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Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm Bored.....

I know what you're thinking .... how can she possibly be bored with all those dogs in the house??? Here's the deal .... I'm home almost all the time to work with the new babies, and today it just got to me!

I actually did go out for about three hours last night. Linda and I went to see "Steel Magnolias" presented by the local community theater group. I enjoyed it a great deal. I haven't watched the movie in a long time, and it was fun to see it on stage. I need to dig it out and watch that, I think.

And here's the reason I haven't been much of anywhere ... I got home to find a poopy pile! gah. When I'm home, I can usually catch them in time, but my house reeked from this one! I cleaned it, turned off the air and turned on fans, and lastly burned some incense!! I've started doing something today, and I think it is helping me to remember to be on top of their needs. I set a repeating timer for an hour and every time it goes off, we go out, and we stay until they both at least pee. A couple times I was outside watering, and I had to stop and come in to take them to the back yard, an inconvenience, for sure, but now when I walk toward the back door Max just automatically follows me and goes right out and does his business!

Speaking of Max, he is following me everywhere I go. When I sit down to read or do something with the computer, he just flops down at my feet. When I stand to go anywhere, he trots right along with me. When I go out front, I leave him on the deck and he watches me intently, and if I get too far away or out of his vision, he starts telling me about it! He has a funny little noise that he makes, sort of a quavery noise in his throat, that tells me he is distressed by my "absence"!! What a funny little guy! He is totally at home now. I still don't trust the house training, but otherwise, he's doing great. I'm beginning to work the leash with him, and it is going slowly, but OK.

Sam is another matter! He still loves to be on my lap or beside me on the couch or in bed. but he doesn't come to me to get affection yet. He loves me to carry him around. But when he is not glued to my side, he reverts to the rather neurotic behavior, running from me if I walk in the room, shrinking away from me, etc. Once he is in a place that he can't run, he just sits down and waits. I make sure to pet him and talk gently before trying to pick him up, so he knows I'm not upset. Yet, the next time, we go through it again. I'm trying to hold him and keep him close as much as possible. He's so quirky !

Tonight China has initiated some playing with Sam! I'm really glad to see that. The more he feels each of us accepts him, the better I think he will feel about it all. I'm reading everything I can find about "timid" dogs. There is a lot of info, but almost everything says to offer treats when he complies, and I haven't found one that he will take from me yet!! If it put a liver treat on the floor, he will sometimes take it after I move away but not consistently. And when I put it down, that doesn't reinforce that he has done something for the treat! I'm just hoping at this time to eventually get him hooked on them, so I can then use them as rewards for good behavior. I don't know. He is such a precious little guy that I can't be upset with him, but I'm frustrated because I don't know what to do for him. I want to make him feel as comfortable here as Maxey does. That will be my ultimate success, I think.

Ali has been taking most of this in stride, although there are still occasional "discussions" about who owns this part of the floor or that cushion or the bed or this food bowl. Actually, the food bowl issue is Max's. It is unmistakable that food has been a luxury for him, so don't mess with his food, in the bowl or a treat. He gets seriously cranky over perceiving that his goodies are threatened! None of them have actually bitten, but occasionally there are snarls and woofs as they spar. I noticed yesterday that if the two young dogs get on the bed and do any horsing around, Ali gives them what-for!! He knows we don't wrestle on the bed!! LOL!

Tomorrow Max will go to the vet for a check-up. And I'll make the appointment to have them both neutered. Hey! That means I get to leave the house again!! Woo Hoo!! :P

Do you see why I'm bored? Yes, I'm busy. Yes, the dogs are great company, but strange as it might seem, I would enjoy more human company!! It will work out, I know, but it seems like I'm so cooped up. I've said it before .... patience is not easy for me. Everyone looks at me and thinks so, but internally ... nope, nope, nope!!



