standing tub, and one room that might be used as a bedroom, but he uses it as an office. The rooms are all sufficiently roomy, yet not huge. I liked that they had enough space to move around but didn't have a lot of waste. It is a nicely finished home, with custom made doors throughout, all with no metal, except the hinges. They were made by one of the woodworking artists from the Gallery, and they are held together with wooden pins, the handles are all wood, even the closure mechanisms. I can't describe them well for you to understand, but they are gorgeous. The mantle on the fireplace is also an amazing work of art, carved all of one piece of wood, and had to be lifted by two men to be put into place; it also has no extensive hardware, being held in place by four long rebar spikes embedded in the wood and then driven into the wall.

A second building is a casita or guesthouse. It is much like the main house, but smaller. A bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen and small living room. Again, all finished with those wonderful wooden doors, and the rooms, while smaller than the main house, were still comfortable.

Both the above are decorated in a nice Southwestern theme, not so "western" that it looks like a kid's bedroom that migrated through the whole house. Nice artwork and craftsmanship is evident everywhere and it is a very tasteful, pleasant home.

The third building houses a potting shed and small greenhouse, a work area (as for crafts or whatever) and has a room formerly used as his office, could be used as a bedroom and a bathroom. There is a loft room that could be as a bedroom, as well. This building houses a lot of family treasures such as an old (REALLY old) cash register which his grandfather used in his business, and a desk belonging to the same grandfather. He collected special license plates over the years, as well as hood ornaments and the chrome name "plaques" from old cars. He has used these to decorate the whole interior of this building, making it a "man's place."

All the buildings are connected with tiled patios and and walks of fine gravel. The view is amazing, just the reverse of mine. He lives where I look when I'm on my deck, and I live in the middle of his view. I'm telling you, the views here are just killer. I can't imagine a more beautiful place to live!

OK, I'm going to clean house. It need it desperately. Tomorrow will be a full day, and I want to be able to come home to a clean house and just collapse!!

Later, y'all!!


  1. Sounds like a fun night. I don't like coolwhip either.

  2. Daisy, Yep, it was! What is is about Cool Whip? I used to think it was a marvelous invention! gack!

  3. I think it tastes like soap. Yuck!!!

    Happy Mothers Day!!!

  4. What a social life you have!!!! I cannot relate.......

    I wish you had your camera with you last night- from your description, the place sounded fascinating.

    Keep on partyin', Lynilu. I love reading about it.


  5. Daisy, I hadn't thought of it, but ... YEAH!! It does!! LOL!!

    Betty, I thought about the camera, but decided it would be inappropriate to be snapping pix on my first visit to the house.

    And as for partying ... I have an advantage, Betty. I don't have a precious son to occupy my time, so I have to seek out "old people" to hang out with! :D

  6. Wow sounds awesome. I admit it, I eat cool whip with a spoon!

  7. MQ, OK, now you're worrying me!!LOL!! You can certainly have my share.


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