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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dumpsters & Road Trips

I have a couple things for you guys this evening. The first is a joke on me. Do you remember the post a couple days ago about the dumpster diver who was arrested because he didn't have an ID? Well, I was rather smugly thinking that I've never done that, and I'm so glad. My hub used to bring home things he found at the curb, and a lot of them were good, useful things, but I hated that he drug things home that the neighbors might recognize. I didn't care that he did it, I just didn't want the neighbors to know! Silly, I know.

Well, yesterday I was on my way home and I glanced over at the side of the road where some of the dumpsters are alongside the highway. Sitting beside the dumpster, where people put things that are sometimes reusable, was a rocking chair. It appeared to be a perfectly good chair, nothing wrong that was visible. So I found a place to turn around and went back to check it out.

I couldn't see anything wrong, except a couple screws were partially out, almost as if the previous owner was saying "This is a problem." They were the screws that attached the seat to the back, so yes, it could be a real problem. But I decided it was worth bringing it home and checking it out.

This morning I removed the two screws, selected two new ones from my stash, put them in, and voilá!!! The chair is stable and looks almost new!!

So, everyone can have a laugh on me, about me! I'm officially a dumpster diver now!!! LOL!!

Secondly .... and I can hardly contain myself here .... I'm taking a road trip on Thursday. Linda is going with me, because (1) she love day trips, and (2) it is going to be a loooong day trip, so I may need someone to help me drive. This road trip is about eight hours each way, so it's gonna be a brute of a day. It will be hot everywhere we travel that day, so it is not going to be an easy day. But Linda and I have fun together, talk up a storm, and laugh a lot, so it will be OK.

Another friend, coworker Janelle is going to come over and sit with my babies while I am gone. That way they will be home, comfortable, able to relax and rest.

So, where am I going? To Mason, TX. Where is Mason, TX, you ask? In the middle of freaking nowhere, TX, that's where!! More specifically it is approximately half way between the Midland-Odessa area and San Antonio. It is a tiny little place, approximately 2200 residents, and looks like a charming little town. It looks like a nice place to visit. Maybe someday I will, but this time I have a different purpose.

I've been watching on line, and on a whim I made a call today. The animal shelter has some Shih Tzus which they've held for over a months, even though they are NOT a no-kill shelter and usually hold dogs just three(!!!!) days. But this lady says she could not bring herself to euthanize these guys. They are rescues from a puppy mill. Some of them have been placed and are doing well, and she has just three left. If I will go pick them up, she will waive the adoption fee, which isn't much anyway, just $20. But she wants to see them have a chance.

There are two adults and one puppy, 6-8 months old. She says they get along well with other dogs in the play area, but they are completely terrified of humans. They are grossly matted, looking like Cousin It, and she hasn't been able to get close enough to even determine if they are males or females. I don't know what I'm getting, but I'm going to get them, one way or another. I had decided that I wanted to rescue some dogs because there are so many that need it, and for whatever reason I was sent to these three. The good part is their comfort with other dogs, and the fact that the other dogs that came out of this deplorable situation have adjusted fairly quickly.

I have to call the lady at the shelter back again tomorrow and confirm everything, then bring them home and begin to socialize them and teach them that there are good humans in the world. I know it is a huge job, but I have no doubt that I can do it. With China and Ali's help I will be able to give some happiness to three little guys, to turn their world around into one of love and respect.

So .... wish me luck. Tomorrow I will have the oil changed in the truck, buy harnesses and leashes for the new babies, and finalize the details. Beginning Thursday, I will need all the luck you can loan me!!


  1. Oh my gosh.....I am so excited for you!!!! So does that mean you are getting 3 new babies????? I love that you are going to rescue them. I have always found the dogs that I rescue know that I saved their life and are the best dogs ever.

    I can't wait to hear all about it.

    Have you thought of any names yet?

  2. Great job on the sister-in-law is a champion at stuff like that.

    I've been waiting for another puppy rescue update....sounds like this was meant to be. Can't wait to hear more after Thursday!

  3. Caroline, yes, it means that I will have 3 new babies!! And as of a few weeks ago, I knew that I needed to rescue. I hope very sincerely that anyone who is looking for a new pet will look into rescues. There are many, many of them out there, purebreds and mixes, and they all need homes. I wish I could bring everyone of them home and care for them, but, of course, that isn't possible, so I need help. There is another cutie that I would love to go get in Abilene, TX, a young pup said to be very happy and sweet with one eye, but 3 is enough at once, especially since these will need lots of attention.

    OK, off the soap box. No I haven't picked names. The lady at the shelter has dubbed the little one "Gizmo" or "Gizzy," and she calls the older dogs "Sweetie" and "Sugar," since she doesn't know their gender yet. I'll wait to get them home and see what their personalities are like before I name them.

    But, Caroline, don't you want to talk about my dumpster chair?????


