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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Boys Are Home

And we have pictures. NO! Not pictures of THAT!!! Just pictures of what they will look like for the next ten days!

Max stopped in the kitchen for a photo. Look! No more "Cherry Eye"!!

From the side this shows what he has to look like for a few days.

With Max on the bed, Joey came to check how he was doing.

Both boys on the bed with 1/2 of Ali!

Sammy is doing well, but he is definitely more indignant about the collar than Max is.

Max started up the stairs, and I reminded him he can't do stairs for a few days!

Max and Ali resting on the bed.

It has been a hard day, and it is good to be home. The boys are on ice chips for the evening, That is probably not going to go over well with them, but it must be. Tomorrow, they can begin to eat and drink. They don't seem to be hurting at all, at least not yet.

The bill for "the works" ...... $729. g.u.l.p!! But we are done, everyone is shot up, pared down, and scraped off. We have medication to use for a while, but then it should be smooth sailing! I'm so glad we can now move on.

Joey was checked out this morning. He weighs 14.2 lbs., is estimated to be six years old (the vet in OK said 3, but I thought he was a little older), and is very good health. The bow of his front legs is exaggerated, and I've noticed he limps a tad when he trots. It is possible that he will develop some joint disease (if it isn't already there), but generally Doc is not really too worried about it at this point. I have them all on the Science Diet formula for joints anyway. His teeth will need cleaned, but it isn't urgent, so we will recuperate from today's bill before that happens!

Everyone is resting now. In fact, Mr. Sam is on my pillow, so I need to get out a fresh pillow case for tonight, but all is well. And Mom is having a little mojito!! ahhhhhhhhhhh.


  1. OH my gosh...the look on Sam's face is so funny. I can't tell if he is still out of it or just really pissed. I am sure it's a little of both.

    Glad to see they are OK and are back home.

  2. Hope they feel MUCH better by Monday :)

  3. Caroline, you're right, it seems to be a little of both! He is actually pretty mellow, and I hope this lasts for a bit after the anesthetic is completely worn off!

    Annie, so do I. They are really doing OK for now, and I just hope it continues that way. As I recall, Ali was pretty much back to normal acting by the 3rd day. :)

  4. Glad everyone is home and at least well enough to give out dirty looks! For some reason I think it's really cute when the kids have to wear the cones. I know they probably don't think so.

    I remember once my guinea pig needed a cone and I fashioned one for her. Now THAT was funny!!

  5. Beans, they do look cute, but Sam is NOT amused with it .... at all!! Max is more laid back. He had some ice chips, and I think that helped his disposition, too, whereas Sam hasn't figured it out or refuses to duck his head to get to the ice. Tomorrow will be a better day, I'm sure!

    For a guinea pig???? OMG!!!

  6. That picture of Sam just cracked me up!!! Poor thing.

  7. you are crackin me up lady.
    your house is now offically as crazy as mine.
    i bet they all try to talk to you at the same time too.

  8. I'm glad the boys made it through yesterday with flying colors. The look on Sam's face is priceless. He looks so perturbed

  9. Traci, doesn't he look snarly?? He's actually very sweet about all this.

    Cameo, as a matter of act, yes, they sometimes to "talk" all at once. Well, except for China who is such a quiet girl.

    Daisy, me, too! They will be fine in a few days, and I'm sure they'll forgive me .... even Sam!!

  10. Those very fashionable collars need pretty stickers! LOL

  11. Ohhhhhhh, Jenster, what a great idea! It would jazz them up nicely!!

  12. Glad they are home, i'm telling you i'd be stuffing Sammy in my suitcase when I come to visit. Watch out! They are all precious though *sigh*

  13. Patti, if I weren't already so attached to him, I'd let you and Caroline fight over him!!!


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