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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I'm not good at this!!

I'm waiting. Anxiously.

I called for the animal shelter woman (Barbie) at 7:15 my time. It's not 9:05. The city desk has to radio her, and then she calls me back. The receptionist said she is expecting my call. So, WHERE IS SHE????

I need to talk to her to confirm that she will be there, etc. I know she will, but it is nervous making!

Linda and I decided that it is too much for one day. We are going to stay overnight somewhere, but that remains to be decided after I talk with Barbie. I'd like to go there, meet the new babies, sleep close by, and pick them up in the morning, and head straight home. Since they are afraid, I'd like to avoid trying to stay somewhere with them on the return. But there has to be a place to stay in or near Mason for that to work, and one that will take my China and Ali.

I talked with the vet, and he things that China will be OK for a one night stay. I decided that I would like to take them, not leave them, even with someone that they know. It's just more comfortable for me to have them with me at this stage. It will be a full truck coming back, five dogs and two humans!

I need to get a shower and get going on my errands. The oil must be changed in the truck before this trip, and I have to buy halters and leashes to begin working with the new babies. Call, Barbie!!!

sigh. I'm trying to not be impatient. It's not working!!


  1. it's all so damn exciting, isn;t it?

  2. I'm starting to get nervous. Geez, I wish Barbie would call already!!!!


  3. OH*WOW!!! Exciting but yet nerve wracking at the same time. I hope Barbie calls soon and you and Linda have a fun and uneventful journey. Wishing you lots of luck in the new additions.

  4. Well??? Has she called yet? We are waiting. -S

  5. Okay, I'm getting antsy waiting for the call...and I'm excited for you!!!! Hopefully all is going perfectly!!

  6. H-E-L-L-O L-Y-N-I-L-U

    Any calls yet?????? I am hoping the lack of posting means you are busy preparing your home/life for the new babies.

  7. I'm not good at waiting either but boy am I excited for you!!!!!

  8. OK, to answer EVERYONE quickly .... I called again just 30 minutes ago, and found out she didn't call me because she got the message that I was planning to come tomorrow, and she is ready for me. There was a small hitch as she had a death in the family and when I learned that I offered to come over the weekend or next week, but she sent back a message saying, No, she really wants to get these babies in a good home and doesn't want to miss this opportunity.

    She plans to be at work tomorrow,and I'll be getting in there about 2:00 or 3:00. I'll visit the pups, spend the night, and start home on Friday AM with them in tow.

    Linda is not going with me. Her mother is having surgery for ovarian cancer on Friday, and, naturally she is staying here by the phone. So I'm making the trip solo. It's OK. I'm only making it "sorta" solo, as Ali and China will be with me, and we'll have a full house on the way home!

    Now, I need to pack a small bag with a change of clothes and get the truck ready to go early in the morning. The motel has wireless internet, so it is likely that I will post tomorrow night.


  9. Wow good for you.....have a great trip and please be careful. Sorry Linda cant join wishes to her Mom, I am so familiar with that type of cancer, I wish her the best of luck. Those new family members are going to be so darned happy once they get settled, they will forget all about their former life, and settle in like they were there with you forever. BTW Iam having my grand dog for the week-end, will be so much fun.


  10. Good luck!!!!!!! I am excited for you!

  11. I've been absent for a few days and this is the first I've heard of your new adventure! Yay you! How exciting for you and for the puppies!!! Drive safely honey.

  12. Good Luck, and happy uniting.


  13. WOW, you're BRAVE! I can almost see you driving with FIVE doggies...kinda reminds me of driving with TRAE (all by himself) :-). Again, be safe.

  14. Hope you are doing OK. I tried to call you tonight, but it went straight to your voicemail. Looking forward to an update.

  15. Please go read my newer post to get an update and listen to my angst!!!


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