  1. Glad to Max is adjusting. Sam will come around. Poor little guy. Good luck to them both with their procedures.

  2. Daisy, I've kept Sam close to me whenever possible for the last 18 or so hours, and he is calmer. I think that is the trick for the next few days. And Max doesn't seem to mind, as he only crowded between us once. I relocated him to my other side, and he was happy, too. Ali and China seem fine with it because it means they can rest undisturbed!

    We'll get it worked out!!

  3. I am happy to see the adjustments are going well. It could be so much worse and I am thankful it is not.

    Is there a Pet Co locally, or a similar pet store, which will allow the animals entrance? As for the treats, it is a good idea to test Max and Sam inside the store. This way, they can observe, or sample, the different varieties of treats and give you an idea of the most effective purchase.

    I had one dog, Blue, who had a “possessive food disorder”. The way we over-came this problem was actually quite easy. I would remain in the area after feeding him and eventually worked my way up to petting him while he ate. As he learned I was not threatening him, or his food, I soon became able to relocate his bowl after he had begun feeding. Thus, when the time arrived for him to “share” his meal with another dog, he had no problems. If I understand Max’s behavior correctly, he will need a demonstration that sharing is the norm, he will continue to get his share, and I think he will come around.

    You are achieving many successes here, as it is obvious lives are enhanced and fuller by your presence. I love these reports…..

    Be Safe,


  4. I hear you. Work has been slow, and so I have been home a lot, and it has been hot, which means I am not out as much with the dog as I should be.

    People say it is great fun to be home all the time--until you ARE home all the time.

    Glad the boys and girl seem to be getting along well. I understand about the dog moving with you wherever you go. I could turn around and addie moves-I just want to tell her to stay, I am just going to pee and I will be right back. She prefers to help get me there I guess.

  5. Reach, I am aware that it is relatively good, for sure.

    The closest PetCo is more than an hour away, unfortunately. When I go, I will certainly take them, but I won't make that drive (Gas $$!!) until I have to. Max is pretty open to snacks. It's just little Sam that is finicky.

    "Possessive food disorder." I like that term! He does fine with me, but if one of the others is too close he grumbles and growls. He hasn't snapped at them, but does startle them. He also "steals" food or treats from them on occasion. When Giving treats, I stand in the middle and locate their snacks away from each other. We'll get there, I think!

    I just keep reminding myself that Sam probably never got treats, and Max had to fight for his food for a period of time. Both are workable. :)

    Beans, I have to laugh because as I read your comment, I realized that when I stay home out of choice, I'm OK for several days of it, but when it isn't exactly my choice .... I rebel!! Goofball!

    Yes, the kids are adjusting pretty well. Your "bathroom story" makes me think about so many dogs that I've known who do that same thing. I don't know what it is! China often goes with me, plops down on the rug and waits. Max is doing this, too. Funny little characters!

  6. They will learn to tell you that thye want out.
    My SILs dog does it when and where he wants but when he is with me he begs to go out or he will find himself in his crate for the remainder of the day. My house my rules and dogs have to follow the rules.
    It was harder training my friends to his the toilet when they went to the washroom LMAO

  7. Walker, it is often the humans who are more problematic! I'm guessing that your SIL needs some training! LOL!

  8. So glad to hear that everyone is adjusting. I think you need to have some puppy parties and have some of your friends come by your house. Not only will it do you good, but I think it will be good for the puppies to see what it is like when you have people over. Do you leave them in the crate when you leave? That would help with any accidents.

  9. Caroline, the crate is probably going to be used in the next few days. I thought I would try while I was gone a short while to see how they would do and now I know! I also wanted to give them a few days without being boxed in. I didn't want them to think they were back in the shelter or puppy mill. I think it is OK to crate them now. I think they know they belong here .... although Sam seems to have a short attention span!!

    Gail came over to meet Sam before I brought Max home. And Linda met them both the other night. Slowly but surely, we'll get them adjusted to having people around without being threatened. As I've said .... I'm just impatient for them to "belong" so they will relax and enjoy life as pampered pups!


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