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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dreams and Dogs

Last night I had a dream. Over and over. The same dream.

A few days ago I was moving rail road ties in my yard. They had originally been placed at the edge of my driveway to help keep cars and people from sliding down the slope on the other side. When my driveway was graded and packed down last year, the road grader knocked most of them off the edge. They were in disarray, at all different angles, some barely off their place, others askew like you wouldn't believe, some on top of others, etc.

Well, recently I got around to doing something with them. I found that if I hook a tow rope around one of the ties and the other end to my truck hitch, I could pull them up onto the flat. From there, I can maneuver them around by shoving them. So I put four back in place. I still have about four to relocate. I'm not in a hurry for this. It would be nice to have it done, but I don't care if it is today or next week or next month.

Last night as I was falling to sleep I thought about perhaps moving one or two today or tomorrow. Maybe. Depends on what else happens in my world.

Then, sometime in in wee hours, I woke after dreaming that I was standing out in the driveway, staring at three of them that are almost piled on each other, and fretting about just which one to move first. I have already pulled another on up into place, but I was almost wringing my hands about what to do next!

I groggily thought why was I dreaming about that? I wasn't worried, didn't care if it got done, and even realized that those three ties aren't a big deal either! So why was I dreaming it? Oh, well, back to sleep.

Yeah, but ..... I dreamed the same thing and woke up briefly at least five or six times!!!!! When I woke from the last one, the room was becoming light, and I inwardly groaned! What in the world is wrong with me that I'm dreaming that?? I did go back to sleep and didn't dream again. When I woke around 8:45, I was a little more rested, but still very groggy. And at noon I was still not putting 2 and 2 together with the result always being 4!!

OK, anyone have any thoughts about that dream interpretation?

Along the same line.... Sandra asked recently that I take pictures of my "before" walkway/stairway. So here it is from the lower driveway, looking up at the upper one. See my car up there? The "trail" of rocks are part of the current walk. Yeah, right. Those of you who have been here know how awful the whole thing is. It's almost transversable (is that a word?) in good weather, but in snow, rain, etc. forget it! The worst was at the top where it is more or less like climbing a very rocky hillside. If you made it up... well, you're durn good!! And going down was plain old scary. I think it goes without saying that most of us walked around the long way.

You can see a couple of the railroad ties at the top of the frame. The one on the right has slid down the embankment. On the left it has just rolled slightly down from the top, but is still in line with it's correct placement. And if you're wondering, the white tube think sticking up at the bottom of the picture is the RV hookup. Bring your RV and camp out in my front yard!! If you're lucky, the walk and steps will be finished and you'll be able to actually walk up to the house!!

This second shot is from the top of the same area. If you enlarge one or both pictures, you'll see that I've rolled some of the rocks out of the way already ... not all of them, but it's a start. When I'm don, there will be a path from near the RV hookup that has incremental steps as needed, especially at the upper end. It will end approximately at the place where you see my shadow at the bottom of the picture.

A while ago Ali was scratching his back on the carpet and he got up looking like this....

LOL!!! I got me a real "fly dog"!!!

Sorry the pic is blurry, but I was hurrying because, as you know, he doesn't like his picture taken. And see, this next one shows he was already trying to escape!!!

Have a good week ahead, everyone!!


  1. Ha haaaa I love the "fly dog" pic of Ali!
    I have no idea what that dream signifies. Strange...

  2. Hi there. Well, let the records show that I know NOTHING about dreams. Other than the fact that I hate dreaming. I really do. I am always so glad when I wake up. You'd think that a 41 year old woman wouldn't be scared to go to sleep at night. But I'm always worried about what I might dream about. I know, I'm CRAZY!!!

    Now I am loving the picture of the wonder dog :-). Too cute!!

    I'm also glad to know that you've got an RV hook up. I mean, I don't have an RV or anything. But I want one :-)...and NOW, I'll have somewhere to hook it up. Hee hee

    Ok, I'm done rambling. Love ya!!

  3. ZERO clue about the dream! Although I've been having my own dream issues. Be sure to post an update if you figure it out!

  4. MQ, hee, hee, my funny dog-boy! The dream puzzles me because I dreamed the same thing over and over. Just strange.

    Dawn, do you have lots of bad dreams? I can't imagine feeling so strongly about dreaming unless you have nightmares often! I rarely remember my dreams, although lately, I'm remembering more of them.I think it's kinda interesting, myself!

    It's so dry here that the carpet give them "finger in the light socket" fur when they roll around, and it just cracks me up!

    What? You don't have an RV?? Well, go out and buy one and come visit!!! YAY!!

    Hey, you can ramble here any time you want!!

    Catherine, I'll let you know if there is an epiphany, but don't hold your breath!! If I were worried about the task of moving the RR ties, I'd think it was that, but I wasn't at all concerned. Strange. The dreams AND me!! LOL!!

  5. Hi Lynilu, no attempt at dream interpretation here but a suggestion - something that works for me.

    If you have a dream and wake up from it because it's troubling or just because it's unsettling this is what I do - it works. Say something out loud - it can be a whisper if there's other people there but it needs to be uttered physically - a little bit about what the dream was about. You don't have to say everything, just a few words seems to work.

    You won't repeat the dream after that. It seems to work very well. If you're having a repetitive dream try to remember - just say a few words about it and it won't repeat. Uttering complaints about the dream doesn't seem to work out loud but if you say even just a few words of what the dream was about as a reporter might make observations it seems to work just fine.

    That's my recommendation. Goodlife.


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