  4. Froggi, I'm pretty proud of that chair, for sure! It is very comfortable!

    I'll give you an update as soon as I can. I'm very excited! This just feels "meant to be"!!

  5. That chair is daughter just bought a similiar one for her cottage and she paid a ton of money for it. It looks beautiful and wtg Dumpster Lady....a job well done indeed.

    Congrats on the new arrivals coming to live with you. Bet it doesnt take them long to get comfortable with you and the "kids"

    You never cease to amaze me!


  6. Ruth, thanks, I like it. I don't think it is a very expensive one, but it will be fine on the deck. I would put it in my guest room if there were room, but that's not possible. It is comfortable, wherever I wind up using it!

    Thanks, too, on the dogs. I'm eager to get them "home," and begin our bonding. Poor little things will need a lot of patience and love, but I've got 'em both stored up!

  7. That is one cool-looking chair. Trumps my dumpster-diving prize, a faux coffin for my Halloween yard display.

    That is so cool too that you're getting the dogs you want. I've seen a couple of dogs who have been mistreated or otherwise neglected by people, but once adopted by a loving family, they turn out okay.

    I will say though that I hope your life doesn't start to resemble Year of the Dog TOO much. You have seen that movie, right?

  8. Big Dave, yeah, I thought it was a pretty cool chair, too!

    I have not seen that movie, but after reading a synopsis .... I hope my life doesn't go that way, too!! I was thinking this afternoon that while I want to rescue all the Shih Tzus out there, I don't want to become "that crazy old lady that lives on the hill with 4 dozen dogs." A favorite teacher from hi school died with a couple dozen cats in the house. Don't wanna go there!!!!

  9. Let me start off by saying I LOVE that chair! I have never "dumpster dived" or "trash picked" but Man has. His pickings are more of the lawn mower, weed wacker variety.

    I am wishing you LOADS OF LUCK with your new babies.

  10. soon as you started talking about the new babies I forgot everything else you had written. I can't wait to hear and see the new babies.

    BTW, that is a cool chair you found in the trash. It has my name on it, so be prepared for when I come visit because that is where y ou will find me.

  11. okay, from one dumpster diver to another - whoo-hoo for you! the ultimate way to recycle, and there's nothing wrong with it. keep it up.
    second, i totally know where midland-odessa is because, after all, i lived in san antonio for 5 years. god i love that place!
    let us know how all turns out.
    safe trip.

  12. Congrats on the great find! The chair is amazing. :)

    Good luck with your trip and I can't wait to hear all about it and the new family members.

  13. Daisy, thanks, and thanks! If I knew how to repair things like Man picks up, I'd probably get them, too. But I'm happy with my find!

    Caroline, you really don't think I didn't know that, do you?? I was just razzing you! Oh, I'll let you know as I do!!

    Cameo, I forgot that you lived there! Do you know where Mason is? I love that people put the re-usable things out for someone else to pick up. In a nation of historic waste, it is good to be open to recycling.

    Casey, thanks! I'll certainly shout out my news as I can!!

  14. You're a woman who likes to take on a good challenge, I see! My hat's off to you.

    And the chair...well, you've inspired me. this would be a good time in my life to learn how to dumpster dive. I am in a field where there's no such thing as job searching. Jobs are few and far between- there are no openings anywhere in the country right now. When a position does open up, hundreds of highly qualified applicants will come from all over the world.

    So instead of job searching, I will dumpster dive.


  15. Love your dumpster dive find (and I'm glad the cops didn't follow you and find your stash of Coke -- a cola!!)...I had a chair like that once...very comfy!!

    I'm all excited about these STs...I think these are yours!!!!

  16. Oh my God Lyn, you are earning your wings. How can people let animals get in that type of shape? My heart breaks for all the ones who don't make it. I wish I could wave a magic wand and save/help them all.
    Go Lynilu Go - to their rescue.

  17. My favorite outside yard art was free along the road--way to go!!

    Good luck with the new ones--bless you for taking them on.

  18. My favorite outside yard art was free along the road--way to go!!

    Good luck with the new ones--bless you for taking them on.

  19. I love that chair! Forget "Dumpster Diving", you are a rescuer- whether it canines or rocking chairs.

    Good Luck on your drive.

    Be Safe,


  20. Awww, see are STILL just the sweetest thing. That is so cool of you to rescue THREE new doggies. I really hope they adjust well (to you, especially). It would be so neat if China and Ali could just TELL them, as soon as they meet, that you're a really great mom and they have nothing to worry about.

    Can't wait to hear how it all works out. Be safe, my friend.

  21. Hey, everyone, go check my newest post for the current situation!

  22. Geeze, lady, I'm so sorry I'm soooo late and behind. Took me forever to find THIS post so I could find out where the new ones came from. Now I can hardly keep my eyes open and I'm going to have to come back and catch up tomorrow.

    But, for now, CONGRATS!! You have the best heart and I love you dearly. I'm really looking forward to catching up and looking at all the pictures tomorrow.


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