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Monday, June 02, 2008

Catching Up

I'm SO far behind on reading your posts!!! I promise I'll get around to everyone soon.

I've been busy, either at work or working around here, especially in the yard. Da Boss and A are both on vacation, so J and I have been working more to cover everything. And we have a new bookkeeper who is finishing a lot of things I started but didn't finish because my skills in that area are rusty. I've been helping her to organize things, answer questions, making decisions about some things, etc., so I've actually worked more in the past couple weeks than I usually would. It will be good to have several duties off my shoulders, like the payroll.

Tomorrow she is going to show me how to issue checks printed from the computer, which is another godsend for me. When I pay the artists, it takes a long, long time. I have to write a check to each of them who sold something through the Gallery for the month, usually 50 to 100 checks. Now I will be able to put in the name and amount for each one and it will be done! Hot diggity damn!!!

I am also meeting with a high school girl who has worked for us part time so she can show me some tips about using Photo Shop. I've used it some, but just don't get some things, and she knows enough more about those features to be able to guide me through it. I'm looking forward to being able to play with my photographs more. I'm not crazy about most "enhanced" photography, but there are times that a special effect or a change of some sort is good. I'm looking forward to it!

And then there will be time to return to the yard by Wednesday. Yes, those railroad ties are still out there in disarray!! But thank goodness, I haven't dreamed about them again. That was just strange! And the concrete steps await. That is a job that will have to be done early morning or late evening. It is darn hot out there these days, so I'm really limited in how much I can do. I'll get it done eventually.

Tonight I had part of the pot luck gang over for a mini pot luck. With A and Da Boss gone, it left six of our regulars, but J was not feeling well today, and at the last minute she decided to go home. She offered to bring the dessert she made, but I told her to not worry about it. The bookkeeper, M, was still working on the check writing program, and she finally said she just needed to finish it up however long it took. I think she finished about the time we began eating, but just wanted to go home and drop. So just four of us were here, but we had a great time. And gooooooood food! I love these dinners!

OK, now I am officially going to start catching up with blog-reading! Honest!! I really am!!


  1. I agree with you re: Photoshop. I don't like to look at pictures and wonder how they were altered, but there are some neat borders, etc that would be cool to use. I've looked into classes but so far they are a bit pricey for how little I would use.
    Good to hear about not having to write manual checks? Does she use Quickbooks?

  2. Reading this just makes me want to say...Life is so good's filled with rich experience and you are making the most of the buffet!!!

  3. Sounds like life is super busy for you...but it all sounds great!!!

  4. Julie, I want to do things like remove telephone poles (they are everywhere, aren't they??) or other things that ruin/distract from an otherwise great pic, or be able to touch up just a section of the picture. I need to learn to use the "layers," but I don't understand those. All things she will help me with.

    Yes, she is using QuickBooks. The former bookkeeper quit, and further organization was needed, and in just about 4 weeks, she has everything in amazing shape! From chaos to streamlined! I'm amazed at how quickly things seem manageable. I can't believe the changes in the field in the 20 years since I was doing that!

    Cheryl, it is, and it is! :D

  5. Sherry, well! Do you feel slighted? How did I just completely skip over your comment like that??? I read it and then just tripped right along!

    Yes, I think you're right. I'm enjoying life, even in the smallest components! I'm enjoying things that in the past were overlooked because I didn't have time to slow down and recognize them, let alone absorb and love them!

  6. I am still not sure if I want to get Photoshop. For one thing is so darn expensive. A second thing..I kind of love how my pictures look without much alterations. But then I was the person that insisted that she did not want a digitial camera for years and years.

  7. I know how work tend to take over-glad you are getting help.

  8. Take your time catching up on blogs - you have all the time in the world.
    I am too lazy to investigate Photoshop but I admit i've loved what i've saw others do with it.
    I love potlucks!

  9. No matter how busy you are, you still manage to fit in some socializing! Very impressive.

    I'm curious about photoshop- I know nothing about it. I think I'd spend too many hours altering photos if I had it!

    I drooled when you wrote about issuing paychecks. My job ended on June 1. I am too stunned to even think about it. The last time I was unemployed I was 14 years old.


  10. ohh, checks from the printer. look out . . you will be sending those checks flying now!!

    Sounds like you are staying sufficiently busy. Hope you remembering to relax some as well.

  11. Caroline, I'm not using the big expensive version of PhotoShop. I've talked with quite a few photographers, and none of them use it. They use the inexpensive one, Photoshop Elements 6. It costs less than $100. If you'd asked me a while back, I might have said I wouldn't use it, too, but I've learned some things that are very useful in it. I'm currently using iPhoto, and I like it, but I understand that PS can make some of the changes even easier. I'll see!

    MJ, yep, it can really get away from us, can't it? I'm loving all this new-fangled stuff!! :D

    MQ, with the new events (see my newer post) it may be even longer before I can get caught up, but I know I'll manage eventually. I think I can have fun with PhotoShop, as well as use it professionally. We'll see! And pot lucks ... me, too!!!

    Betty, there was a saying that my mom used to say when someone got too caught up in work to remember to have some fun .... All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. She would substitute the name of whoever she was talking to. I believe that. If you don't make time for play, your life becomes drudgery, so I do make sure to have fun.

    About PhotoShop ... maybe I'll learn to put one person's head on another's body! LOL!

    Oh, wow, your job ended?? I remember you saying something a while back, but it sounded indefinite! Well, good luck in your job search. Perhaps this is one of those times when the closed door at one place will open a door to an even better job. I hope so!

  12. Beans, sighh. I hit publish when I meant to hit return and do a note to you! sheesh!

    Right now the bookkeeper is doing it all, to make sure the program is operating correctly, that she entered everything right, etc., but she is going to teach all of us part or all of the system for the "just in case" times. It went so fast today that I couldn't believe it! I'm gonna love this system!

    "Sufficiently busy"??? LOL! Yeah, I'd say that's a fact!! believe it or not I do relax. But how do you blog about THAT???


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