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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Good Morning, It Seems

Everyone is fine this morning. My biggest concern is Sam. He dislikes the collar to the point that he holds his head slightly elevated at all times, as if he can't let his chin touch the Thing. And because of that, he hasn't had ice chips, water or food. I'll watch him carefully. I don't think he will starve himself, but like most moms I worry about it! The funniest thing is how he sits. I swear, it looks like I brought him from the taxidermists rather than the pound!!

Max is pretty much business-as-usual. He has had a good drink and a light breakfast, and the collar is a mere inconvenience for him. He has certainly learned how it works, and seems fine. He is going about his business, following me everywhere. sticking his nose into everything that it will reach into, and his tail is nonstop wagging.

So all is well in Lynilu Land. Later!!

Oops! I wrote this earlier, but forgot to click on Publish! duh!


  1. I remember having Pepper spayed (aussie shepard beagle mix) and it was winter time.She would put her head down to sniff and the collar would scrape against the snow and she would jump took forever for her to potty cause she got scared everytime she sniffed.

  2. Redfrog27, I was afraid that might be a problem, but they both seem unfazed when they bump it.

  3. You have the two most opposite new doggies. I think they are both lucky to have you as their mommy!

  4. When BoBo got fixed they told me I could take the collar off if I watched him and made sure he didn't lick the stitches.

    Funny thing was, he managed to irritate the stitches more with the collar...he got moved around JUST enough to have it scrape on his stitches. Sigh...

  5. Hope Sam is doing better. I never could leave those collars on my pets because I felt so sorry for them. You might take it off for a few hours to let him eat and drink and then put it back on.

  6. Poor Sam. I'd probably take pity on him and remove the collar, but I know tht would not be a good thing because then he might chew his stitches.

  7. Mary, boy, I sure do!! Thanks!

    Froggi, LOL! So far these two are leaving things alone. Max has even figured out how to pick up toys and carry them around! And he loves getting ice cubes from the dish, then he carries them to one of the little doggy beds and crunches away! I guess he has too many other things to do and it keeps him busy so he doesn't think about the owie place!

    Caroline, He is doing better. He has been crunching on dog food off and on today, and he got a drink, so I know he is OK. No, I'm not taking them off. Trying to watch them both and make sure they aren't doing self damage would be too much! I certainly don't need to have one or both back in for more surgery because they chewed through the stitches!!! We'll get through it.

    Annie, exactly. I don't want any more trauma drama around here!

  8. Get well guys!

    Reilly is having an ear mite issue again, i've been putting the drops in it the vet gave me last time. Poor little guys. Aren't they pitiful?

  9. Patti, sick babies and sick pets are, indeed, pitiful. If they could just ell us.....

    Ear mites are very pesky. I had a cat with them, and although we got them cleared up, he was sensitive about his ears for the rest of his 18 years. didn't like his ears scratched as it seemed to irritate him. ick.


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